Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Sarcophagi


The new Prince of Persia title provides a number of sarcophagi, scattered around the game‘s levels for your collectible pleasure. Click through for our complete list of locations — don’t miss a single one!

Number Location Description

Sarcophagus 1

The Stables Found at the top of the octagonal room near the end of the Stables level.

Sarcophagus 2

The Fortress Courtyard On a platform underneath the circular switch.

Sarcophagus 3

The Fortress Courtyard Drop off the main path in the Fortress Courtyard and shimmy along a series of ledges to reach this Sarcophagus

Sarcophagus 4

The Prison Reached by crossing a series of ledges, bricks and poles located near the end of the Prison level

Sarcophagus 5

The Sewer Jump from a beam to a frozen water column and to another beam, early in the Sewer level

Sarcophagus 6

The Sewer Take a side path before exiting the Sewer; Sarcophagus is at the end of a dead end passage

Sarcophagus 7

The Royal Chambers Activate the circular switches on opposing walls to locate this Sarcophagus

Sarcophagus 8

The Royal Chambers Swing and jump from the second frozen pole through the waterfall on the right

Sarcophagus 9

The Royal Chambers Scale the bricks near the water wheel, jump across a pole to reach a ledge adjacent to this Sarcophagus

Sarcophagus 10

The Throne Room After entering the Throne Room’s first chamber, climb the bricks and jump across a pair of frozen poles to reach the balcony that holds the Sarcophagus

Sarcophagus 11

The Terrace Descend the series of banners and look for the ledges decorated with mosaics. The sarcophagus is located above

Sarcophagus 12

The Rooftop Gardens Found behind a palm tree midway through the gardens

Sarcophagus 13

The Rooftop Gardens After the fight on the octagonal platform, jump to the nearby ledge and pass through the waterfall above it to access this secret chamber

Sarcophagus 14

The Aqueducts Duck through the waterfall on the edge of the semi-circular platform before jumping to the vulture

Sarcophagus 15

The Ruins of Rekem Before you leave the temple, veer left and find the Sarcophagus at the end of a dead end passage

Sarcophagus 16

The Ruins of Rekem After you slide down the banner and exit the temple, hop over the nearby railing and step through the waterfall

Sarcophagus 17

Rekem’s Throne Room Drop to the wooden platform on your way through this room

Sarcophagus 18

The Rekem Reservoir After defeating the troll, step through the waterfall on the left and roll through the hole in the wall to enter this hidden chamber

Sarcophagus 19

The Rekem Reservoir At the lion fountain, drop off the left side of the platform and shimmy along the ledge to reach this Sarcophagus

Sarcophagus 20

Solomon’s Vault Before rotating the statue, activate the circular wall switch and roll through the gate before it closes to reach the chamber containing the penultimate Sarcophagus

Sarcophagus 21

The King’s Tower Jump and dash across a series of vultures to reach the other side of the platform

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