Rain (PSN Game) Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Children and the Night
  • Chapter 2: Raindrops, footsteps
  • Chapter 3: Separation
  • Chapter 4: The Two and the Town
  • Chapter 5: Distant Shores
  • Chapter 6: The Night Circus
  • Chapter 7: An Unknown Town
  • Chapter 8: Night’s End

  • Chapter 7: An Unknown Town

    Proceed down through the area on the right to descend the next set of steps and cross the bridge ahead to climb the staircase on the other side, then make a left at the top to pass beneath the hanging cages above.

    Move through the series of arches on the right to pass through another group of cages below and cross the small bridge in the background to climb onto the ledges above.

    Head right to climb the next winding staircase and jump the gap on the right at the top, then proceed forward to activate a cut scene.

    Descend the next staircase above to jump the two gaps on the right and move into the background to proceed forward.

    Climb down the next ladder to head right at the bottom and navigate around the tree roots to ascend the narrow staircase around the corner, then make your way up the steps behind the mud puddle above and approach the girl at the top.

    Pass through the archway on your right to cross the next bridge beside you in sync with the girl above and turn right on the other side to ascend another staircase.

    Proceed towards the right to pass in front of some bookshelves and climb the next two sets of steps around the corner above, then ascend to the uppermost ledge and jump the gap on the left.

    Climb the ledges around the corner to cross the bridge in front of you at the top and spot the girl again, then push the block on the roof ahead to provide her with shelter.

    Pull the block backwards to keep the girl sheltered as she proceeds forward and drop into the gated area below on the right to remove the stone wall obstructing standing in front of her.

    Push the stone wall back into place to rescue the girl from the Unknown and climb the nearby ladder to jump the gap at the top, then follow your partner on the ground below to pass through the next open doorway above.

    Continue following the girl to eventually activate a cut scene, then push the indicated block off the ledge to destroy the bridge below and move right across the walkway above to stay ahead of the Unknown in pursuit.

    Stay hidden beneath the overhang at the end until the girl pushes a block down for you to climb onto and cross the bridge on the other side to head towards the light in the background, then ascend the next to shove the block at the top off the ledge and crush the Unknown below to complete this chapter.

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    1 Comment on Rain (PSN Game) Walkthrough


    On January 15, 2014 at 7:21 pm

    How do you sprint? I’ve tried every combination possible, but I die the first time I encounter any Unknown because my character is just ambling along.