Prototype 2 – Icarus / Above It All Achievement Guide

Mutation let you fly high in Prototype 2, where hero James Heller can glide, leap, and run up any of the buildings he crosses. With all your powers in the open-world action, you’ll have a few special challenges in the form of trophies and achievements available to tackle before Heller takes his revenge on the original Blackwatch Virus mutant Mercer. Check out how to unlock two achievements in one quick guide below.

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Achievement / Trophy Unlocked!

  • Icarus (15 points / Bronze):
    Reached the highest point in the world.
  • So Above It All (20 points / Silver):
    Spend at least 25 consecutive seconds in the air (helicopters don’t count).
  • Achievement Guide

    Suggestions via Mitchell from the Game Front Video Team on Youtube.

    1. To get these achievements at the same time, you’ll need access to the Empire State Building — the tallest building in NYZ. It’s on Manhattan Island, inside the Red Zone, which you won’t have access to until later in the game.
    2. Go to the coordinates, on your map, of (678, 258) and wallrun to the top of the building. You won’t need to reach the very tip to unlock the achievement, just try and it should be your’s.
    3. Next, you’ll need a few things before going after the “Above It All” Achievement. You’ll need the Movement Skill upgraded to max. You’ll also need the Jumpy, Dashing, and Jet Propulsion mutations.
    4. Extra powers that will help, but aren’t required, are the Whip-Fist and Extra Dashing mutation.
    5. Run as far as you think you can up the tip of the Empire State Building and use a fully-charged jump, then immediately begin holding down the glide button. Save your air-dashes!
    6. Pump the glide button to gain a few extra seconds of hang-time. Once you start to lose forward momentum and start falling, use the air-dash to regain your glide, and repeat the process — pump that glide button!
    7. Like before, just use your remaining air-dashes to stall your fall. You can also use the whip-fist attack to pause mid-air for a few extra seconds.
    8. If you did all that, you’ll just barely scrape through and unlock the achievement.

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    1 Comment on Prototype 2 – Icarus / Above It All Achievement Guide


    On April 26, 2012 at 9:17 am

    theres other ways to do it u can hover over a air conditioner and never touch down theres certain ones on the sides of buildings that let u do it ive done it three times so far its a easier way to get So Above It All