Pikmin 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Exploration Day 1
  • Exploration Day 2
  • Exploration Day 3
  • Exploration Day 4
  • Exploration Day 5
  • Exploration Day 6
  • Exploration Day 7
  • Exploration Day 8
  • Exploration Day 9
  • Exploration Day 10
  • Exploration Day 11
  • Exploration Day 12
  • Exploration Day 13
  • Exploration Day 14
  • Exploration Day 15
  • Exploration Day 16
  • Exploration Day 17
  • Exploration Day 18
  • Exploration Day 19
  • Exploration Day 20
  • Exploration Day 21
  • Exploration Day 22
  • Exploration Day 22

    Formidable Oak

    1. Call in 25 of each pikmin and return to the top of the giant oak to collect Olimar’s body again, then return to the last dirt wall you destroyed and pass through it to eliminate the enemies on the other side.
    2. Follow the uphill rocky path on your left to remove the dirt wall at the top and pass through it to reach the next clearing, then proceed forward to enter the tunnel ahead and collect the data file on the other side.
    3. Take the path ahead on the right to follow the line of fluorescent flowers around the water pool and collect the fragment pile at the end, then turn left to destroy the next dirt wall above and follow the next line of flowers on the other side around towards the right to collect another pile of fragments.
    4. Approach the bridge being constructed to connect the broken wires across from it and fill the whole cave with light, then use the bridge to reach the pair of plants that have sprouted up ahead on the left and cross over them to stop at the next ridge.
    5. Toss Alph and at least ten yellow pikmin onto the ridge above, then use the pikmin to connect the next set of broken wires ahead and brighten the cave up even more.
    6. Reform the team into a single squad and turn around to cross the other line of plants beside the previous blue bridge, then destroy the spider web on the other side to pass through it and remove the next dirt wall ahead to approach the clipboard around the corner.
    7. Turn around from the clipboard to exit the cave and activate a cut scene, then retreat from the giant golden monster to start sprinting around it in a circle and fire a flurry of red pikmin from a safe distance each time the boss comes to a stop.
    8. Fire rock pikmin at the globules that fall off the boss each time you attack it to prevent the monster from regenerating, then continue attacking the golden creature until it starts creating releasing golden cubes around itself.
    9. Launch blue pikmin into the transparent bubbles that appear to destroy the cubes at their centers.
    10. Launch rock pikmin at the transparent blocks that appear to destroy the cubes at their centers.
    11. Launch yellow pikmin at the electric purple forcefields that appear to destroy the cubes at their centers.
    12. Launch red pikmin at the cubes surrounded by fire to destroy them.
    13. After destroying a cube, unleash a flurry of pikmin onto the globules that spread across the ground to remove them and continue reducing the size of the boss.
    14. Continue attacking the boss and the globules that erupt from the surrounding cubes until the monster is defeated to complete this game.

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