Peter Molyneux Dishes about Fable 2 Before Onset of E3

I suppose this sort of news was just too good to keep under wraps until E3, but whatever Peter Molyneux’s reasons are for wanting to give the gaming public an extra bit of Fable 2, it’s his baby so he can do whatever the hell he wants – and I for one am not complaining.

OXM has the goods regarding the new info, and if you are a subscriber then you are already privy to this information. For the rest of you, who do not get OXM, here is a sampling of what the mag has insides its “pocketes”. Some of the info listed below is new, and some is just expanded upon – for the full monty you will have to get it from your copy of OXM – or just wait for someone to post the whole thing online.

  • Good and Evil expanded. There are four traits to consider now, with purity/corruption and kindness/cruelty determining your overall character. One example cited is a beautiful girl who is about to be stricken by a curse of terrible scars – do you save her by taking on this curse yourself?
  • Decisions change appearance. Those stained by corruption will find their teeth turning crooked and yellow, to give one example.
  • No HUD. In an effort to streamline the experience as much as possible, Fable 2 won’t have a HUD.
  • No cutscenes. Non-interactive cinematics take up less than five minutes of game time.
  • No more bumpkins. The voice acting has been kicked up a couple of notches, as Fable 2 moves away from the country bumpkin speak of its predecessor. Stephen Fry is one of the confirmed voice actors.
  • Magic spells revealed. Inferno, Time Control, Magic Blades, Raise Dead and Force Push are some of the spells you’ll be able to use.

If you would like to find out what the full list of magic spells are, how Molyneux was influenced by Bioshock and Call of Duty 4 and some cool details regarding co-op you will have to check out OXM for yourself. The article also goes on to detail how a second player can create a henchman character on the fly when you need help defeating some of the tougher monsters. They are the first members of the press to get their hands on the game, and considering it is an Xbox 360 exclusive, does that really surprise you?

In case, like me you are not a subscriber, Gaming Today will be causing riots and mayhem at E3 next week (I keep telling you that for a reason) so expect to know more about Fable 2 when Jon, Ron, and Shawn get out of the LA County Detention Center.

Via: OMX

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