Prototype 2 Walkthrough

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Jack of All Trades

  1. Keep an eye out for guys to absorb, but if you don’t see one, hit the #6 terminal for this mission. There is a lair in the area as well, and you can explore these voluntarily for the first time. Your mission will take you into one lair to consume an officer. The lairs are home to several juggernauts, which is very good for your XP, but not an easy fight. Fortunately you have the blade now, there’s lots of room, and lots of people to consume if your health runs low.
  2. You’ll get an Achievement for your first lair. Then you can continue toward the terminal to work more on the core mission. Next you’ll have to destroy three helicopters, but you have to go after them. Use tendrils or bounce back rockets for maximum damage, but for every chopper you try to take on, there are two Orions who will challenge you. Feel free to avoid them, but consume them for maximum XP. When you drop the last chopper, you’ll have to consume the commander. Things will be very hot when this is expected of you, so don’t let him die. Escape the heat to finish this section.
  3. You’re only half way through the Jack mission. Head back to the blacknet terminal for your next assignment. It’s only a fast rooftop hop to intercept a chopper. Will you be collecting more cargo? Yes, yes you will. The race is the same as ever, but with an encounter at the end.
  4. Chase the Evolved down. He’s easy to catch, but he puts up a fight. His strategy is the same as Gallagher, defend and attack with tendrils and he’ll go down. After that, report to the terminal again. And now it’s time to go scientist hunting again. Find the guy and consume him to keep going.
  5. Head back to the terminal one more time for the skinny on the scientist you just devoured. Now you’re on the final leg of the mission. Head toward the next base, and look for a DNA Memory when you get nearby. Lose any heat and use the handscanner.
  6. Inside the base you’ll have to take out two Brawlers who are fighting Orions. Look for a DNA guy to consume while you’re at it. You can use rockets, but if you want lots of XP, take them all out and consume them. There are some more Brawlers in cages if you’re feeling greedy. Exit the base to finish this mission and earn a mutation reward, which will also net you an Achievement.

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