QuakeCon 2012 Preview

Next week, Game Front will be making our first ever appearance at id Software’s annual QuakeCon in lovely, and superhellishlyhot Dallas, Texas. We’ll be packing sunscreen, computers and as many air conditioners as we can handle for wall to wall coverage of the convention. In addition to our general, should-be-award-winning coverage of the scene on the floor, we’ll also be checking out the events and games happening during the course of the convention. Here’s a look at what we’ll be seeing.


First and foremost, we’ll be getting our hands on whatever there is to play. While it’s not as extensive a list as we’ll be seeing at PAX Prime a month later, it’s still going to feature a couple of games we’re dying to play, and one we might be dying to play, if only we knew what it was.

* Dishonored

Yep, it’s playable at QuakeCon 2012. We liked what we saw at E3 2012, and we’re definitely looking forward to our scheduled hands on.

* Doom 3 BFG Edition

Of course Doom 3 BFG will be on hand. Polished graphics and 7 additional levels, plus the complete Doom 1 and 2 included on the disc? Hell yes. Watch the trailer here.

* The Revival of a “much-loved classic PC shooter”

What’s this? Yeah, a cryptic tweet by an Evolve PR rep teased that there will be a QauekCon 2012 announcement of… this. We’ll be on hand and hopefully, get our hands on (though almost certainly it’ll be an announcement, and nothing more.)


If it’s a convention, then it has to have panel discussions. Here’s every QuakeCon offering (and yep, we’ll be covering them all):

* Welcome and Annual Keynote with John Carmack
Thursday, August 2nd at 2:00pm

* The Game of Making Games
Friday, August 3rd at 11.30am
Jens Matthies, MachineGames
Raphael Colantonio, Arkane Studios
Ted Price, Insomniac Games
Todd Howard, Bethesda Game Studios
Moderated by Blair Herter, G4TV

* Capture the Fan: Making Multiplayer Games That Last
Friday, August 3rd at 1pm
Chet Faliszek, Valve Software
Marty Stratton, id Software
Max Hoberman, Certain Affinity
Moderated by Kevin Kelly, Wizard World

* Looking Back at Looking Glass
Friday, August 3rd at 2.30pm
Austin Grossman
Emil Pagliarulo, Bethesda Game Studios
Tom Leonard, Valve Software
Moderated by Harvey Smith, Arkane Studios

* Talking Shop: Skyrim, Modding and Steam
Friday, August 3rd at 4pm
Chet Faliszek, Valve Software
Joel Burgess, Bethesda Game Studios
Moderated by Nick Breckon, Bethesda Softworks

* Virtual Insanity
Friday, August 3rd at 6pm
John Carmack, id Software
Michael Abrash, Valve Software
Palmer Luckey, ModRetro
Moderated by Todd Hollenshead, id Software

* GameTrailers’ Bonus Round
Saturday, August 4th at 11am
Adam Sessler, Industry Veteran
Harvey Smith, Arkane Studios
Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities
Raphael Colantonio, Arkane Studios
Moderated by Geoff Keighley, GameTrailers TV

* Celebrating id Modding
Saturday, August 4th at 12.30pm
Brendon Chung, Blendo Games
Robert Duffy, id Software
JP LeBreton, Double Fine
Moderated by Justin Blankenship, Hit Detection

* Idle Thumbs Podcast: Arena
Saturday, August 4th at 1.30pm
Chris Remo, Double Fine
Jake Rodkin, Telltale Games
JP LeBreton, Double Fine
Nick Breckon, Bethesda Softworks
Steve Gaynor, The Fullbright Company


Finally, it’s called QuakeCon for a reason. People are going to be playing hell of Quake, and thousands will also be testing their mettle in various contests for cash prizes and bragging rights. We’ll be around to report on the damage. Click here to get a complete breakdown of the event’s tournaments.

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2 Comments on QuakeCon 2012 Preview


On July 30, 2012 at 11:01 am

The Doom 3 BFG Edition seems like a complete rip off, RAGE tanked so now they’re looking to milk DOOM3 with a texture update and 7 new levels.

Here’s a shocker, there are free texture mods for DOOM3 that will likely be of much better quality than whatever they release officially, there are also other graphics mods, not simply better textures, that when used together make DOOM3 look good even by today’s standards. Of course there are also loads of free levels one can download.

So basically they want to re-sell the game with 7 new levels. Oh it comes with Doom 1 and 2? Well great as long as you ignore that there are fan made updated versions of those too, also anyone that wants Doom 1/2/3 by now already has it and has probably paid at least once for them already. So it’s back to only really paying $30/40 for 7 new levels. A blatant milking rip-off which I’m sad to see associated with id Software, though it’s acquisition by Bethesda is probably the real reason.

It’s far more likely this re-release of Doom 3 is nothing but a PR stunt, an advert that makes money, hoping it will stoke up interest in Doom before the release of the next Doom game. So instead of paying for advertising and actually doing something they’re going to basically sell 7 new levels at $30/40 knowing places are going to report on this “DOOM 3 remake” nonsense.

Maybe if it was a full expansion to the game that included and would update the graphics to the original Doom 3 it would be something worth paying for, otherwise charging $30/40 for 7 new levels to a 5 year old game is frankly disgusting.

This is comparable to something a washed up musician or rip-off recording label does, basically putting a bunch of old songs on an album and expect people to buy it again calling it something new “best off”. Shameful.

For the record I think Doom 3 was a great game, or at least became one with time and really only shines once mods are added that really show off what the engine can do graphically. So I’m not tearing Doom 3 a new one, but rather this total shameful rip-off of what is nothing more than a money making advert.


On August 1, 2012 at 12:32 pm

I hope Gaben shows up as a surprise and shaves his beard, revealing Episode 3′s release date under it, along with Dawnguard for PC and PS3 and the Double Fine adventure beta.

And then any pigs in the vicinity will mysteriously sprout wings and begin to levitate.