Popular Science Predicts PS3 Will Be The Top Seller By 2010


I’ve been saying this for a while. Most people are acting like Nintendo has already won the battle, which is obviously not the case. These next-gen systems were built with long term plans in mind. Sure it’s true that Sony has not met their expectations at this point, but there is plenty of time to play catch up. I really do not think it’s like the old days where new systems come out every couple of years. The 360, Wii and PS3 will be viable gaming systems for at least another 5 years. We have to keep in mind that the PS2 is still a big seller. Perhaps when the PS2 sales start to fall off, people will be upgrading to the PS3. I also have a strong feeling that the PS3 has some sleeper hits coming out this fall from the lineup I have seen. This year is going to be all about Halo 3, but sadly there is more to gaming than Halo. Doubt the PS3 if you want to, but in a year I am certain things are going to change. I know I sound like a Sony fanboy this week, but I’m really not. I just have a strong belief that the PS3 will eventually be a huge success. Sony knows what they are doing in the long run.

Thanks Gamegrope for dropping this great scan on the net.

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9 Comments on Popular Science Predicts PS3 Will Be The Top Seller By 2010


On June 10, 2007 at 6:17 am

Of course Sony knows what they are doing, all this giant BUZZ in the Internet may confuse many people, but cybernauts must remember that Internet is not what decides if a console is or isn’t a failure, there is a very negative attitude related to Sony, mainly from the US medias, I can imagine why…. M$ is an evil company, just a blind man or a fanatic can’t see that, they use all means to acomplish their objectives, they control just to many sites and they have the power to influenciate many people and organizations, even the Bank of America…
What I mean, is that, while I agree that Sony didn’t made the best marketing campaign in history and made many crap in those last 2 years, they are still the company that has the most versatile and powerfull console in the market, they have online functionalities that will eventually improve very much with time, they have a next-gen optical drive that will allow deeper and better games, they have a motion-censor controler, that while it is not as radical as the wii-mote, it is still very effective, lets just say PS3 is the most well balanced console in the market with undoubtely the best construction quality and best design (the most complete console), the single thing that is missing is games,and just that, there aren’t still AAA games that use the SisaxiS, but when people see gamers controling a Fantastic Dragon with the movement of the SisaxiS in 1080p, with 7.1 sound and amazig graphics… people will realise that they can have the same game experience they could have with a wii in PS3 and with even better graphics and sound of the X360. And then of course there isn’t still a single game of those that made Playstation the company it is today, I’m talking about the franchises that sold millions of consoles before, Gran Tourismo, Wipeout, Final Fantasy, ratched & Clank, God of War, etc etc etc… they are just to many to list them all, and there is now new and amazing franchises coming, LAIR, Heavanly Sword, Litlle Big Planet, Drakes Fortune, Killzone2, etc… Is that what will skyrocket PS3 sales and success, all this negative attitude well be ironed out and desappear, and yes, those games are not out yet, but they will be released, and when we know that 120.000.000 PS2 have been sold until May 2007 and then we see that only about 20 million (X360+Wii) consoles have been sold to date…. that makes us think a lot don’t you think?

As far as I remember Sony… they are not a company that want’s to make quick bucks (au contraire) of most companies in the market, they launch the best product they can make, they prepare the market and then they create the games that will justify the hardware investment, they made many million of profit with PS2, and they know that is a matter of time for PS3 to prove why it is the best choice a gammer can make. Free online services (and that work perfectly, I know because I play with 40 ppl at the same time online without a single LAG problem), with a racional and ergonomic controler that can detect movement without the need of waving the arms like a fool and with a processor and GPU that are almost limitless in power and that day by day are making better and greater things…


