Rage: The Scorchers Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Rumbles in the Dark
  • Scorched Refinement
  • A Big Gamble
  • Ticket to Oasis
  • The Scorcher Threat
  • Scorched Refinement

    1. Speak with Sarah on the elevator to start this mission and upgrade your primary weapon, then enter the tunnel beside you to follow it around and open the door at the end to travel to the Wasteland.
    2. Once you arrive in the Wasteland, visit the nearby store to purchase any necessary items and refill on supplies or ammunition that has been depleted.
    3. Commandeer a vehicle to start traveling along the white dotted line on your map and eventually arrive in the Outrigger settlement, then park outside of the indicated building to open the front door and enter the Refinery.
    4. Follow the tracks above to the right and approach the enemies having a conversation in front of the building ahead, then equip a scoped rifle to pick them off one-by-one and wait for the flaming door in the corner to explode.
    5. Move backwards as quickly as possible to retreat from the heavily-armored enemy that emerges next and remain zoomed in with your weapon to take out the jetpack pilot that lands beside him.
    6. Toss grenades to cause maximum damage to the approaching enemies and score repeated head shots to eventually defeat them, then proceed forward to climb the next metal staircase and move right across the wooden boards at the top to reach the roof on the other side.
    7. Turn left to open fire on the enemy above and sprint forward to use the ledge he’s on as cover, then back up to take him out with repeated headshots and climb the ladder in front of you to reach the next rooftop above.
    8. Look up towards your left to shoot down the enemy wearing a jetpack and proceed in this direction to reach the zipline above, then ride it over onto the opposite ledge across from you and continue moving forward to aim down over the next railing ahead.
    9. Take out the enemy on the ledge below to your left and on the floor directly beneath you, then back up into the previous area to avoid any incoming fire and eliminate the creatures that approach from around the corners.
    10. Aim your scoped rifle towards the tower in the distance above to the right and pick off the remaining enemy, then descend the next two staircase beside you to make a left at the bottom and follow the tunnel around to encounter another group of hostiles.
    11. Use the corners in the tunnel as cover to clear out the group of enemies ahead and toss a grenade to help defeat the heavily-armored mutant equipped with a flamethrower, then proceed forward to flip the switch located beside the sparking breaker and move through the door that opens beside you.
    12. Move to the small opening in the wall ahead on your left and duck down to shoot the mutant on the other side, then proceed forward across the room to reach the open doorway in the corner and eliminate the enemies in the next area below.
    13. Drop down into the next area below and climb onto the elevated ledge to your left, then use the surrounding mine carts as cover to proceed forward and clear out the next wave of enemies ahead.
    14. Use the surrounding mine carts as cover to move in close to the heavily armored mutants and target the red tanks on their back without being burned by the flamethrower, then finish them off with help of any grenades you may have and continue forward across the area.
    15. Continue forward along the mine tracks to continue fighting past the waves of enemies and climb the next metal staircase in the corner ahead, then make a right and a left along the catwalk at the top.
    16. Climb the boxes in the corner to move through the open window above and ascend the incline on the right to make your way up the ladder at the top, then circle around to the back of the tower and enter the Second Chance Bar.
    17. Ascend the ladder on the other side of the pole in front of you and open the grate above to reach the next area at the top, then collect the items from the nearby shelf to complete this mission.

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    3 Comments on Rage: The Scorchers Walkthrough

    Damien Grimm

    On December 18, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Bought the DLC today, now I can’t load/start new game… Anyone else have this problem? I’ve tried installing the discs, it just freezes up. If I start new game, I see opening cinematic then freeze?..


    On December 20, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    Same problem here. Can not load can not start New on Xbox.


    On December 27, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    No problems with PC, works fine. That’s a switch.