Rage: The Scorchers Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Rumbles in the Dark
  • Scorched Refinement
  • A Big Gamble
  • Ticket to Oasis
  • The Scorcher Threat
  • The Scorcher Threat

    1. Move through the secret passageway in Jackpots casino to navigate the underground corridor below and enter the Wellspring Tunnels in the next room, then head right to descends the steps and follow Sarah into the sewer.
    2. Make your way back down the steps that Sarah stops at the top of and climb the next two set of stairs on the left, then turn corner beside the door to ascend the nearby ladder and reach the control room above.
    3. Approach the leftmost set of dials and turn them so that both needs on the control panels land within the green triangle, then repeat this process on the other pair of dials beside you and open the door below.
    4. Watch through the window as Sarah is kidnapped below and wait for the door on the left to open, then shoot the mutant on the other side to exit the control room and descend the steps.
    5. Take out the next group of enemies below on the right right as you descend the steps to reach ground level, then turn right again to climb another set of stair and eliminate the mutant at the top.
    6. Move through the sewer tunnel in front of you on the right to descend another set of steps and exit using the open doorway to your left, then approach the control panel ahead on the right to pull down on the lever and activate the auto-turrets below.
    7. Watch as the auto-turrets mow down the invading wave of enemies and use your shotgun to take out any mutants that manage to make it within close-range of you, then finish clearing the area and move through the open door below.
    8. Navigate the tunnel ahead to climb the next set of steps and eliminate the enemies at the top, then continue ascending to make your first right up another staircase and turn around in front of the barred door above.
    9. Equip a shotgun and stand with your back to the barred door, then open fire on each of the mutants that come charging up the stairs towards you and fend them off until they stop coming.
    10. Turn the valve beside you to open the barred doorway and pass through it to enter the next room, then make a right down the tunnel ahead to open fire on the enemies blocking your path.
    11. Back up to shoot the oncoming enemies in the head repeatedly with your shotgun and defeat them to proceed forward down the tunnel, then move through the next doorway to reach a circular area on the metal catwalk and turn left.
    12. Move through the next brick corridor ahead to reach the open area on the other side and make your way forward across it, then turn around at the barred gate that drops and return to cavern.
    13. Spin around again to eliminate the enemies that descend from above by running backwards and shooting them repeatedly in the head with your shotgun, then take out the next series of mutants that appear using this same tactic and exit through the next barred gate that rises.
    14. Shoot the enemy that emerges ahead from the left and follow the walkway on the right to climb the metal staircase at the end, then eliminate the mutant at the top and approach the barred gate down the next tunnel.
    15. Climb the next staircase ahead to enter the factory room above and turn left across it to eliminate the enemies that suddenly appear, then keep your distance and stay on the move to avoid the mutants that spit acid until you finish clearing the area.
    16. Wait for the larger mutant to emerge from the circular opening the wall and start firing on the monster with your shotgun as it lands on the ground in front of you, then sprint backwards to the cylinder at the center of the room and use it as cover by running around the outside to continue assaulting the enemy.
    17. Keep the cylinder between you and the enormous mutant to avoid his tentacles, then continue shooting the monster in the head with your shotgun until he falls over dead.
    18. Finish clearing the area of all remaining mutants and enter the next room through the doorway that opens in the wall, then make a right past the spinning mixers and climb the staircase ahead.
    19. Ascend the second set of steps above to make a right down the hall at the top and use the metal catwalk at the end to cross the next factory area, then pass through the doorway ahead and turn right again to eliminate the awaiting enemy.
    20. Drop through the open hatch in the floor to land on the level below and proceed forward through the sewer tunnel to reach the factor area at the end, then pull the lever on the control panel in front of you and move down the steps on the right.
    21. Climb the next set of stairs ahead on the left and equip an automatic rifle to eliminate the next group of mutants that come swarming towards you, then proceed forward through the sewer tunnel below and ascend the steps at the end on the left.
    22. Move through the doorway at the top to descend the staircase in the next room and enter the Scorcher Base below, then navigate the series of tunnels ahead to reach the outside and speak with Stew to acquire any necessary supplies.
