Postal 3 Walkthrough

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Prison Break

  1. Exit the holding cell area and turn left, then move into the room on the right and take out a guard with your bare hands.
  2. Pick up the gun that was just dropped by the guard you eliminated and use it to clear the room of any remaining threats, then enter the green door to the right of the barred window and turn left.
  3. Exit the filing area via the brown door in the back, then continue through the next two rooms to reach another prison hallway.
  4. Continue taking out guards and pick up their weapons as you move through the corridor, then enter the interrogation room on the left and eliminate another wave of policemen.
  5. Exit through the next door ahead and make a left down the hall when you reach the hospital area, then enter the last available green door to find yourself in a break room.
  6. Open the next door to leave the area with Al and continue taking out the guards who approach from ahead.
  7. Exit into the heavily damaged area ahead and move up the cement stairs across from you, then open the double doors at the top and enter the next room.
  8. Turn left and take out the cops across the hallway, then move forward down the corridor they were guarding and enter the red-lit doorway to reach the armory.
  9. Collect the Rocket Launcher and ammunition for your other guns, then exit the room and head the left down the corridor.
  10. Make a left ahead and continue clearing out the guards, then make your last available right and move through the next room ahead to reach the prison yard.
  11. Take out as many guards as you can , then turn right and move out into the open amongst the guard towers. Use cover whenever possible to avoid damage and allow your fellow inmates to continue the fight for you.
  12. Enter the maze area in front of the guard towers and take out any cops that you may encounter, then exit into the next section of the prison yard to eliminate the enemies near the yellow and black obstacles.
  13. Use your rocket launcher if necessary to quickly eliminate the guards protected by heavy black body armor.
  14. Approach the building and re-enter the prison through it’s other outside door, then take out any guards you see ahead and move into the office area on your left.
  15. Enter the hallway ahead and take out the guards you encounter, then continue forward into the next room and clear it of all threats.
  16. Exit the room and take a left down the hall, then open the doors in front of you and take out the policemen in the area.
  17. Use the pillars and flower boxes as cover, while staying close to your fellow inmates, to successfully survive this section of the assault. Once the room has been cleared of all enemies, lead Al over to the front door to activate a cut scene and complete the level.

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4 Comments on Postal 3 Walkthrough


On January 14, 2012 at 1:20 pm

Hes gone Postal with kibbles and bits ha.


On January 25, 2012 at 11:05 am

This game has serious issues with graphics, and Postal 2 was much better much stable than this huge game with no interesting things incide.

I expected that POSTAL 3 will be masterpiece of graphic. Instead it looks like .

the only thing i liked is this comment:

My mother told me not too play with fire, but i hate my mom.


On February 10, 2012 at 4:22 pm

I am too stupid for this level.

The taser just stuns them for a second (or several with alt fire), then they attack again. No matter how often I punch them, they just stand up again.

Only my “client” manages to down attackers, so I keep all attackers but one paralyzed all the time. After 15 minutes of boredom, her health runs out and I’ve lost. Great.


On February 26, 2012 at 9:04 am

Nobody, you must keep tasering attacker (just point, click and hold left button for 5-7 sec) to bring her down forever “non-violently”. It counts. I agree, they must point this possibility with more clarity.