Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One Walkthrough

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  • N.E.S.T.

    Rooftop Amphitheater

    1. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Old-School (Bronze): Play a single-player game.
    2. After the cut scene, move down the road ahead and smash the robots you encounter. Jump over the obstacle in the road and continue forward, then make a left at the fork and double jump onto the next ledge.
    3. Double-jump onto the ledge above and continue smashing the robots you encounter, then move up the road and break open the crates to acquire bolts. Use the swingbot to your right and propel yourself across the gap, then jump to reach the next swinging point and land on the platform below.
    4. Move forward into the checkpoint and smash the crates to obtain more bolts, then make your way up the road and go left at the fork to find more crates. After collecting the bolts, move down the right path of the previous fork to continue smashing through the robots and crates.
    5. Double jump onto the next ledge you encounter and use a slam attack to break open the fortified boxes, then continue down the road ahead and jump over the gaps while avoiding the exploding crates. Continue jumping or double-jumping over the gaps in the road until you reach the next rounded platform to activate a cut scene.
    6. Afterwards, eliminate the enemies ahead with a combination of melee attacks and assistance from a teammate. When the area is cleared, approach the entrance to the next pathway and smash the crates before jumping the gap.
    7. Continue double-jumping over the gaps in the road until you reach the fortified box, then call your teammate over and use a slam attack to open it. Nudge one of the exploding crates ahead to make it beep, then retreat to a safe distance and wait for it to explode to obtain a supply of bolts.
    8. Move up the stairs ahead and position yourself a teammate at each of the glowing green consoles, then perform a slam attack in unison to flip the consoles and activate the next bridge. Make your way across the bridge and down the path ahead, then collect another supply of bolts and eliminate the enemies near the last platform.
    9. Approach the edge of the last platform and use your hookshot to clear the gap, then smash open the glowing box in front of you to restore your health and continue up the path. Collect the bolts and move onto the docking platform, then use a throw attack to ring the nearby bell and call for an air taxi.
    10. Move onto the air taxi and stand by until the transport dives down into an alleyway lined with industrial fans. In order to navigate through this area safely, you will need to move yourself and your teammates back and forth across the air taxi to shift its weight and change its direction.
    11. As soon as you steer around one of the fans, you should already be in motion to shift the direction of the air taxi past the next one ahead. Continue weaving around the fans until the transport ascends onto the lanes of a highway within a tunnel, then dodge the the oncoming police vehicles by surveying down the lanes ahead and steering into the empty one when a collision is imminent.
    12. Evade the traffic until the air taxi exits the tunnel to approach the Z’Grute with a battalion of police cruisers. After your transport is destroyed and you are dropped onto the sliding pipeline, navigate your character back and forth across the surface of the pipe to evade the electrified obstacles.
    13. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Keep the Meter Running (Bronze): Don’t let the air taxi take damage in Luminopolis.
    14. As soon as you pass between one set of electrified obstacles, position the sliding character onto whatever area of the pipe has a gap in it next. To do this safely, you will always need to be looking at the next arrangement of obstacles ahead and trust that you have already compensated for the current positioning.
    15. After you exit the sliding pipeline, smash the surrounding crates and approach the glowing green console while your teammate moves to one of the red consoles. Use a smash attack to flip the console and make another one appear by your teammate, who should also then smash it back down immediately.
    16. Smash the attack the third console that pops up to open the doors ahead, then move up the steps and use throwing attack to eliminate the minions in the next hall. Cross the bridge to reach the center platform, then step on one of the platforms adjacent to the satellite that opens to enter the store.
    17. Purchase the Combuster, then exit the vendor and follow the on-screen instructions to complete your weapons training. Afterwards, cross the next bridge ahead and use your Combuster to eliminate the minions in your path.
    18. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Friendship through Firepower (Bronze): Buy your first weapon.
    19. Move onto the pad that refills ammo and smash the crates ahead to collect additional items, then continue up the road to activate a cut scene. Afterwards, move back and forth between cover while double-teaming the larger enemy ahead with the Combuster to defeat him.
    20. Refill your ammo and continue up the road ahead, then use your Combuster to smash open the explosive crates and eliminate the next wave of minions. Collect the health and bolt grabber upgrade at the next closed door you reach, then use a double-team of Combusters to destroy the two generators and gain access to the room ahead.
    21. Stay at a distance and use a double-team of Combusters to eliminate the minions behind the door, then charge at the remaining enemy and use the same tactic to defeat them quickly. Refill your ammo and move up the path ahead, then use melee combinations to deal with the next wave of enemies and jump onto the lift at the end of the platform.
    22. Step onto the circular panels in unison with your teammates to ascend to the area above, then eliminate the enemies ahead when you reach the top and make your way down the road to the left.
    23. Refill your ammo, then eliminate the enemy ahead by standing behind the metallic cover and jumping above it to continuously fire a burst from your Combuster in mid-air. Repeatedly jump up from cover to attack the enemy ahead while your teammates also fire upon him until you can continue up the road.
    24. Make a right and eliminate the enemies ahead by continuously jumping up from behind the plant obstacles while firing the Combuster. If you run out of ammo during this battle, there is a refill pad to the left of the first plant obstacle you come across.
    25. After the area is clear, approach the doors and refill your ammo on the next pad ahead before destroying the generators with a double-team Comburst assault. Enter the next area ahead and smash the crates on the next platform to your right, then return to the previous fork and move up the road above.
    26. Smash the crates surrounding the platform, then use your hook shot to connect yourself to the drone above. After a few seconds, a propeller will emerge from the drone and you will be flown to the next location to begin the boss fight.
    27. Refill your ammo on the nearby pad as soon as you arrive, then open fire on Z’Grute as he makes his first attack.
    28. If Z’Grute smashes the ground with one of his enormous claws, the tiles in the floor are going to rise up to strike you from underneath. Due to the fact that the floor tiles will glow white and move in a consistent pattern, you can avoid this attack by staying on the opposite side of the slamming claw and waiting until the tiles in front of you start to glow before jumping over them. This also applies to when the rising tiles are moving back to front instead of side-to-side.
    29. If Z’Grute suddenly stands up straight in a motionless trance, a variety of tiles in the floor will begin to glow and eventually cause you damage. To avoid this attack, watch for the closest tile that is without a white glow and jump over to it as quickly as possible.
    30. As you jump and dash away from each of the aforementioned attacks, you and a teammate should be holding the Combuster’s trigger down so that you are continuously dealing Z’Grute damage. After you have caused him to rear back a few times with relentless laser fire, Z’Grute will turn around and begin drawing energy from the nearby generator.
    31. Open fire on the generator to cause it to explode and eliminate Z’Grute, then move quickly to the right as the floor beside you begins to collapse. Use sprint and collect the crates as you go until you reach the next platform, then step onto one of the circular panels and press the indicated button to launch yourself to another sliding pipeline.
    32. When the camera swings around to face your character, Z’Grute will jump up onto the section of pipe behind you and begin chase. Every few moments, Z’Grute will emit a ring of energy along the pipe, which can be evaded by jumping into the air just before it reaches the character’s feet.
    33. To evade the balls of energy that move down a certain are of the pipe, simply move the character from side to side and into the gaps between the electrified bursts. Continue evading this attack until you exit the sliding pipe, then smash the crates surrounding the platform and refill your ammo.
    34. Eliminate the minions ahead and continue along the path, then enter the store and purchase the Plasmabomb Launcher. Afterwards, collect the nearby health and jump the next gap to move down the path ahead.
    35. Move onto the next platform and smash the surrounding crates, then fend off the minions ahead until Z’Grute’s slamming attack eliminates them. Move forward towards Z’Grute and double jump over the lit tiles that rise in front of you, then make your way around the floor panels lighting up and refill your ammo.
    36. Move to a floor panel that is not currently lit up and open fire on Z’Grute with the Combuster or the Plasmabomb Launcher. Jump over the waves of tiles that rise towards you when Z’Grute slams his claw down, but try to stay on the same tile.
    37. When the tile you’re occupying lights up, find a new floor panel and resume your assault from this point. Continue this attack strategy until Z’Grute is defeated, then move up the road ahead and smash the crates in the area.
    38. Get onto the circular platform and press the indicated button to ascend to the next area. After the cut scene, exit the platform and move into the domed-in area to your right. Eliminate the wave of minions by continuously firing your Combuster while dashing back and forth across the platform, then takedown the larger enemies that appear afterwards with a double-team assault.
    39. After the area is clear, move up to refill your ammo and approach the green console ahead.
    40. Execute a slam attack to flip it over, then a teammate will need to flip over the next two the pop up near them. Flip over the final green console to deploy the next bridge ahead, then cross it and take control of one of the turrets in front of you.
    41. Use the turret to target and destroy the four force field generators positioned in front of you. In between your assault on the generators, you will need to focus your firepower on the yellow energy balls that have been throw from a distance. Watch the direction they travel and destroy them with a burst of turret fire once they have descended below the top of the screen.
    42. After the four generators are destroyed, continue shooting the yellow energy balls out of the sky and focus your fire power on the blue circle near the top of the tower in the distance. Use a consistent stream of double-team laser bursts until Z’Grute explodes and ends up hanging from the ledge in front of you.
    43. Approach Z’Grute’s claws that are gripped onto the edge of the rooftop, then execute a small attack on each of them to cause him to fall and complete the level.
    44. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Intergalactic Tool of Justice (Bronze): Defeat the Z’Grute.

