Prototype 2 Walkthrough

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Spotted Cat

  1. Head toward the mission computer. If you’re lucky you’ll come across another mission along the way. Now you have to hunt a scientist. Look for a memory and an upgrade consumption nearby. Find Dr. Rajiv for his memory and the next part of your mission. Here’s hoping you have a good disguise, because you need to steal a soldier’s identity without raising the alarm. By now that should be easy.
  2. Follow the patrol, but you have to do it in disguise, so you can’t do anything special along the way. When you reach the waypoint, you’ll come under attack. And you have to take the infected out without revealing your identity, which means using a gun. The flying infected are very destructive when they dive, so dodge, but they’re easy to take out when they’re not attacking you.
  3. Keep following the patrol and you’ll face a wave of civilian infected and fliers, both easy to take care of. Upgrade your gun from those lying around if you care to, and take out five without getting hurt to earn a bonus. Just keep moving and it’s a snap.
  4. You’ll reach the scientists, but look for a DNA memory nearby to grab as well. Then consume the three scientists, subtly or not as you see fit. Head back to the terminal. Then you’ll get a phone call and get a new assignment. Follow the marker, and you’ll have to take out two gun turrets. Grab a car and throw it at one of them to get a bonus. A bio bomb will do fast work of the other. Head into the base and descend into the facility.
  5. Follow the signal to the room with the barrels. You can raise some hell now or a little bit later. If you draw attention to yourself when you open the incinerator, you can break line of sight and change into a disguise, which will buy you some time. Either way, you’ll draw attention of the evolved eventually as you destroy the barrels. Finish them off when you’re done. Exit the base and alert if necessary to reach the next checkpoint.
  6. The final mission assignment is at a terminal that is unreasonably far away. Apparently it’s time for some suppression. And apparently that means killing a bunch of guys, which you should be pretty good at by now. Consume the soldiers to power your fight against the big opponents and take out the towers early because they’ll bug you otherwise.
  7. When you’re done with that, the armor rolls in, and you’ll get a bonus for beating them down with your pack instead of your fists. You’ll have to summon the pack more than once, as mostly you’re fighting soldiers and one vehicle in waves, and it takes some time. The last tank ejects your target, so consume him and then run away to finish things up.

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