    23. Enter the next area ahead to climb the stone steps directly on the the right and move forward at the top, then save your progress and ascend the stairs in front of you on the left.
    24. Make a right along the path at the top to eliminate the jetpack mutants that land around you, then use a sniper rifle to take out any remaining hostiles in the distance above or below.
    25. Finish clearing the area with your sniper rifle and descend the next staircase to reach the ground floor below, then make a right towards the opposite side of the base and pick off any mutants that appear in front of you.
    26. Climb the last staircase on the left to enter the temple at the top and eliminate the enemies that appear within, then move forward across the room to climb another set of steps and turn left to reach the next area.
    27. Equip a sniper rifle to pick off the enemies that approach from the opposite side of the room and back up into the previous area if necessary to avoid taking damage, then use a shotgun to clear out any remaining mutants in your path and proceed forward.
    28. Ascend the steps on the right side of the room to enter the elevator and ride it to the next floor above, then exit back to the outside and follow the trail around to the right.
    29. Open fire on the larger enemy standing in the distance until he retreats on the airship, then continue taking out the smaller mutants to proceed down the path ahead and use grenades to help eliminate the heavily-armored hostiles carrying flamethrowers.
    30. Use the nooks and corners in the wall to your right as cover, then finish clearing the area of all remaining mutants to continue down the trail and climb the staircase at the end to make a right into the long temple room at the top.
    31. Collect the crystals from the right side of the altar at the center of the room and move through the door that opens directly ahead, then climb another staircase to reach the outside again and approach the two red banners flying from the building across from you.
    32. Man the turret across from the two red banners to mow down the next wave of enemies that appears and to destroy the crumbling gold door ahead, then use your shotgun to eliminate any remaining mutants out of your reach and exit the area.
    33. Descend the next set staircase ahead to exit the base again and make a right to drop onto the ground below, then watch as the enemy airship rises in front of you and take cover behind one of the surrounding concrete obstacles.
    34. Peek out from behind cover to assault the airship’s hull with some sort of RPG weapon and duck back into hiding when the vessel starts firing at you again, then equip an automatic rifle to mow down the jetpack mutants that emerge next.
    35. Use your surrounding cover effectively to evade and eliminate the waves of ground troops, then open fire on the airship again by targeting the exposed blue areas of the hull and continue making the damage worse.
    36. Continue peeling away the airships hull to reveal the glowing blue energy underneath and keep a safe distance to eliminate any jetpack mutants with your sniper rifle, then finish shooting the panels off the side of the enemy vessel and eventually chase it away with repeated gunfire.
    37. Move right across the area to approach the wooden bridge that drops down in the corner and eliminate the mutants on the other side, then proceed forward to fight through the another wave of enemies and use the surrounding stone pillars as cover.
    38. Cross the second bridge ahead to drop into the next area below and use the surrounding stone obstacles as cover to avoid the gunfire from the returning airship, then shoot another volley of rockets into the vessel’s hull and use a shotgun to clear out any mutants that attack at close-range.
    39. Inflict continuous damage on the enemy airship by firing repeated rockets into its exposed hull and wait for the vessel to turn its front towards you, then target the circular blue energy thrusters near the bottom of the transport and start shooting them as well.
    40. Continue firing on the enemy airship’s weak points until it eventually retreats, then use a shotgun or automatic rifle to finish clearing the area of ground troops and enter the elevator in the corner.
    41. Flip the switch to ride the elevator to the level above and enter the next cave tunnel, then make a right in the room on the other side and follow the walkway around to reach the three small pillars emerging from the ground.
    42. Turn around to press the cube on the right and cause Sarah to descend from above, then press the cube on the left to free her and start a conversation to complete this DLC.

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    3 Comments on Rage: The Scorchers Walkthrough

    Damien Grimm

    On December 18, 2012 at 1:22 pm

    Bought the DLC today, now I can’t load/start new game… Anyone else have this problem? I’ve tried installing the discs, it just freezes up. If I start new game, I see opening cinematic then freeze?..


    On December 20, 2012 at 3:02 pm

    Same problem here. Can not load can not start New on Xbox.


    On December 27, 2012 at 11:50 pm

    No problems with PC, works fine. That’s a switch.