PSA: Start Downloading the Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC on Xbox Now

Good evening friends. It seems the time is finally upon us: the free Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC is available now on Xbox Live for you to download. Our downloads are running right now. Soon, we shall know all that BioWare wishes to tell us.

It seems finding the DLC on either or on the Mass Effect 3 DLC list from the game menu can be a bit haphazard, so if you’re looking to start downloading the 1.85 GB file immediately, use this link.

If you’re looking to play on Playstation 3 or PC, you’ll have to wait. According to the official Mass Effect 3 Twitter feed, expect your PC download on Origin about noon PST today; on the Playstation Network, it’ll likely be later in the afternoon.

BioWare has noted repeatedly that the Extended Cut won’t include new endings — just more scenes of “context” aimed at “closure.” We’re still not really sure what that means, although after listening to BioWare’s internal interview with Director Casey Hudson and Lead Writer Mac Walters, we’re a bit skeptical.

While you wait for the DLC to download, check out all our Mass Effect 3 ending coverage to date with the Game Front Mass Effect 3 Ending Primer, and stay tuned today and this week: we’ll have reviews from me (Phil Hornshaw) and Ross Lincoln of the DLC later today, plus an analysis editorial, and more community coverage and video stretching over the next few days.

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4 Comments on PSA: Start Downloading the Mass Effect 3 Ending DLC on Xbox Now


On June 26, 2012 at 7:23 am

I am just done with Mass Effect. That ending is shameful. I can’t believe they are trying to “explain” it to us like we are a bunch of idiots. @ssholes.


On June 26, 2012 at 9:14 am

It’s still the same but better explained…Control is to make a human reaper to control them all because of the species potential,but because they chose shepard he believes he can reason with them….Synthesis option…..aaahhhhh make everyone a reaper presented in a nice way…..and Destroy option the real ending for me to the game….Destroy the reapers even if that means you destroy synthetic life,declared victory and shepard’s alive(look the smile of liara when holding the name of shepard)….ohhhh and btw this is clearly the indocrination theory but not explained well for the haters who they are going to cry again about the dlc…….The new option even though is slap to everyone’s face who didn’t like the ending(nice touch there bio…) is clearly a sign that shepard cannot take any more and presumably dies so the reapers can win easily…Still not the best they could do but at least a glimpse of hope for the future of the game(new dlc-resue shepard) or the series….Hello from Greece!!!!


On June 26, 2012 at 9:28 am

Yeah I’m going to file ME3 away along with the Phantom Menace as sequels that I’m going to pretend don’t exist. As bioware was the only reason I entertained buying EA products, that they’ve at last abandoned any sense of proper game design or storytelling makes it easier to go into a full boycott stance. Thanks, I guess.

Maybe when they splinter and all the talented folks leave to create an indie studio I can start buying their games again.


On June 26, 2012 at 10:30 am

Come on guys, I was firmly with the camp that hated the endings and I have to say these little scenes made the ending we have a whole lot better. And yes I agree overall the ending is pretty trash, but you have to admit its way better than it used to be.