Pikmin 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Exploration Day 1
  • Exploration Day 2
  • Exploration Day 3
  • Exploration Day 4
  • Exploration Day 5
  • Exploration Day 6
  • Exploration Day 7
  • Exploration Day 8
  • Exploration Day 9
  • Exploration Day 10
  • Exploration Day 11
  • Exploration Day 12
  • Exploration Day 13
  • Exploration Day 14
  • Exploration Day 15
  • Exploration Day 16
  • Exploration Day 17
  • Exploration Day 18
  • Exploration Day 19
  • Exploration Day 20
  • Exploration Day 21
  • Exploration Day 22
  • Exploration Day 13

    Twilight River

    1. Call in 30 red, 30 rock and 40 yellow pikmin, then follow the path to the left of the nearby bridge to spot the Onion caught in the web and continue around the next corner to eliminate the bulborbs below.
    2. Dig up the small dirt mound in the corner at the top of the incline to acquire three pellets and return to the onion to regroup your squad, then head back down the previous trail to step onto the lily pad at the bottom of the incline and hop onto the larger one that passes in front of you to ride it along the river.
    3. Hop off at the next lily pad on the right and destroy the crystal in front of you to collect the next fragment pile, then use yellow pikmin to disable the nearby electric gate and pass through it to eliminate the wollyhops on the other side.
    4. Make the u-turn ahead to collect another fragment pile around the corner and turn around to face the small rectangular pool of water, then toss Alph and all available rock pikmin at the crystal on the other side so you can collect the plum.
    5. Collect the next data file on the left and move back through the previous electric gate to approach the next clearing ahead, then sprint in a circle around the blowhog to knock it out of the sky with a flurry of pikmin and pick up the rock bombs on top of the nearby tomato can.
    6. Cross the widest available bridge to regroup your squad at the Onion and use rock bombs to destroy the concrete wall nearby, then return all the pikmin on the field to the Onion before sunset to complete the thirteenth day.

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