Pikmin 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Exploration Day 1
  • Exploration Day 2
  • Exploration Day 3
  • Exploration Day 4
  • Exploration Day 5
  • Exploration Day 6
  • Exploration Day 7
  • Exploration Day 8
  • Exploration Day 9
  • Exploration Day 10
  • Exploration Day 11
  • Exploration Day 12
  • Exploration Day 13
  • Exploration Day 14
  • Exploration Day 15
  • Exploration Day 16
  • Exploration Day 17
  • Exploration Day 18
  • Exploration Day 19
  • Exploration Day 20
  • Exploration Day 21
  • Exploration Day 22
  • Exploration Day 14

    Twilight River

    1. Call in 25 of each pikmin and ride the next available lily pad to the hop onto the ledge at the end, then collect the rock bombs on the nearby tomato can and pass through the cave entrance in the opposite corner.
    2. Use 20 yellow pikmin to connect the broken wires ahead and light up the cave, then ascend the incline behind you on the right to jump across the two large plants that have just sprouted and collect the pile of fragments at the opposite end.
    3. Exit the cave to cross the bridge on the left and return to the Onion to regroup your squad, then move forward past the spaceship to cross another bridge and collect the data file on the other side.
    4. Head left to approach the onion caught in the web and toss rock bombs at it to dislodge the spaceship, then move towards the tractor beam to activate a cut scene in which you encounter the Winged Pikmin.
    5. Use the winged pikmin to pluck the surrounding coiled flowers and add more of these creatures to your squad, then turn around the wade through the pool of water on the left and collect the data file on the other side.
    6. Return to the winged pikmin’s Onion and approach the waterfall in the left corner above, then use the tiny flying creatures to pull on the flowers attached to the branch and dislodge it to allow the lily pads to flow down the stream.
    7. Take the call from the Captain Olimar and return all the pikmin on the field to the Onion before sunset to complete the fourteenth day.

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