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Cashmart Robbery

  1. When this level begins, your team allegiance during the bank robbery will depend on what type of character you decide to shoot first. If you shoot a cop, you’re with the criminals and if you shoot a criminal, then you’re with the cops.
  2. Regardless of which side you choose to fight for, the most important thing in this level is to move quickly between cover at all times and to eliminate enemies as quickly as possible via headshots.
  3. Pick up dropped weapons whenever possible from downed opponents or teammates to keep your ammo full and your arsenal options open during gameplay.
  4. Equip your most damaging weapon first, the broomstick or automatic rifle, and use it to quickly eliminate the enemies who pose the greatest threat to your health.
  5. The most dangerous opponents are those that carry the more powerful weaponry and the ones that have advantageously positioned themselves in elevated locations throughout the bank.
  6. Once you have chosen your side, move amongst your teammates as both a defensive measure and as a way to return fire early on without taking much damage.
  7. Look for opponents who are pointing their weapons away from you and towards one of your teammates, then take this opportunity to move in close and finish the enemy off before they realize you’re there.
  8. The two opposing teams will position themselves against the two far walls of the bank, with the criminals by the teller window and the cops posted up near the front door. Make your way along the either side of the room and circle around behind a group located in these positions, then proceed to shoot them in the back for a couple easy kills.
  9. When running low on life, fight off your enemies with long-range projectiles such as cats or grenades and find cover as quickly as possible to take a piss in peace.
  10. Continue your assault, then make your way through the open doorway next to the teller window and eliminate the enemies you find within.
  11. Climb the stairs to reach the second floor and move forward through the double doors at the top to return to the bank’s lobby.


  1. If you have chosen the side of the criminals, your final objective in this level will be to defeat a police helicopter that hovers outside above the bank.
  2. The most efficient way to eliminate this attack vehicle is by firing upon it with an automatic rifle, so collect as much M16 ammo as you can before facing this challenge out in the open.
  3. If you haven’t already, re-locate yourself to the second floor of the bank’s lobby and get a bead on the police helicopter by looking up through the skylight in the ceiling above.
  4. Spray the underside of the helicopter with bullets from your MI6 until the vehicle returns fire, then run behind some nearby cover to take a piss and search for dropped weapons. When you have sufficient ammo and your health has returned, move back out into the open and continue firing at the chopper hovering above.
  5. Continue this assault until the police helicopter’s armor has been completely drained to finish this level.


  1. If you have chosen the side of the police, your final objective in this level will be to defeat a masked enemy who’s armed with a vicious badger.
  2. Return to the first floor of the bank and locate the Badgersaw enemy, who at this point should be slicing and dicing through your individual team members.
  3. Sneak up on this boss-like opponent, as he dismembers the cops, and unload a series of round from either your broomstick or M16 into him.
  4. Keep a fair distance while attacking the enemy so that he continuously focuses on the police in his near vicinity and not on you.
  5. Continue your assault until this final opponent is defeated to receive the Badgersaw and complete the level.

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4 Comments on Postal 3 Walkthrough


On January 14, 2012 at 1:20 pm

Hes gone Postal with kibbles and bits ha.


On January 25, 2012 at 11:05 am

This game has serious issues with graphics, and Postal 2 was much better much stable than this huge game with no interesting things incide.

I expected that POSTAL 3 will be masterpiece of graphic. Instead it looks like .

the only thing i liked is this comment:

My mother told me not too play with fire, but i hate my mom.


On February 10, 2012 at 4:22 pm

I am too stupid for this level.

The taser just stuns them for a second (or several with alt fire), then they attack again. No matter how often I punch them, they just stand up again.

Only my “client” manages to down attackers, so I keep all attackers but one paralyzed all the time. After 15 minutes of boredom, her health runs out and I’ve lost. Great.


On February 26, 2012 at 9:04 am

Nobody, you must keep tasering attacker (just point, click and hold left button for 5-7 sec) to bring her down forever “non-violently”. It counts. I agree, they must point this possibility with more clarity.