Pikmin 3 Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Exploration Day 1
  • Exploration Day 2
  • Exploration Day 3
  • Exploration Day 4
  • Exploration Day 5
  • Exploration Day 6
  • Exploration Day 7
  • Exploration Day 8
  • Exploration Day 9
  • Exploration Day 10
  • Exploration Day 11
  • Exploration Day 12
  • Exploration Day 13
  • Exploration Day 14
  • Exploration Day 15
  • Exploration Day 16
  • Exploration Day 17
  • Exploration Day 18
  • Exploration Day 19
  • Exploration Day 20
  • Exploration Day 21
  • Exploration Day 22
  • Exploration Day 5

    Distant Tundra

    1. Approach the data file above to discover the yellow pikmin and pluck the ones nearby, then toss them beside the two in front of you to complete the electrified link and activate a cut scene.
    2. Afterwards, use the yellow pikmin to collect the surrounding flowers and pick up whatever you data files you find as well.
    3. Descend the dirt incline to collect the yellow flower bud on the ridge above to the left and proceed forward around the trail to continue increasing your squad numbers, then step onto the hot spring at the end of the path to launch into the air and land back beside the previous Onion.
    4. Once there are 20 pikmin in your squad, use them to push the nearby iron ball down the icy slope and pass through the hole it creates in the wall below to activate a cut scene.
    5. Afterwards, move down the path on your right to encounter a Swooping Snitchbug and knock it out of the sky with a few pikmin so you can dump the rest on the insect once it hits the ground.
    6. Approach the electric gate above and use pikmin to fight off any fish that approach from the water beside you, then unleash the entire squad into the barricade to destroy it and proceed forward to collect a 5 pellet.
    7. Return to the Onion to regroup your squad to maximum capacity and exit the cave again to follow the trail below on the left, then approach the Joustmite as it emerges from the ground to target its grey underbelly and unleashes a flurry of pikmin onto this area to destroy the creature.
    8. Move around to the other side of the clay pot to eliminate another joustmite and return to the Onion to regroup, then make your way back to the previous area to climb inside the pot and collect the fragments to start building a new bridge.
    9. Take control of Alph to call out the pikmin from the nearby Onion and collect the surrounding flower pellets, then approach the small pile of rubble blocking a tunnel in the dirt wall to remove the obstruction and pick up the cherry on the snow mound above.
    10. Pass through the tunnel to eliminate the joustmite on the other side and use rock pikmin to smash apart the crystal wall nearby, then return all the pikmin on the field to the Onion before sunset to complete the fifth day.

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