Prototype 2 Walkthrough

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The Airbridge

  1. If you haven’t made time to hunt down some field ops or black boxes, now would be the time.
  2. Head to the G for another mission from the Padre. You’ll head for a nearby base to consume a commander. Switch characters when you’re nearby to get the drop on him from above, then exit the base to escape the alert
  3. Head back into the base when the coast is clear and head for the chopper. That will access the map for the first time when you can move between islands. Look southeast for the next destination via Airbridge.
  4. Welcome to the Green Zone and another island. Head for the icon to meet up with the Padre for more info. Now you have a new target to hunt. Head for the new marker to find a base and the meeting. Only not.
  5. Welcome to command, Sergeant Heller! Use the L stick to drive and move toward the icon. The “hand” icon shows how alert people are to your activities. The more you run over civilians or take out military men, the more attention you draw to yourself. On the way to the target, you’ll get a mission to drive over Infected. Drive over 60 of them for bonus XP. The park is a great source for them. After that, head to the rally point. Next there are two sub-missions, killing a wave of Brawlers and a wave of Juggernauts. Left trigger is your cannon, right trigger is rockets. Easy peasy. After that, one more wave of Brawlers and then another destination point, and then another.
  6. Now you get to fight Hydras, which as you may recall, dish out a LOT of damage. As before, keep moving and don’t stop firing. Hop out of the vehicle when you reach the last point, and you’ll unlock the ability to hijack APCs. Sweet.
  7. Finish out a cutscene and you’ll have completed two missions in one!

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