Postal 3 Walkthrough

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The Caves

  1. Exit the room and make a left, then navigate your way through the tunnels until you reach an open blue doorway on the left.
  2. Move into the next room and take a right through the hole in the wall, head forward through the cave tunnels and take out the Asian restaurant workers that get in your way.
  3. Equip your shotgun to eliminate these enemies with quickness and efficiency, then take cover behind the mine carts and other obstacles if you find yourself surrounded.
  4. When you reach the next burning torch on your right, make your way down the wooden staircase and continue through the cave tunnels below.
  5. Move forward past a burning barrel at the bottom of the stairwell and eliminate a wave of enemies in the next room, then exit the building you’re in by climbing the outside steps.
  6. When you reach the murky alley dotted with trees a cut scene will activate in which you locate Champ the dog and the enemy packing a rocket launcher.
  7. Afterwards, turn around to take cover behind the short concrete wall in front of the building and equip the laser pen.
  8. Move out from behind cover and use the laser pen to target the enemies in the distance so that Champ attacks them, then equip your M16 and make your way forward to eliminate the remaining threats ahead.
  9. Enter the first open doorway on the left and climb the stairs, then eliminate the enemy and continue around the next corner.
  10. Drop through the hole in the floor and exit the room, then turn left and eliminate the next wave of enemies ahead.
  11. Move forward and make a left past the fence, then continue moving left around the edge of the cliff and eliminating enemies.
  12. Enter the brick building in the distance and turn right to exit immediately, then eliminate the surrounding Asian restaurant workers and move forward into the next area.
  13. Clear out this new section of the town from threats and enter the building in front of you, then free the enamels on your right and turn around.
  14. Move through the high-arched doorway in front of you and exit the building, then make your way along the uphill trail and take out the next wave of enemies.
  15. Head past the burning barrel ahead and turn right, then make your way forward and move to the right of the stairs in the next building.
  16. After passing through the archway on back wall, exit the building through the hallway on the right and turn around at the bottom of the outside steps.
  17. Move forward around the rock ledge in the next cave area and continue eliminating enemies in your path until you reach the mine cart.
  18. Make a left and take out the enemies down the tunnel, then continue forward through this corridor and take out the restaurant workers in the next open mining area.
  19. Follow the mine tracks that split off to the right and eliminate the enemies in the next cavern, then turn left to make your way around the rock ledge to head uphill.
  20. Continue making your way through another series of ledges, caverns and tunnels, then exit the cave into a room white tile floors and chemical tanks.
  21. Exit this area to return to the sewer system and vault over the pipes to your left, then continue forward and make a right when you hit the wall ahead.
  22. Make your next left into a locker room and climb the stairs you see ahead to complete this level.

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4 Comments on Postal 3 Walkthrough


On January 14, 2012 at 1:20 pm

Hes gone Postal with kibbles and bits ha.


On January 25, 2012 at 11:05 am

This game has serious issues with graphics, and Postal 2 was much better much stable than this huge game with no interesting things incide.

I expected that POSTAL 3 will be masterpiece of graphic. Instead it looks like .

the only thing i liked is this comment:

My mother told me not too play with fire, but i hate my mom.


On February 10, 2012 at 4:22 pm

I am too stupid for this level.

The taser just stuns them for a second (or several with alt fire), then they attack again. No matter how often I punch them, they just stand up again.

Only my “client” manages to down attackers, so I keep all attackers but one paralyzed all the time. After 15 minutes of boredom, her health runs out and I’ve lost. Great.


On February 26, 2012 at 9:04 am

Nobody, you must keep tasering attacker (just point, click and hold left button for 5-7 sec) to bring her down forever “non-violently”. It counts. I agree, they must point this possibility with more clarity.