Rain (PSN Game) Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Chapter 1: The Children and the Night
  • Chapter 2: Raindrops, footsteps
  • Chapter 3: Separation
  • Chapter 4: The Two and the Town
  • Chapter 5: Distant Shores
  • Chapter 6: The Night Circus
  • Chapter 7: An Unknown Town
  • Chapter 8: Night’s End

  • Chapter 8: Night’s End

    Follow the girl to descend the next ladder and encounter the Unknown again, then cross the bridge in front of you to reach the dry spot on the other side.

    Cross the gap in the dry path when the Unknown turns to the left and crawl through the opening in the next corner below to proceed down the wooden walkway on the other side.

    Stand on the opposite side of the wooden walkway to watch the Unknown fall through it and jump over the gap to climb the next ladder above.

    Drop into the area ahead to ascend the next two staircases and proceed down long set of steps at the top, then pass through the tunnel below to continue towards the distant light in the sky.

    Climb the stairs on the left side of the playground to descend towards the river on the other side and move beneath the next series of awnings below, then continue following the walkway around to pass through a narrow alley.

    Jump down the ledges below at the end of the walkway to land in the courtyard area and move left of the nearby table to climb the next set of steps on the right.

    Proceed up the steps along the wall to reach the uppermost ledge and follow it around to clear the next gap, then continue moving forward to jump off the end of the balcony and land in the area below.

    Climb the series of ledges, ladders and stairs above to eventually activate a cut scene at the top.

    Chase after the Unknown to descend the next staircase below and push the indicated block at the bottom to help the girl continue her escape.

    Proceed towards the left to turn around from the next railing and drop to the ground below to pass beneath the nearby glass rooftop.

    Stay within the dry path to remain invisible as you approach the Unknown from behind until he jumps towards the wall above near the end, then move between the pair of rectangular wet spots to pass the enemy and reach the girl before he does to help her push the block forward.

    Move up the stairs on the right to encounter the Unknown again at the top and sprint into the foreground to retreat from the enemy in pursuit.

    Drop off the next ledge to stand within the dry spot against the bricked-up archway at the bottom and let the Unknown land in front of you, then wait for him to eventually leave the area.

    Follow the walkway around to locate the Unknown around the corner with his back turned and ascend the staircase behind him to proceed towards the left.

    Continue over the ledges, bridges and steps towards the left to eventually activate a short cut scene, then drop onto the next rooftop below to encounter the Unknown again and sprint forward into the sunlight at the next street corner to activate another cut scene.

    Sprint towards the doors to open the one on the left and stay behind it until the Unknown is destroyed to activate a cut scene, then use the black shadow to tracks your characters movements and approach the manhole cover below to locate the girl.

    Walk back towards the doors with the girl to open the one on the right, then approach the Unknown’s fallen body to drag him by the feet and pull the enemy further up into the sunlight until he’s destroyed.

    Close both doors to shut out the Unknown and activate the next cut scene to complete the game.

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    1 Comment on Rain (PSN Game) Walkthrough


    On January 15, 2014 at 7:21 pm

    How do you sprint? I’ve tried every combination possible, but I die the first time I encounter any Unknown because my character is just ambling along.