Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Walkthrough

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    1. Search the base for crates to break open and collect the bolts or other supplies inside, then purchase mines and turrets to protect the generators closest to the bridges.
    2. Cross the leftmost bridge to eliminate the invading wave of enemies on the other side and follow the red ground cable to continue moving forward, then clear out another group of hostiles and make a right in front of the two large torches ahead.
    3. Use the booster ramp on the right to launch yourself across the gap and smash open the crates on the other side, then approach the soldiers ahead to fire on them with the combuster and run from side-to-side while jumping to avoid their laser blasts.
    4. Take cover behind the surrounding barricades to finish clearing the area with your warmonger, then continue moving forward to unlock the weapons pod and purchase Mr. Zurkon.
    5. Activate Mr. Zurkon to return to your base and eliminate the enemies you encounter along the way with his help, then use the map to locate the next wave of hostiles closest to attacking the generators and clear them out with the warmonger.
    6. Build mines, turrets and barrier walls on both bridges to offer additional protection for the area, then unlock the weapons pod inside your base to purchase any necessary weaponry.
    7. Search the base and areas on the other sides of the bridges to collect bolts or other supplies, then use your map to locate the enemies closest to the generator field and eliminate them.
    8. Continue to alternate between crossing both bridges connected to your base and use melee strikes or the combuster to eliminate the waves of enemies on the other sides.
    9. Pass between the burning tiki torches on the other side of the leftmost bridge and use the warmonger or Mr. Zurkon to eliminate the next pair of enemy turrets, then destroy the shield generator that appears to continue moving forward and take out the wave of hostiles in the area above.
    10. Use the surrounding metal barrier walls as cover to eliminate the nearby enemies and turrets without taking damage, then stay on the move to avoid the laser targets appearing on the ground that indicate incoming grenades.
    11. Equip Mr. Zurkon and wave through the remaining group of enemies to clear them out, then destroy the shield generator that appears next and climb the staircase behind it to make a left at the top.
    12. Take cover behind the barrier on the left to equip Mr. Zurkon again and jump repeatedly to defeat the group of hostiles in front of you, then use your combuster to help finish off the enemy airship and destroy the next shield generator that appears.
    13. Return to your base to refill on supplies and repair the damaged mines or turrets that protect the generators, then travel back to the area where you previously defeated the enemy airship and climb the next staircase.
    14. Move back and forth repeatedly to fire on the next wave of enemies ahead with your combuster, then equip Mr. Zurkon to help you clear out the remaining hostiles and jump continuously to avoid taking damage from the turrets.
    15. Continue using your combuster with Mr. Zurkon to finish clearing the area of both the ground hostiles and the enemy airship, then destroy the nearby shield generator and turn the indicated wheel to activate a key node.
    16. Collect bolts from any of the surrounding crates you can find in the area and teleport back to your base, then build turrets or mines on both bridges to increase the defenses and use the map to locate the closest group of hostiles.
    17. Defeat the nearest wave of invading hostiles and repair any damage to the defenses around your generator field, then cross the rightmost bridge to climb the next set of steps on the left and continue moving left to eliminate another group of enemies ahead.
    18. Jump to the next ledge above on the left to destroy the armed soldier and collect bolts from the surrounding crates, then drop back to the ground and use the nearby weapons pod to purchase a Sonic Eruptor.
    19. Equip your sonic eruptor to continue moving forward and eliminate the next group of enemies below, then enter the tunnel on the right to follow the red ground cable forward and launch off the booster ramp ahead.
    20. Boost forward across the wooden bridge to collect the golden bolt and drop off the opposite end to land back in your base below, then clear out the invading troops and repair any of the damaged generators.
    21. Replace any of the missing barriers, turrets or mines and add any additional ones to increase protection, then cross the leftmost bridge to jump onto the first ledge on the right and clear the next line of platforms ahead.
    22. Unlock the weapons pod on the other side to purchase a Swingshot and activate a short cut scene, then approach the indicated handlebars on the right and swing across the water to reach the next ledge.
    23. Return to the tunnel you passed through previously and climb the steps between the tiki torches to the left of it, then eliminate the next group of enemies at the top with your combuster and Mr. Zurkon.
    24. Jump repeatedly while firing to clear out the surrounding wave of enemies without taking damage, then approach the ledges at the back of area and focus your laser blasts on the armed soldiers positioned above.
    25. Use the pair of metal barriers ahead as cover to eliminate the two turrets that emerge behind them, then equip Mr. Zurkon to help you defeat the next airship and destroy the shield generator that appears.
    26. Turn the indicated wheel to activate another key node and a short cut scene, then teleport back to your base and step onto the indicated green pad to turn on the satellites above.
    27. Visit the two bridges to repair or purchase the mines and turrets that defend them, then repeat the same action inside the base and boost towards the closest approaching group of enemies to clear them out with an explosive weapon.
    28. Return to your base to defend it from any invading hostiles and repair or purchase what turrets you can, then boost towards the next closest group of approaching enemies and clear them out quickly.
    29. Rearm yourself inside the base and continue defending the area by occasionally repairing the surrounding turrets or forcefields, then purchase upgrades for the defenses and use the higher quality weapons to eliminate enemies more efficiently.
    30. Continue intercepting the closest approaching group of enemies by boosting between the bridges and refilling on ammo along the way, then build as many turrets in front of the next airship that arrives and open fire on the vehicle continuously with a rocket launcher until it explodes.
    31. Boost towards the next enemy airship that arrives from the right-side bridge and use a flamethrower with Mr. Zurkon at close range to drain the vehicle armor until it explodes, then cross the left-side bridge to repeat this same tactic on a second enemy airship.
    32. Defend your base from the remaining waves of enemies until the next cut scene is activated to complete this mission.

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