Rain (PSN Game) Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Children and the Night
  • Chapter 2: Raindrops, footsteps
  • Chapter 3: Separation
  • Chapter 4: The Two and the Town
  • Chapter 5: Distant Shores
  • Chapter 6: The Night Circus
  • Chapter 7: An Unknown Town
  • Chapter 8: Night’s End

  • Chapter 3: Separation

    Move through the alleyway in the right corner ahead to make a left on the other side and climb over the wall at the end, then step beneath the overhang above to wait for the Unknown to follow you before it turns back around.

    Proceed into the area above to hide beneath the next Unknown until it walks away and climb on top of the shipping containers beside you.

    Drop over the other side of the shipping containers to step into the dry spot ahead and wait for the next tall Unknown to approach, then dash beneath the creature when the other enemy turns its back.

    When the smaller creature faces the other way again, proceed into the next dry spot ahead in the corner and step beneath the next tall Unknown on the right to walk forward in sync with it.

    Transfer beneath the next tall Unknown ahead when the coast is clear and proceed forward after the creature stops to climb over the small brick wall on the left.

    Move through the gap between the fence and the small brick wall above to encounter another Unknown, then retreat into the foreground to climb up the next wooden table around the corner.

    Head left across the scaffolding to ascend to the next level above and climb the pair of ladder back towards the right to enter the factory.

    Make your way towards the opposite end of the catwalk to climb over the boxes and retreat from the Unknown in pursuit to enter the next room on the left, then push the crate in the corner to unblock the door and open it to escape.

    Cross to the dry spot on the opposite side of the next room and avoid stepping onto the large puddle that will alert the Unknown to your location.

    After the Unknown turns around, push the nearby box against the shelves above to climb on top of them and drop into the area below on the left.

    Once you’ve crossed the bridge and spotted the girl in the factory area below, head right to descend the next available staircase and ladder.

    Wait for the Unknown below to turn around, then drop down behind it to quickly climb on top of the nearby generator and enter the little girl’s hiding spot ahead.

    Drop into the next area ahead to find the girl again and crawl beneath the machine around the corner to reach her previous location, then move upward to encounter the Unknown on the left and stand behind the tall rectangular panel to hide from it.

    Wait for the Unknown to turn around, then enter the open locker behind it to remain hidden and proceed into the next room above after the creature faces the other way again.

    Approach the next Unknown above from behind to enter the pair of lockers beside it, then proceed forward after it turns around and exit the factory to locate the girl again.

    Lift the lever above on the left to create a dry path that you can follow forward past the nearby Unknowns and approach the girl crying by the gate on the other side.

    Follow the pathway down to the lowermost shipping container in the corner and climb on top of it to lift the next lever, then jump to the platform that rotates towards you and immediately ascend onto the catwalk directly above.

    Descend the staircase on the right to enter the room in the corner above and walk through the mud so you can track your character’s path across the next series of obstacles.

    Avoid the puddles to climb up the small container on the right and reach the tops of the larger ones above, then jump the gap on your left and clear the one behind you after that.

    Drop into the area below on the left to climb the staircase in the next building ahead and encounter the girl at the top, then walk across the vents on the right to pull back on the cart above and clear a path for her to escape.

    Finish crossing the vents to hide in the lockers on the other side and stand still while the Unknown checks each one to remain hidden from it, then proceed upward after the creature smashes through the gate and follow the walkway to watch the girl disappear on the other side.

    Climb on top of the crate you’re using as cover to hide beneath the overhang and wait for the Unknown to leave, then approach the cart that drops in the left corner ahead and use it to drop into the area on the other side.

    Descend the next staircase to walk across the ramp at the bottom, then climb the cement blocks in the corner to land on the other side of the adjacent wall and complete this chapter.

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    On January 15, 2014 at 7:21 pm

    How do you sprint? I’ve tried every combination possible, but I die the first time I encounter any Unknown because my character is just ambling along.