Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Walkthrough

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    1. Move forward down the steps ahead to enter the tunnel on the left and approach the group of enemies at the next street corner, then follow the on-screen instructions to strike them with melee and throwing attacks.
    2. Defeat the surrounding group of cleaner bots and return to the bridge to activate the next cut scene, then approach the console in front of you and press the indicated button to bring up a list of battlefields.
    3. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Let’s Set up Camp (Bronze): The QForce has been re-established, now go save the Galaxy! (Campaign)
    4. Choose Korgon Refinery to activate a cut scene and learn the rules of the game, then boost towards the group of marauders below to take them out with a string of melee and throwing attacks.
    5. Approach the nearby crates and press the indicated buttons to smash them to pieces, then collect the bolts inside and step onto the glowing pad behind you to purchase a turret.
    6. Watch as the turret quickly clears out the next group of enemies, then smash any other nearby crates you encounter and approach the weapon pod that lands to collect a weapon.
    7. Follow the on-screen instructions to unlock the weapon pod and collect the Combuster inside, then approach the indicated shield generator across from you and fire your blaster repeatedly to destroy it.
    8. Press the indicated buttons to destroy the next shield generator on the overhead ledge and disable the forcefield to activate a cut scene, then boost forward across the bridge to turn left on the other side and use the blue launch pad to reach the area above.
    9. Smash the surrounding crates to collect bolts and collect the golden bolt in front of the acid pool ahead, then turn around to bounce off the yellow plant on the left and land in the area below.
    10. Return to the edge of the bridge to purchase a Mine and two Turrets, then follow the cable behind you forward and use your blaster to clear out the next group of enemies ahead.
    11. Stay on the move and run in circles to defeat the more heavily-armored marauders with your combusted, then continue following the ground cable through the facility and smashing the crates around you.
    12. Climb the next incline on the right to defeat the heavily-armored enemy at the top and the group of smaller marauders behind him, then use the blue launch pad to land on the roof of the nearby metal structure and double-jump across the line of moving platforms ahead.
    13. Smash the crates on the platform at the end and turn right to hover-boost-jump up onto the next circular ledge above, then press the indicated button unlock the weapon pod and acquire the Warmonger to activate a short cut scene.
    14. Afterwards, use your map to locate the current wave of enemies and drop back to the ground below to destroy them with the warmonger before they can reach the bridge.
    15. Continue following the ground cable and smashing the crates along the way, then climb the next set of rock steps ahead to destroy the three enemy turrets at the top by running from side-to-side and firing your combuster.
    16. Proceed forward alongside the ground cable to reach the next area above and take cover behind the barricade on the right, then use your warmonger to defeat the surrounding enemies and turrets.
    17. Use melee strikes to destroy the next shield generator and fire your warmonger from behind cover to clear out the three turrets in the area ahead, then blow up another shield generator and proceed forward to defeat the heavily-armored enemy.
    18. Fire your warmonger from behind cover to destroy the line of turrets ahead and use melee strikes to blow up the next shield generator, then approach the indicated wheel nearby and follow the on-screen prompts to activate the Key Node.
    19. Turn around to follow the blue ground cable forward and smash any surrounding crates you encounter along the way, then drop down the rock steps ahead and make a right to eliminate the next group of heavily-armored enemies.
    20. Climb the next incline on the right to defeat the enemy at the top and use the blue launch pad to land on the roof of the structure ahead, then collect the golden bolt and smash the surrounding pile of crates.
    21. Drop beside the weapons pod below on the left and use your combuster or warmonger to clear out the surrounding wave of marauders, then smash any crates in the nearby vicinity and use the pod to acquire a Cryoshot.
    22. Return to the bridge in front of your base and eliminate any of the enemies marching towards it, then plant additional mines and turrets to protect the area from further attacks.
    23. Enter your base to eliminate any hostiles that managed to make it inside the perimeter, then break open the surrounding golden boxes to collect ammo and plant three or four evenly-spaced turret in a line across the area.
    24. Cross the bridge in the back right corner to plant the necessary turrets and mines along the way, then use the launch pad on the left to reach the next ledge above and move forward to double-jump over the pool of acid ahead.
    25. Use the next launch ramp pointing towards the right to boost yourself forward across the area and reach the group of enemies surrounding the weapons pod on the left, then clear them out by running in a circle and firing the combuster.
    26. Unlock the weapons pod to purchase the Doppelbanger and use it to eliminate another wave of hostiles directly behind you, then make your way onto the large metal platform above the river of acid to the left and equip the warmonger to destroy the enemy turrets ahead.
    27. Step onto the nearby teleportation pad to return to your base and eliminate any surrounding enemies that made it inside the perimeter, then replace the turrets and mines on the two bridges that lead into this area.
    28. Repair any of the generators that were damaged during the last invasion and place additional turrets inside the perimeter to increase protection, then return to the large metal platform above the lake of acid you visited previously.
    29. Double-jump-hoverboot-glide across the next pair of moving platforms ahead to reach the ledge on the other side and use your combusted to clear out the next wave of surrounding hostiles, then destroy the shield generator and open fire on the two enemy turrets in the distance.
    30. Destroy the two mounted guns on either side of the ledge in the distance ahead and jump across the next three moving platforms in front of you to reach the other side, then use the warmonger to defeat another wave of enemies and continue making your way forward.
    31. Take cover behind the metal wall that sticks out ahead on the left to avoid the cluster of turrets firing in front of you, then toss your doppelbanger in the middle of the group and run out amongst them firing the combusted repeatedly.
    32. Sprint in a circle around the cluster of turrets to destroy them with the help of your combusted and doppelgänger, then equip the warmonger and stay on the move while jumping to open fire on the airship flying above.
    33. Drop another doppelbanger and continue using your most powerful gun to attack the airship until it explodes, then climb the nearby set of steps and destroy the pair of generators at the top to deactivate the shield.
    34. Press the indicated button to restore power to the Planetary Defence Centre and activate the next cut scene, then turn around to teleport back to your base and step onto the glowing green pad nearby.
    35. Wait for your next objective, then search your base for ammo crates and plant turrets near the generators with the least amount of health remaining.
    36. Place various mines or turrets across the two bridges leading into your base, then use the map to locate the first wave of invading enemies and use the combuster to fend them off.
    37. Continue using the map to approach the waves of enemies that manage to cross the bridge and clear them out with the help of your combuster, then repair any generators that have been damaged and replace the turrets or mines that have been destroyed.
    38. Approach the enemy airship that arrives next and build any necessary turrets in front of its location, then open fire on the craft with your warmonger or other weaponry to destroy it.
    39. Finish clearing the base of all remaining threats to activate a cut scene and complete this mission.

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