Red Dead Redemption: Liars and Cheats DLC Review

It’s difficult to resist the temptation to jump back into Red Dead Redemption. Every time I’m flipping through my game collection, I find myself drawn back to the world of John Marston.

Rockstar isn’t helping me avoid it, as they’ve recently released another DLC package. This one’s called Liars and Cheats. Is it worth you picking up?

Red Dead Redemption: Liars and Cheats DLC (XBox360 [Reviewed])
Developer: Rockstar San Diego
Publisher: Rockstar Games
Release Date: September 21, 2010
MSRP: $9.99

Like the Legends and Killers pack before it, Liars and Cheats consists solely of multiplayer additions, so if you’re not into playing with other people, you probably won’t get much out this DLC.

The biggest (and coolest) addition in Liars and Cheats is the new Stronghold Mode. It’s basically Attack & Defend in the Old West, and it is a blast to play. Up to 16 players can join (2 teams of eight), divided evenly into two teams. Attackers receive a shared pool of lives. To win, they must capture all of the control points before time expires or they run out of lives.

Once the round ends, the teams switch sides and go again. The winner is the team that captures the most points in the shortest amount of time. There are only four maps that support this mode (Blackwater, Escalera, Fort Mercer and Thieves Landing), but you can bet we’ll see more coming.

If you’re looking for a less violent way to spend your time, Liars and Cheats also adds multiplayer versions of poker and Liar’s Dice. You’ll get a $200 daily gambling allowance each day, and once it’s gone, you’ll have to wait until the next day to gamble more. I had difficulty finding people interested in sitting down to gamble, but when you can get a group it’s an enjoyable pastime.

The other new addition in Liars and Cheats is multiplayer horse racing. I wasn’t really excited about this until I found out that you are allowed to shoot your opponents. This adds a whole new dynamic to the horse races, and makes things rather enjoyable. There’s still a catch, though. You’ve only got access to a fixed selection of guns, and a limited amount of ammunition. The only way to acquire more is to ride over what’s been dropped by players who have been killed.

Lastly, there is also one new weapon included in this DLC, and it’s a beast. The Explosive Rifle can be gained by picking the locks on safes in Stronghold Mode, or by obtaining the highest score in a gang hideout. You only receive 5 shots each time you pick up the rifle, but each one explodes on contact, killing whatever it hits and knocking down nearby enemies.

That’s all the new things you’ll find in Liars and Cheats, but that’s not all that is in the pack. You’ll also get seven new gang hideouts to clear out, four hunting grounds, and 15 new multiplayer characters taken from the single player story of Red Dead Redemption. Yes, you can now play as Irish.

The seven new gang hideouts are:

  • Critchley’s Ranch
  • Crooked Toes
  • Cueva Seco
  • Rancho Polvo
  • Scratching Post
  • Venter’s Place
  • Warthington’s Ranch

The four new hunting grounds are:

  • Broken Tree
  • Del Lobo
  • Roca Madera
  • Silent Stead

All of this new content means that the already cumbersome in-game menus have gotten even more swollen, making it that much more difficult to get around and quickly find what you want to do. This poor navigation is basically the only drawback in the new multiplayer content.

All in all, Liars and Cheats is another excellent piece of DLC for Red Dead Redemption. It adds more of what’s good about the multiplayer, as well as adding new modes to enjoy. The explosive rifle is a nice addition as well. It would be nice to see Rockstar roll out some DLC that added more to the singleplayer. Still, if you’re into Red Dead Redemption’s multiplayer, Liars and Cheats is pretty much a must have, and totally worth the $9.99 (PSN) or 800 MS Points (XBL).


  • Plenty of new content.
  • Stronghold Mode is a lot of fun.
  • Horse races with guns make what could be boring really fun.
  • The explosive rifle is just cool.


  • No singleplayer content
  • Difficult to navigate through options at times

Score: 92/100

Wondering what the new achievements and trophies in this pack are? We’ve got the list right here!

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