Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • The Train
  • The Explosion
  • The MS Lydia
  • Solving the Baroness’ Murder
  • The Train

    1. Following the intro scene, go through the list of options to talk with the young boy with the toy pistol. When Legrand approaches you, ask to help him. Guess that he’s guarding someone, then take a stab at why, then say it’s a trap. Once he walks away and you finish you conversation with Matt, you can then elect if you wish to go through the tutorial or not (it’s point and click, so there’ really not much to learn).
    2. Following the loading screen, talk to the nervous-looking violinist. Next, click on on the hallway to head through and talk to the gentleman who will spill some tea on you. Following our conversation, he’ll inform that the door to his room has been mysteriously locked. Click down the hall, then on the door in the back to enter the next car.
    3. After you begin talking with Lady Westcacott, you can ask her some questions on the violinist and the archeologist (the professor) as well as the other passengers. Click down the hall (near the bar), then go and talk to the doctor.
    4. Once you learn of Legrand’s cash box, enquire about it. Ask to borrow his newspaper, then exit out the door. Click on the door to the freight car, then click on the officer to the left of the safe. After Robert pulls his gun on you, go through your list of questions for Legrand to glean some information.
    5. Exit the freight car, then click on the door to enter back into the saloon car. Click behind the bar, then click on the drawer handle. It will be locked. Make sure you grab the butterscotch candies from the white bowl (you’ll need them later), then exit back outside through the door.
    6. Examine the tool box on the bottom corner of the freight car. After that little punk Matt scares you and you take away his pistol, head back into the saloon car. Head down the hallway where his mother will thank you for disciplining him. Head to the passenger car with the violinist and click on Matt to talk to him.
    7. You’ll have to coerce him to talk with you, so offer him the butterscotch candies that you picked up from the bar earlier. Now that you are on good terms, go through your line of questioning to gather more intel. After you ask about the steward, Matt will tell you to go ask his mom for a hairpin so you can use it to open up the locked drawer.
    8. Go and talk to Matt’s Mom and ask about her hairpins. Next, use the hairpin and go unlock the steward’s drawer behind the bar. Head back outside and use the small key you just picked up to open the padlock on the tool box.
    9. Now that you have a set of pliers, go find the professor and use the pliers to help you open his locked door. Question the professor on why the door was locked, then you can examine the room, but there won’t be anything to take or of value.
    10. Exit the room and go and talk to Legrand about the professor. Following the explosion, follow Legrand down the hall. After questioning the doctor, he’ll give you some matches. Next, examine the chair in the back left corner of the dining area. Then click on the fire extinguisher right next to the chair to examine it. Click on it again, then while you see the fire extinguisher icon on the screen, click on the chair with it. Pick up the chair leg and head back into the car with the bar.
    11. Place the chair leg on the counter from your items list. Pick up the white candy bowl on the floor under the stool. Click on the bottom of rum on the counter to pour it into the bowl. Click on the matchbook from your list of items to light a match, then select the lighted match from your list of items and point and click the cursor on the bowl to light it with a blue flame. .
    12. Head back into the dining car and click on the curtain on the window on the right. Head back to the bar. Click and hold the rum bottle and use the cursor to drag it down to your list of items and click on the curtains to soak them.
    13. Exit out the coor. Click on the steps between the train cars to climb off the train. Click on your curtains/torch from your items and drag it up to the axel holding the two cars together to get some grease on it. Head back to the bar. Click on the curtains icon and drag it to the chair leg on the bar to create a makeshift torch. Take it and place it over the flame to create fire!
    14. Head back outside and down the steps. Click on the lever to turn it, then click near the hook on the left to uncouple the cars.

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    On August 17, 2013 at 3:30 pm

    Some of this guide is good but The Explosion part is so poorly explained, it’s a pitty really as it’s a good guide other than that