Pikmin 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Exploration Day 1
  • Exploration Day 2
  • Exploration Day 3
  • Exploration Day 4
  • Exploration Day 5
  • Exploration Day 6
  • Exploration Day 7
  • Exploration Day 8
  • Exploration Day 9
  • Exploration Day 10
  • Exploration Day 11
  • Exploration Day 12
  • Exploration Day 13
  • Exploration Day 14
  • Exploration Day 15
  • Exploration Day 16
  • Exploration Day 17
  • Exploration Day 18
  • Exploration Day 19
  • Exploration Day 20
  • Exploration Day 21
  • Exploration Day 22
  • Exploration Day 16

    Twilight River

    1. Call in 10 red, 25 rock, 30 yellow and 35 winged pikmin, then pass through the concrete wall to ascend the paper bag incline on the other side and proceed forward to reach a new area.
    2. Cross the bridge on the left by first destroying the dirt wall obstructing it and step onto the next lily pad to ride the first available one that passes in front of you, then disembark on the right to wade through the pool of water ahead and collect the fragment pieces on the other side.
    3. Make your way back to the bamboo wall to lift it up with the winged pikmin and toss more pikmin beneath the obstruction to collect the tomato on the other side, then return to the area where you previously defeated the first snagret and proceed up the path ahead to reach a new area.
    4. Dislodge the paper bag in front of you to continue moving forward and cross the bridge on the left to return to the starting point, then travel back towards the tomato can to collect the rock bombs on top of it.
    5. Approach the bamboo wall again to lift it up again and pass beneath the obstruction to eliminate the enemies on the other side with rock bombs from behind, then use winged pikmin to take out the dragonfly hovering above and allow your squad to feast on the nectar that drops down.
    6. Return all the pikmin on the field to the Onion before sunset to complete the sixteenth day.

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