Rage Jumper Achievement Guide

The Wasteland is being watched. 18 Authority Drones keep an eye on your every movement. It’s time to take them down, by crashing your car right into them. Like most drones, the Authority Drones fly high above the air. So just jump into them, of course! Below you’ll discover where all 18 of these drones are and how to reach them. It won’t be easy, but nobody likes being watching.

For more in-depth help smashing your way through Rage’s single-player campaign, check out Game Front’s video and text walkthrough. If you’re interested in what’s extra, browse to the cheats to find everything you can on Rage.

Achievement / Trophy Available

Jumper (20 points / Bronze): Complete all 18 vehicle jumps.

Wasteland Vehicle Jumps

  • Beginner’s Jump: Before starting on this grand journey, you’ll need the Dune Buster vehicle. It’s light, with good top-speed, making most of the earliest jumps a breeze. The ramp is near the Dam Facility, just start near the Highway Overpass and take off towards the ramp. With enough speed, you’ll make it.
  • In The Basket: This one is in Wasted Territory, so take out all the enemies before going for it. The drone is above the crater near the barrier. Start from the southern-most approach and use the ridges of the crater as a ramp.
  • Crazy: Going to Crazy Joe’s shack, just follow the road until you see a ramp near the mailbox. Point the buggy towards the ramp-like rock, back up, and take off while boosting. You won’t be able to actually see the drone until after you’ve made the jump. It may take a second try.
  • Butterfly Sky: Back at the Highway Overpass, look for a ramp of rocks near the highway’s support pillars. Once you’re aligned, back off as far as possible — even going so far as the Wasted Territory. Then accelerate and boost, avoiding unnecessary turns, the goal is to stay straight to build up as much speed as possible. Just keep boosting even on the ramp rocks.
  • Tiger Jump: Spot the drone in the canyon off from the Mutant Bash TV studio. Take off to the western-most cliff of the canyon to find a ramp over the drone. Back up and boost. HINT: This is the first drone that’s almost out of reach. To hit it, try angling your vehicle upwards as you sail through the air to catch the drone with your front bumper.
  • I Think I Can: North of Wellspring, there’s a canyon with a ramp along the left side leading up to a Stanley Express Mailbox. This is an easy one, can’t miss it.
  • Mini Gap Jump: Same canyon as before, you’ll find this one south of the Shrouded Bunker, still on the left side of the canyon. There’s plenty of room to prepare for this jump, just clear out the enemies and guard towers if they’re giving you trouble.
  • Leap of Faith: In the Scorcher Territory, look for one of the destroyed on-ramps while driving the high-way. One of the ramps is marked with a “Dead End” sign, that’s the one you’ll want to ramp. Back off and boost, and keep boosting even as you leave the ramp. Tilt the front bumper up, and you’ll have an easier time catching this drone.
  • Highway Hop: Still in the Scorcher Territory, follow the norther-most section of highway on the western side of the territory. You’ll eventually reach a drop-off, with the drone visible ahead. Back up as usual, keeping yourself aligned, then drive forward. Boost, but don’t worry about boosting after leaving the ramp or you’ll over-shoot the drone.
  • Science Makes You Crazy: This drone is near Ksavir’s Lab, floating above the canyon. To even think of hitting this drone, you’ll need to discover a road that winds from the Northern Watch Tower and by the Authority Prison. Heading back to the Northern Watch Tower from Ksavir’s lab, look left for a large rock, and circle around it to find the cliff’s edge of the canyon. Drive along the canyony without falling in. You’ll need to boost, but stop as soon as your vehicle leaves the ground or you may over-shoot the drone.
  • Dedicated: This drone is northest of the Northern Watch Tower, with the ramp just south of the drone itself. Line up and back off, then boost towards the ramp while keeping yourself straight as an arrow. Keep on boosting this time, no need to worry about over-shooting this drone. If you’re still having problems, always try tilting the front-bumper up.

Eastern Wasteland Vehicle Jumps

  • Gimmee: The first drone you’ll see in the Eastern Wasteland, find this drone off some cliff north of Subway Town. Just align yourself and boost, it’s just that simple.
  • Over The Hill: Two drones hover near one another near the wrecked highway ramps while driving towards the Power Plant. To reach this drone, you’ll need to look west of the drone itself for a hill while looking for a fallen green high-way sign set up like a ramp. Don’t bother boosting here or you’ll over-shoot, just drive off the ramp to hit the drone.
  • In The Gears: Find this drone left of the entrance to the Power Plant, near a metal ramp. Don’t boost here either, just drive into the thing for an easy drone.
  • Bunny Hop: Back on the road to the Power Plant itself, look for an on-ramp up to the highway and just boost off the destroyed edge. You will need to boost here, and keep your car carefully lined up with the drone to score a hit.
  • Shock And Awe: Another drone near the Power Plant, look for a rocky outcropping to the west, carefully driving up the ledge to see the drone. Once you spot it, you can back up and keep your vehicle lined up. Boost to the cliff and drive off, but don’t continue to boost on this one, or you might miss it.
  • Near The Heart: In the Authority Restricted Area, you’ll have lots of problems to deal with. Deal with the respawning enemies as you go. Drive up the hill south of Capital Prime to climb above the drone below. Line your car up, back off, and boost over the ledge, still boosting even as you sail through the air.
  • Off The Dune: The last jump is also in the Authority Restricted Area. Deal with the enemy vehicles as you look just past the Authority Bridge — the drone is hovering near a sand dune. Use the sand dune as a ramp and boost off it, and keep boosting as you fly towards the drone. Tilt the front bumper up if you’re still having problems reaching it.

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