RAGE Graphical Tweaks Guide

It’s no secret that PC gamers have been having a bit of hard time with RAGE. Well, we’re PC gamers too, and we know you’re trying to get RAGE to look as good as possible. So, we’ve been scouring the web to find all the info we can to help you out. Keep checking back and we’ll update this post with even more info as we find it.

We’re collecting all sorts of information sources here, so we’ll try to keep them organized.


How to Enable the RAGE Dev Console

Note: Many of these tweaks will require you to create a rageconfig.cfg file. You can do this opening a new Notepad file, and saving it in Steamsteamappscommon
agease with the name rageconfig.cfg. Also, please note that when you see commands prefaced with a “+” symbol, they are not for this file.

Alternatively, you can use this RAGE Config File Creator to create the contents of your config file. Then, just paste it into a Notepad file and save it as “rageconfig.cfg” – without the quotes, of course.

Official Links:

  • How To Unlock Rage’s High Resolution Textures With A Few Simple Tweaks – GeForce.com
  • Bethesda’s Tips for PC RAGE Players – Bethblog
  • id Explains How to Tweak the Most Out of PC Rage – Kotaku

User Links:

  • [Major Performance and GFX Fix]Custom Config Files With V-SYNC & FOV! – Steam Forums
  • Additional workarounds for RAGE visual fidelity – Steam Forums

You can also try out these commands in the launch options for RAGE. Simply right-click on RAGE in your Steam Library, go to ‘Properties’ and then click ‘Set Launch options.’ Add these as you see fit.

+set com_skipIntroVideo 1
Skips the introductory videos.

+cvaradd g_fov XX
XX represents how much field of view you’d like to add on top of the default 80 (e.g. 10). On a high resolution monitor, you’re likely to find it rather narrow, so experiment. On 1680×1050 resolution, 10 seemed about right, but you may prefer higher. May affect framerate.

+r_swapInterval 1
Forces V-Sync, which reduces screen tearing. Tearing is rather frequent on my setup, so this helped.

+vt_maxPPF XX
A substitute for the “GPU Transcode” option, if it’s not available in your video options menu. Both options compensate for a GPU bottlenecked by the CPU. Those with a dual core machine or similar should use a value of 8; for something a little better, try 16. Other valid inputs include 8, 32, 64, 128.

+vt_cudaBudget XX
Switch this to 16.6 or higher if you’re happy with your framerate and want better image quality. It may negatively affect framerate.

nVidia Card Owners

Optimized RAGE drivers: GeForce 285.38 beta drivers

AMD Card Owners

Optimized RAGE drivers: AMD Catalystâ„¢ 11.10 Version 2 Preview Driver

Once you get your graphics tweaked out just right, maximize your RAGE experience with our RAGE Walkthrough, RAGE Easter Eggs Guide, RAGE Recipes and Schematics Guide, and of course, the location of every single playing card in the game.

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3 Comments on RAGE Graphical Tweaks Guide

JosephPS3 Dead State

On October 7, 2011 at 7:04 pm

Oh man this brings back bad memories of my PC gaming days when I had to search for drivers and downloads and read about tweaks to get my gaming to work optimally. When I was younger and had more patience and interest, this work was considered fun and a hobby but now with work and limited time and energy I just want to play the damn game.

I thought nonsense like this was becoming a thing of the past but its a little ironic that of all people, its Carmack who pushed PC gaming back a bit with this ridiculous PC launch. A lot of anticipation and excitement surrounded the release of this game, that means a lot of ppl got screwed or have noticed the PC headaches. Really really bad PR for gaming on a PC.


On October 8, 2011 at 8:27 pm

It shows there ignorance as a company, They should of kept the release date for the consoles but held the pc back a couple extra months for extra tweaking and bug fixing.

As much as I hate Blizzard this is something they have always been extremely good at, always making there products perfect before launch which is sad not many company’s follow there example.

JosephPS3 Dead State

On October 9, 2011 at 5:34 am

Yeah I agree with Luther. They definitely should have held the PC release back. Its hard to come back from this mess even with a update fix because the reputation has been spoiled. You can’t make another first impression and take back the headaches and disappointments.

But to be fair, I read recently that ID did thoroughly tested the game to make sure perfectly but it was AMD that messed up and released a bad driver. I don’t if there is any validity to this or if its just passing the blame game but if its true there’s nothing a game developer can do in that case.