PSA: XB1 Backwards Compatibility Instructions A Hoax

A particularly cruel hoax has been working evil magic on unsuspecting (and, perhaps, far-too credulous) gamers, taking advantage of dashed hopes that Xbox One would feature some form of backwards compatibility with Xbox 360.

The Hoax, which first appeared on 4chan sometime Friday, is an official-looking graphic that provides instructions for accessing Xbox One’s dev console and therefore reconfiguring settings to unlock hidden backwards compatibility defaults. The problem: it isn’t possible to make Xbox One backwards compatible with 360. If you follow the instructions, you will instead brick your system, with no apparent way to solve the problem. And yes, soon after it was posted, several Xbox One owners foolish enough to try it began to report the bricking of their consoles.

This hoax has also popped up on other popular gaming forums. So you’ll know, here’s what the graphic looks like (and to make sure there’s no confusion, we’ve made sure to mark it as a hoax):

We get why people might fall for this nonsense. Microsoft’s behavior in 2013 has not exactly been transparent or consistent. And the gaming industry at large has adopted practices – like on-disk DLC – that are so blatantly disingenuous, it’s easy to believe something like backwards compatibility would be hidden, and subsequently denied. But Microsoft has insisted from the beginning that 360 and XB1 hardware are incompatible, and at any rate, tinkering around with your console, which can also risk violating the EULA and thus your warranty, is not a good idea. If you want to tinker, do the smart thing, and go PC.

Via The Daily Dot.

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3 Comments on PSA: XB1 Backwards Compatibility Instructions A Hoax


On December 8, 2013 at 4:25 pm

Backwards compatibility is something I honestly think all consoles should have in at least their initial launch day designs. Wii was (up until just last year so it maintained it as well), PS3 sorta was (but it was none the less), and Xbox 360 actually became more so as Microsoft improved their software to play old games.

I was one of the gamers who picked Xbox 360 last gen and never bought a PS3…Actually I did buy one but very recently as I found it cheap back in November and, in terms of hours of entertainment per dollar, I am able to buy that PS3 will be able to add new games to it’s library for cheaper than a PS4. S

Sure 1080p is nice (Ocarina of Time on my PC looks rather nice in it), but isn’t the #1 golden rule of game developing “Game play is always > graphics”?


On December 9, 2013 at 6:37 am


If you’re not using the cable TV functionality, plug your Xbox 360/PS3 or even your PS4 into the HDMI out. And bam reverse compatibility/cross platform play.

PS4 can’t do that sadly.


On December 9, 2013 at 10:46 am

I had heard something like this was going around, but those instructions would have looked fishy to me even with Microsoft saying something since it seems far too much like a traditional cheat code to do something so extensive.