Rage: The Scorchers Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Rumbles in the Dark
  • Scorched Refinement
  • A Big Gamble
  • Ticket to Oasis
  • The Scorcher Threat
  • Ticket to Oasis

    1. Commandeer a vehicle and follow the dotted white line on your map to arrive at Mutant Bash Studios, then enter the building to walk up the steps in front of you and speak with JK Stiles to accept the Mutant Bash Canyon challenge.
    2. After traveling to Bash Canyon, make your way forward to enter the elevator ahead and ride it upwards to reach the next level above.
    3. Exit the elevator after it stops at surface level and move through the next door that opens ahead, then continue forward to reach the Boneyard and equip a shotgun to prepare for the first wave on enemies.
    4. Stay on the move to avoid taking damage and approach each of the enemies up close to eliminate them one-by-one with shotgun blasts, then stand with your back to the gate you entered from and force the mutant waves into a bottleneck scenario.
    5. Mow down the enemies funneling together in front of you to eliminate them more efficiently and continue defending yourself until the Boneyard is clear, then move through the door that opens on the opposite side of the arena and activate the Balloon Games.
    6. Stand with your back to the gateway with the letters MB above it and use the shotgun to fend off the next invading wave of enemies, then equip a sniper rifle as the balloon platform ascends on the right and move out in front of the last remaining mutant.
    7. Use the sniper rifle to score repeated head shots on the large mutant riding the balloon platform and sprint sideways to avoid the flame bursts he fires, then defeat this enemy to complete the Balloon Games and move through the MB gate that opens next.
    8. Equip your shotgun and move through the passageway ahead to follow the next trail around the cliff ledge, then shoot the practice targets that pop out from the walls as you go and transfer onto the metal catwalk to the left.
    9. Eliminate the enemies that sprint towards you and use a scoped rifle to pick off the mutants on the surrounding platforms above, then continue navigating the metal walkway to collect supplies from the shelf around the next corner and move through the door at the end to reach Shipwreck Island.
    10. Stay on the move in a consistent to eliminate the approaching enemies before they get too close and shoot down the balloons loaded with explosives that float above to clear them out efficiently, then continue defending yourself until the Shipwreck Island challenge is complete.
    11. Move through the next gate that opens for you to reach the last arena and use your shotgun to fend off the incoming wave of mutants, then equip a rifle to pick off the enemy on the ledge above the door and wait for JK to unleash the final monster from the green container that appears.
    12. Keep your distance from the enormous monster to evade its tentacles and open fire into the creature’s head repeatedly with shotgun blasts, then fend off the smaller mutants that approach you at close range and stay on the move at all times to avoid taking damage.
    13. Continue assaulting the large mutant with your shotgun until it falls over dead and clear the remaining enemies from the arena to finish the Kraken Returns challenge, then exit the area and drop through the next hole in the floor ahead.
    14. Follow the dirt trail around to reach the next metal walkway and man the turret at the edge of the railing, then open fire on the mutants as they are launched from canons in your direction and continue shooting them down until the Aerial Assault challenge is complete.
    15. After the next cut scene, return to the Jackpots casino in Wellspring and speak with Clive to complete this mission.

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    3 Comments on Rage: The Scorchers Walkthrough

    Damien Grimm

    On December 18, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Bought the DLC today, now I can’t load/start new game… Anyone else have this problem? I’ve tried installing the discs, it just freezes up. If I start new game, I see opening cinematic then freeze?..


    On December 20, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    Same problem here. Can not load can not start New on Xbox.


    On December 27, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    No problems with PC, works fine. That’s a switch.