Ratchet & Clank: Full Frontal Assault Walkthrough

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    1. Launch off the booster in front of you to land in the area below and eliminate the first enemy ahead, then visit the nearby weapons pod to select the Alpha Buzz Blades and continue moving forward.
    2. Eliminate the enemies in the next clearing ahead to visit another weapons pod and select the Alpha Pyro Blaster, then head left take out another pair of hostiles and visit a third weapons pod to select the Alpha Warmonger.
    3. Cross the bridge on your right to pass by the next satellite and shoot down any hostiles you see flying above you, then destroy the shield generator on the left to remove the red forcefield and activate a cut scene.
    4. Afterwards, move forward into the clearing ahead and jump from side-to-side while firing your flamethrower to quickly eliminate the enemy forces.
    5. Visit the nearby weapons pod to select the Alpha Zurkon and destroy the shield generator on your left to deactivate the next forcefield, then keep a safe distance from the enemy charging towards you and eliminate him quickly.
    6. Proceed forward into the next clearing ahead to take cover and eliminate the group of enemies in front of you with a grenade or rocket launcher, then activate the groovitron and use your flamethrower at close-range to destroy the airship with the help of Mr. Zurkon.
    7. Unlock the nearby weapons pods to select the Alpha Cryoshot and the Plasmabomb Launcher, then climb the next ramp on the right to approach a third weapons pod at the top and eliminate the enemies surrounding it.
    8. Select the Alpha Groovitron Glove from the third weapons pod and climb the next ramp on your left, then use a rocket or grenade launcher to eliminate the initial group of enemies at the top and proceed forward.
    9. Activate your groovitron to distract the next wave of more heavily-armored hostiles and take them out at close-range with the flamethrower, then destroy the surrounding enemy turrets and use the indicated device in the corner to disarm the bomb before time expires.
    10. Visit the weapons pod in the corner to select the Alpha Sonic Eruptor and destroy the pair of shield generators on your right to deactivate the next forcefield, then boost across the metal bridge to land inside the building below and clear the gap ahead to activate a cut scene.
    11. Afterwards, activate Mr. Zurkon and boost forward while jumping to dodge the enemy’s incoming laser blasts.
    12. Quickly get around behind Zurgo and target the blue ball of energy attached to the back of his mech suit, then open fire on it with your rocket launcher to start draining his shields.
    13. Continue assaulting the boss until his golden shield disappears, then equip your flamethrower and move in a close range to start draining Zurgo’s next line of defense.
    14. Stay behind Zurgo to safely attack him with your flamethrower and jump sideways whenever he turns to blast you with his ray gun, then boost after the boss if he suddenly leaps to a far distance and continue the assault.
    15. Use a rocket launcher to destroy the circle of turrets that the boss plants next and approach the indicated device to deactivate the bomb before its timer expires, then boost towards Zurgo at close-range again and jump sideways repeatedly to evade his next ray gun attack.
    16. Sprint in a circle around Zurgo to get behind him again and continue draining his shield with one of your automatic weapons, then pursue the boss after he jumps to a safe distance and eliminate the smaller hostiles that appear next.
    17. Disarm another bomb and eliminate another pair of enemies that are deployed, then disarm a third bomb and quickly boost behind Zurgo again to disable his gold shields for a second time.
    18. Use your rocket or grenade launcher to drain Zurgo’s health during his temporarily dazed state and disarm a fourth bomb that has been activated nearby, then continue assaulting the boss at close-range and jumping sideways to avoid his counter-attacks.
    19. Boost behind the boss each time he launches himself into a new corner of the area and open fire on the blue energy ball to remove Zurgo’s shield for a third time, then disarm the bombs that have been planted before their timers expire by first eliminating the hostiles that guard them.
    20. Keep a safe distance from Zurgo to fire on him and his allies continuously as you travel to the next bomb to disarm it, then move around behind the boss and disable his gold shield again.
    21. Drain the boss’ health at close-range and follow him as he jumps between the corners of the area, then eliminate the smaller hostiles that are deployed and disarm the bombs as quickly as possible.
    22. Use your groovitron to distract Zurgo temporarily and disable his gold shield again, then continue disarming the bombs and attacking the boss from a distance with an automatic weapon.
    23. Continue attacking the boss until only 25% of his health remains to activate a short cut scene, then use any of the surrounding crates to collect additional ammo and open fire on Zurgo with your rocket launcher.
    24. Jump or boost away from the red laser targets that appear on the ground to dodge the boss’ incoming rocket assaults, then move between the platforms encircling to Zurgo to continue collect ammo and draining his health.
    25. Stay on the move in between each of the surrounding platforms to avoid the incoming rockets and collect as much ammo as you can along the way, then continue firing on Zurgo while on the run and finish draining the boss’ health to complete the game.
    26. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Back to the Basement (Gold): Complete the campaign.

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