Randy Pitchford Ignores Criticism, Blocks Critics

Did you like Aliens: Colonial Marines? Probably not, given the overwhelmingly negative reception to the game. Randy Pitchford doesn’t want to hear your complaints, though. Shortly after coming back from a week-long PR hiatus following the launch of the beleaguered title, Pitchford logged on to Twitter to find that a lot of people were quite mad over A:CM, and that they blamed him for the disaster.

Confronted by a mass of angry gamers, Pitchford responded by blocking those with harsh criticisms and focusing on those praising A:CM. The most notable addition to the block list was game critic Jim Sterling, who is one of the most vocal critics of A:CM and Pitchford’s behavior over the poor reception of the game. Pitchford has yet to respond publicly to requests for more details on the development of A:CM.

You can take a look at the tweets in question on Pitchford’s Twitter account. See below for some more as well.

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9 Comments on Randy Pitchford Ignores Criticism, Blocks Critics


On February 19, 2013 at 1:03 pm

I hated Mass Effect 3 and the ending to this day brings up bad feelings. But I never once harassed the developers or CEO’s of Bioware on their personal twitter accounts.

What would it accomplished? Nothing. Send the company your concerns, not the individual. Better yet, if you are truly bothered teach them a lesson by not buying their next product, though considering Gearbox make Borderlands, I doubt anyone will be able to enforce that moral stance when Borderlands 3 is released.

I think people over hyped the game for themselves. Borderlands 2 I found mediocre compared to the original and Gearbox’s previous game was Duke Nukem Forever and we all know how bad that was. Honestly, what were you all expecting? Gearbox’s recent track record does indicate that the game would have blowen your socks off.

Anyway Aliens Colonial Marines was not a truly bad game, just average, though admitidly a bit buggy.


On February 19, 2013 at 6:00 pm

Gamers never learn. i dont blame developers for making crappy games. I blame dumb gamers who pay full price for them.

I rent my games before I buy them. If I feel like the game is going to take over 30 hours to finish I will purchase it. Games like Ni No kuni, Darksiders 1 and 2, Dead Space 3, Resident Evil 6 for me are must buys. Everything else is a risk like Final Fantasy games, fighting games, sports games and FPS games.

People should really do intensive research before throwing away 60 dollars on anything. Either rent or wait til theres a sale.


On February 19, 2013 at 8:49 pm

@Aedelric @Michael – So I take it you two work for the makers of A:CM then… ’cause no one else likes this game or sympathises with asshol3s like Randy.


On February 19, 2013 at 9:18 pm

You are quite right Michael, people really need to do their research before making purchases, they rely far too much on developer names being an indication of a good or bad game.


On February 20, 2013 at 2:07 am

Aedelric and Michael – so what you’re saying is that developers shouldn’t be held accountable for their own terrible programming, and the blame should be passed onto gamers for having the audacity to expect something that works for the money they paid for it.

I agree too many people pre-order/don’t read enough reviews before purchasing, but ultimately the problems of the game rest ENTIRELY on the people who made them. And besides which, you both know full-well that there’s only so much you can glean from reading the critical consensus – Mass Effect 3 should be evidence enough of that. Hell, you can’t always tell just by renting a game either.

Don’t try to pass the buck on this one, they’re separate arguments. Randy Pitchford oversaw a dreadful, odious videogame and deserves to be criticised (but not harassed or threatened) for it. If he can’t handle the backlash, he shouldn’t be a public figurehead in a consumer market.


On February 20, 2013 at 10:41 pm

@Cheese- thanks for putting that much better than me :) . Clearly my extensive philosophical and linguistic training have paid off after all X(.


On February 20, 2013 at 11:44 pm

@Cheese Yours is the most accurate post on here so far. Anyone who says otherwise is either a fantoy or misguided. I try to believe misguided until proven otherwise. Just like a chef is held responsible for his meal, not the customer who ordered it. A developer should be held responsible for their creation as well, not the poor sap who bought it.
It’s not always easy to tell what’s good and what isn’t. Some reviewers (Game misinformer) gave ME3 a 10/10. A perfect score, and to this day don’t understand what people are really peaved about. Their articles are laughable. As far as renting games go, as a PC player, that isn’t an option.
@Aedelric I loved Borderlands 1 & 2. Different feel but both were a blast to play. I also know people who actually really liked Duke (not me but I do know them). I will definitely go for another helping of borderlands.
I just think Pitchford doesn’t handle critcism well. A lot of people don’t. Gearbox screwed up letting someone else do half the work on Aliens:CM, just like ubisoft screwed up when it let someone else create the boss fights for Deus Ex. It does happen. But yes, I am with you on I don’t harass devs on twitter or other ways.


On February 21, 2013 at 2:55 am

I must correct myself. I said Ubi and Deus Ex when it’s Square, not Ubi. Luckily I caught myself.


On February 23, 2013 at 7:14 am

Three simple rules:

Don’t even think of buying a game till its been out for at least two weeks. Read all you can, esp. on the more independent sites. Don’t believe *anything* you read on skinned sites.

Don’t give devs the benefit of the doubt, ever – that’s what they and their publishers are banking on. If promises are broken regarding features, etc. that’s an automatic “do not buy”.

Don’t expect problems to be patched away. Games can’t be returned so the studios have almost no motivation to fix their mistakes once they have your money. Even worse, buying a broken game sends the message that you’d probably do it again.