Prototype 2 – All Yellow Zone Black Box Collectible Locations

Move over Mercer, James Heller is taking your place in Prototype 2, and he won’t stop until all the collectibles in New York Zero have been found. Scattered around the Yellow Zones, in relative safety among the monstrous infected of the Blacklight Virus, are scattered Black Boxes that delve into the workings of the sinister GenTek corporation and their allies in the Blackwatch. Find every collectible in an area to unlock special rewards and mutations for James Heller.

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Yellow Zone Black Box Collectible Locations

To find the collectibles, look on your map and move your cursor around. A blip will appear when near one of the collectibles. To find these faster, check out the guide below to get you started.

Fairview (Northern Quarter) – 4 Black Boxes

Mutation Rewarded: Locomotion

  1. On your map, just west of the center of Fairview are two large facing buildings. Look on the roof of the norther building to find the collectible.
  2. Down the street, check the building exactly east of the restricted area.
  3. On the eastern side of Fairview, for three large square buildings that take up the northeastern edge of the area. Check the southernmost building to find the black box.
  4. The last black box in the area is south of the previous, on the northern edge of a long tenement style structure.

Oakhurst (Center Quarter) – 5 Black Boxes

Mutation Rewarded: Offensive

  1. Look on the first building south of Black Box #2 in Fairfield.
  2. North of the western-most restricted area, you’ll find the blackbox near a rectangular building just off the highway.
  3. Northeast of the western restricted areas on the map, you’ll find two large structures — a vertical rectangular building along the road, and another squat square building just where the street bends going southwest and east. Search the western edge of the building.
  4. East of the vertical rectangular building, just across the street, is another squat horizontal building. Look on the eastern edge of the structure for a blip.
  5. At the four pronged area on the far eastern edge of the quarter, you’ll find a blip on the building.

Linden Park (Southern Quarter) – 4 Black Boxes

Mutation Rewarded: Offensive

  1. Look on a small concrete ledge of the large field in the center of Linden Park. The ledge is on the northwestern edge of the outer side of the field itself.
  2. Enter the dock area on the western side of the quarter, and look near the northeastern-most giant crane.
  3. South of the four-pronged area, follow the road down to the neighborhood along the slope. Scan the buildings along the southeastern diagonal road along the water. You’ll find a blip on a horizontal rectangular structure.
  4. Search a larger triangular building on the jutting out section of the island on the eastern side, north of the destroyed highway bridge.

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