On June 10, 2007 at 7:47 am

I do to some extent agree that the PS3 seems to be a slightly better quality product than the competitors (with a hefty price to boot though). However the Wii wins on the ‘fun’ factor and price front, and the 360 does beat it on game library at the moment. But I too predict that the competition will be a lot closer in a year or two. At the moment the internet is filled with anti-PS3 affiliates lining up to bash the mighty and deceitful Son¥ forgetting that Nintendo and M$ are just as ruthless as any other business out there. They all bend the truth and they all want our money, that’s all that matters to them. What matters for us are good quality games and lots of them, this is where the PS3 needs to shake things up. We often see article titles like ‘PS3 loses yet another exclusive’ but to be honest that’s business folks, I’m sure the PS3 still has a lot of games in development that go unmentioned. It may be a long wait but as soon as the PS3 starts releasing its better games and lowers the price, it will start to become a more attractive product for consumers. In the mean time M$ and Nintendo will continue to be forces to be reckoned with. But remember there’s a load of people out there still playing with their PS2′s and Xbox’s not wanting to upgrade to the world of HD just yet, taking the conservative â$Ëœwait and see’ approach. :wink:
One question though… Why is this generation of console wars getting so many people pissed off? :evil:


On June 10, 2007 at 9:33 am


PopSci is NOT predicting ANYTHING.

This page is introducing their new Prediction League (like theSimExchange.com) and this is a QUESTION.

Read near the top : “Here are 5 of our starting propositions”

It is NOT a prediction, it is a question they will have their prediction league deal with.

And yes…I’m a SONY fanboy but this article is plain WRONG.


On June 10, 2007 at 10:33 am


Halo is for kids. Lots of people have gotten over the multiplayer game with Halo2 and have no need to go back to the crayon colored silliness. Sure it will sell well, but collectively the Haze, Biochock, Endwar, MGS4, Killzone, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, Warhawk, Kane&Lynch etc. are what will generate the wow factor into 2008 and the PS3 is all about that.


On June 10, 2007 at 7:22 pm

sorry, but ‘MASHER’: Bioshock is not coming to the PS3, it is an Xbox 360 exclusive. I am the proud owner of a PlayStation 3 Computer Entertainment System, but for a game like Bioshock or Mass Effect (or Gears for that matter) it deserves to be complimented by a Xbox 360.

I still believe once the rest of the world does grow into the HD buzz the PS3 will be the industry leader, and that Home will eventually kick the ass of Xbox Live, and all that other Fanboy Hoo-Ha. But my computers still run on Windows, and though in my list it’s #1 Sony #2 Microsoft, the 360 still (for now) has those few impressive titles that I believe is worth purchasing the system over.

THe Saint

On June 11, 2007 at 2:56 pm

“I’ve been saying this all along….”

Well done young padawan, Popular Science has vindicated you, my friend. May the force be with you!

When it comes to gaming consoles, it’s always been and always will be about the games. The PS3 has no game that validates the PS3′s price, this is old news. I hate Halo 3 but I’m going to buy it anyway, that’s how powerful Halo 3 is. It’s not all about Halo 3, but you have Forza 2, Dirt, Mass Effect, Bioshock, GTA 4, Assassin’s Creed, Devil May Cry 4 and did I forget Gears of War? It’s also worth mentioning that 3 of the titles I just mentioned, once upon a time, were Sony exclusives. Developers, not Popular Science, have finally caught on to the truth known as the Xbox 360 and have switched allegiances.

MGS4 and Killzone 2 are Sony fanboy titles that will never have the same appeal as Halo and Gears of War. Sony fangirls are still drooling over the “real time” footage of Killzone from two E3′s ago. Does anyone realize that “real time” foorage is NOT the same as ACTUAL gameplay footage? Look at the Lair trailers and look at the actual gameplay footage. Pure garbage, looks like a PS2 title. Remember also the Fight Night Round 3 “real time” footage that was showcased for the PS3? The actual PS3 version looks nothing like it.

So here we are again with Sony fangirls who have changed their story from “The PS3 will blow away the 360 when it comes out,” to “The PS3 will dominate in 2 more years!” Don’t forget, when all else fails, point to the specs!

Emperor Chin

On June 12, 2007 at 1:10 am

They have a very good point. Their reason for the prediction that PS3 will dominate by 2010 is based on the sales of PS2 and the fact it is managing to outsell every next gen console to this day.

