Quantum Conundrum Walkthrough

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  • Blue Wing

    Around the World

    1. Head into the room full of lasers. Use DOLLI to retrieve two safes. Throw the safes and use heavy to block the lasers. Make sure you throw one of the safes over the first set of lasers.
    2. Hopefully you’re good at basketball, because you’ll need to shoot a conductive poly-cell into each of the electro-vats. Pick up the first poly-cell with fluffy, and bounce it off of the backboard into the electro-vat.
    3. There are two more electro-vats. Grab another poly-cell and head over to the next vat. Put the safe on the spring, and stand on it while holding the poly-cell. While in the air, toss the cell into the vat.
    4. Place a safe on the angled spring. Place the poly-cell on the flat spring. Activate heavy, and stand on the safe. Activate fluffy and launch yourself towards the poly-cell. Grab it while in the air, and quickly throw it into the third electro-vat.
    5. Go into the opened door, and move into the hallway. You should be close to the generator now.
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    1 Comment on Quantum Conundrum Walkthrough


    On June 14, 2013 at 1:03 pm


    I have a problem. Well, a couple actually. Firstly, the version that I installed is coming in russian, only the written part thankfully. Secondly, I am stuck in the ‘The Greatest Puzzle in the World… Tribute’ level in the Red Wing Chapter.

    When I say stuck I mean that as soon as i enter the level and press the button, the weight that should come down does not. I hope you understand what I mean.

    Hope you can be of some assistance. If i cannot complete this game insanity will definitely ensue