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    7 Comments on Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One Walkthrough

    roy elderkin

    On January 19, 2012 at 5:59 am

    I am enjoying the game, but why cant I get 360 vision.

    rhonda deaton

    On January 26, 2012 at 12:37 am

    on your walkthrough for ratchet and clank, all 4 one….in rossa fields, After, you have walked through the fields, and crossed the bridge, to the far left, where it looks like a stream, and before you get to where you regenerate the commet shard collecter, you can see an area where there is a place to fill ammo, and also a bright light. How do you get to that area, as I have a suion that there is one of the golden screws there. I have found 48 of 50 of the screws and already beat the game, and have gotten all of the rhyno parts, but cannot, no matter how hard I try, reach that area of the game. Any clues or suggestions?????? this is driving me nuts to be this close to completing this game totally, with the exception of skill points that require 2 players…….Please help!!!!!I have been an avid ratchet player since game one…..and would not want to stop now just because of aggravation thanks…..


    On February 14, 2012 at 10:45 am

    how do i defeat wasps gamma


    On March 13, 2012 at 9:53 am

    In the beginning I was very disappointed, basically the limited view and lack of 360 degrees of movement and vision. As I progressed, I grew to enjoy it more; some very challenging areas. I would have like to see weapons selection designed differently, as it is hard to determine what weapon is what. A single user is unable to use the “All 4 one” advantage. All in all, I like it.


    On June 4, 2012 at 5:43 pm

    how do i bring up glob lobber???


    On June 4, 2012 at 7:35 pm


    Take out the Power Plunger and use it to reach the Glob Lobber, you can find more details on the Aldaros Plains — Village Entrance page of our guide.


    On June 16, 2012 at 6:26 am

    I am playing this game together with my girlfriend and we’re having a blast. I’ve been a fan of R&C since the very first game and this is a worthy member of the franchise. Challenging, entertaining, diverse and beautifully designed.