This is not Sony Fanboy talk, it is a fact. PS3 has already sold more in the first six months of its release than PS2 did in its own first six months of release. These are not desputable facts.

Saint how can you say that MGS4 will not have the same appeal as Gears of War? That is rubbish. Sure, MGS4 won’t have the same appeal as Gears of War to YOU, or any of your diehard M$ fanboy friends, but that is because you won’t be able to play it considering you can not afford a PS3. Sorry for your luck sir.

If M$ would have included an HD-DVD drive and waited another year to release WITH the PS3, and managed to release a system that didn’t have a astronomical FAILURE RATE, I would see the PS3 having serious long term competition. All in all, 360 doesn’t have what it takes to last it out with the PS3, ESPECIALLY in Europe and Asia.

There are around 70 Million PS2 owners (educated estimate, could me a little more or less) that have not upgraded to another system as of yet. The PS2 is still selling more than Wii and 360. If you put two and two together, you see why Sony is STILL and will AGAIN dominate the console market.

Char sui pau

On June 12, 2007 at 4:13 am

Actually i thought the Wii is currently outselling the PS2 by a fair margin, and the PS2 and Xbox360 sales are almost even (rate of sales) but then the PS2 is alot older than the Xbox360, which does say something (Xbox360 not selling as quickly as hoped).

April NPD sales.
DS – 471,000
Wii – 360,000
PS2 – 194,000
PSP – 183,000
360 – 174,000
GBA – 84,000
PS3 – 82,000
GCN- 13,000

Predicting PS3 sales based on PS2 sales, is the same mistake alot of anaylst made when attempting to predict the Wii Sales based on Nintendo’s GameCube performance. You can’t use the PS2 as an indicator because sony’s approach this generation is different. The PS2 was technologically inferior to the Xbox, and arguable about the same as the GameCube. Yet it ‘won’ last generation. The argument that the PS3 will lead the market because it has higher spec (not necessarily superior) hardware is pure speculation based on well no proof or history of anything like that ever happening in the gaming industry. The lower spec consoles so far has always seemed to eventualy dominate the market.

Even if by 2010, the PS3 price has been reduced by 200 dollars, to around 300-400, Anybody interested in a PS3 still HAS to buy a HD TV, yes by that time HD Tv prices will be reduced again, you’d probably be able to get a GOOD quality one in 2010 for around 500 pounds (I live in the UK) add the cost of the PS3 reduced by 200 dollars, would mean a total package of still around 700-800 pounds to actually have this so called next gen experience.

The position of the Wii in 2010 is difficult to predict, as most predictions (Nintendo is t3h d00m3d) has been wrong. Nintendo’s potential markets Women, Casual, child, family, adults, elderly, health conscious?, Hardcore gamers (a sizeable percentage at least, is alot bigger than the PS3/Xbox 360 market – Hardcore gamers, Tech enthusiasts (tech enthusiasts don’t really drive game sales), Blu-Ray movie market (questionable how big this market will be, people in the East have ONLY JUST moved onto DVD). Which is why anaylst and people in general have been attempting to ‘hope’ that the Wii is a gimmick, if it goes the way of the gimmick people will lose interest and thus the Wii sales will slow. But then the mouse for the computer was a gimmick, wasn’t it? Its difficult to say what will happen.

Well just trying to saying, PS3 will lead in 2010 because it has superior hardware is like saying the Xbox orignal will lead the market by 2005 because it has superior hardware to the PS2 and GameCube, obviously that came true didn’t it….. ho hum.

THe Saint

On June 13, 2007 at 12:54 pm

MGS4 doesn’t have the same style of play as Gears of War or Halo 3. MGS4 is aimed towards Sony loyalists and loyalists alone. If you’re going to thrown in the PS2 to the mix, then yes ma’am, you ARE a Sony fangirl. We’re talking about the next-gen systems. By your fangirl statement you are saying that the PS2 will dominate the next-gen market as well. Shut up and put on your adult diapers and play Metal Gear Solid 4: Incontinence.