Rain: Memory Collectible Locations Guide

Recover your memories in the contemplative adventure-game Rain on the Playstation Network with the full locations guide below. All 24 hidden collectibles are available to grab. Don’t worry, there’s no need to fret over invisible beasts — we break down where to find every one of the missing memories, three for each of the eight chapters.

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Memory Collectible Locations Guide

Chapter 1

  • Memory #1 – Daybreak
  • Location: Reaching a large fountain, turn left instead of continuing forward on the right path. The memory is at the end of the left path.
  • Memory #2 – Dusk
  • Location: After being ambushed by a beast, escape and wait for the creature to leave. Then back-track to the steps. Up the path is the second memory.
  • Memory #3 – The Town’s Memories
  • Location: After avoiding another beast on the scaffolding, climb up and move right before going back down to discover another set of steps leading to the third memory.

Chapter 2

  • Memory #4 – The Big Wide World
  • Location: Right after crawling through the hole to escape an invisible thing, turn left.
  • Memory #5 – The Far Away World
  • Location: Encountering a pool of thick mud, run to the end of the path to find a hole. Crawl through for the next memory.
  • Memory #6 – Premonitions
  • Location: Just outside the church, before entering the interior, explore the garden area on the right side of the screen and search behind the shrubbery.

Chapter 3

  • Memory #7 – A Face in Profile
  • Location: Encountering a second tall beast as you progress, don’t run under it to move forward. Take the path left to find a memory.
  • Memory #8 – The Wind
  • Location: Stumbling across a set of closed lockers, open the left-most locker in the series.
  • Memory #9 – A Meeting
  • Location: After completing a lever puzzle to enter another area full of mud. Past the puddles at the end of the area, take the right path and jump across several ledges to find another memory.

Chapter 4

  • Memory #10 – Metamorphosis
  • Location: After introducing yourself to the girl, she’ll lead you down a path to the right. Instead of following her, run down the end of the alley.
  • Memory #11 – Little Lost Child
  • Location: To progress you’ll need to discover a key in a locker. A memory is in a locker just to the left of the key.
  • Memory #12 – A Landscape
  • Location: After jumping onto a handhold from the cart, stay on the overhang and move right.

Chapter 5

  • Memory #13 – A Presence
  • Location: Breaking through the gate and escaping the beast, continue until going down a long staircase. You should be able to spot the memory on the way down.
  • Memory #14 – Vanishing Shadows
  • Location: After rescuing the girl, you’ll find a large set of stairs nearby. Before running down, look on the walkway running parallel to find a memory.
  • Memory #15 – Welcoming the Rain
  • Location: After sneaking past the beasts in the sewers, climb up and continue over a bridge. Before jumping down to progress, explore to the left near some barrels.

Chapter 6

  • Memory #16 – Into the Night
  • Location: Once the girl escapes a creature by ducking into a tent, don’t go inside quite yet. Instead, back track to the path the girl was running on to escape and go to the end to find a memory.
  • Memory #17 – A Beacon
  • Location: After capturing the strange creature, backtrack to the start of the chapter. A memory will appear here, now.
  • Memory #18 – A Shadow Appears
  • Location: Entering the interior house, enter the door to the right.

Chapter 7

  • Memory #19 – The Darkness
  • Location: Pass by the cages down the walkway until reaching the middle with some roots. Hop over the root to find a hidden memory.
  • Memory #20 – Behind the Night
  • Location: Right after the previous memory, you’ll pass through more caged beasts and jump down to reach a platform with several sets of stairs. Follow the stairs left to find another memory.
  • Memory #21 – The Light
  • Location: This memory is only available later in the chapter, after passing several bookcases and getting onto the rooftops. Make a long jump to the next structure, then stop and walk across the walkway. Jump across another gap to the left and continue along this path to finally find a memory.

Chapter 8

  • Memory #22 – Awakenings
  • Location: After getting the Chapter 8 text appear onscreen, run down the steps and make a turn left. Dodge the creature and run up the steps to find another memory.
  • Memory #23 – Awaiting the Dawn
  • Location: Right after the previous memory, cross over the bridge and run to the stairs. Don’t progress up the stairs yet, instead follow the path along to find a memory.
  • Memory #24 – Daybreak
  • Location: At the very end of the chapter, inside the arena, open the large doors and stick to the back-left corner of the area. The camera won’t turn enough to spot it, just keep moving around until grabbing the memory.

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