Rage: The Scorchers Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Rumbles in the Dark
  • Scorched Refinement
  • A Big Gamble
  • Ticket to Oasis
  • The Scorcher Threat
  • Rumbles in the Dark

    1. Travel to the Hagar Settlement and collect any necessary supplies from the nearby store, then approach the diamond marker on your map to reach the indicated door and use it to enter the Caves.
    2. Move forward through the cave tunnel ahead to activate a cut scene in which you fall through a hole in the floor and encounter Sarah, then enter the tunnel in front of you to make a right turn at the end and exit into an open cavern area.
    3. Open fire on the enemy standing on the rock ledge above and the one on the ground to your right, then defeat them both by backing up into the tunnel if necessary to avoid damage and follow the next trail around to the other side of the open cave room.
    4. Eliminate the enemies that emerges on the other side of the room, by scoring headshots while running backwards, then exit the area through the tunnel in the back left corner and navigate it by first clearing the creatures from your path.
    5. Exit out the other side of the tunnel and shoot down the enemy running across the mine tracks above, then move forward to continue eliminating creatures ahead and make your next right into another tunnel entrance.
    6. Follow the tunnel around to reach the next open cave room and eliminate the first enemy you see inside, then jump over the rock’s directly on your right and take out the creature that emerges on the set of mine tracks above.
    7. Turn left down the next tunnel to shoot another creature blocking your path and exit into the open cavern ahead to clear out another group of enemies, keeping your distance from the uppermost one on the rock ledge that throws fire projectiles.
    8. Fight your way through the tunnel on the left to reach the next open cavern and mow down any creatures that appear in front of you, then head left again to move beneath the mine track bridge below and pick up some spare pistol rounds.
    9. Enter the next tunnel in front of you to hear the enemies conversing around the corner and approach them at a safe distance, then back away quickly to eliminate the smaller creature first and avoid the larger one’s flamethrower burst.
    10. Use the corners of the tunnel as cover to throw grenades at the heavily armored enemy equipped with a flamethrower and score a few headshots as well to inflict additional damage, then continue attacking this hostile until he falls over dead.
    11. Continue forward to reach the large cavern filling with water and follow the trail in front of you around to eliminate the next group of enemies up ahead by shooting them from a safe distance, then enter the next tunnel above and follow it to reach the mining area at the end.
    12. Interact with the plunger at the edge of the cliff ahead to detonate an explosion and open fire on any creatures that approach you afterwards, then descend the ramp on your left to move right across the ledge below and eliminate the enemies blocking the path.
    13. Toss a grenade into the next enclosure ahead to eliminate enemies inside and proceed forward to continue fighting your way past the wave of creatures occupying the tunnel, then exit out onto the mine tracks at the end and turn right to finish clearing the immediate area.
    14. Make your next left to enter the open cavern ahead and mow down the line of enemies in front of you by sweeping machine fire across the wall, then move into the tunnel on the right and follow the tracks forward.
    15. Duck through the next opening in the wall on your right to follow the tunnel around and meet up with Sarah at the end, then ride the elevator with her to reach the level above and complete this mission.

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    3 Comments on Rage: The Scorchers Walkthrough

    Damien Grimm

    On December 18, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Bought the DLC today, now I can’t load/start new game… Anyone else have this problem? I’ve tried installing the discs, it just freezes up. If I start new game, I see opening cinematic then freeze?..


    On December 20, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    Same problem here. Can not load can not start New on Xbox.


    On December 27, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    No problems with PC, works fine. That’s a switch.