Red Dead Redemption Myths and Mavericks DLC Guide

Red ain’t dead yet. Rockstar’s back with some free DLC, including new playable characters, new maps, and new game modes. That’s why Game Front is here to guide you through the rocky plateaus, ghost towns, and abandoned mines that dot the wild west. Discover the best strategies, tips, and tricks to shoot your way up the leaderboards. Victory doesn’t come easy in the west — so stick with us, partner.

Check back this week and we’ll have more primo info on this DLC bonus pack.

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Beecher’s Hope

  • In this area, the most effective way to get across the area without taking damage is by moving between the trees and using them as cover.
  • Stay on the upper ridges of the trenches whenever you can to avoid allowing the enemy to secure the more advantageous overhead vantage point. When moving through the bumpier and rocky field areas, you’ll want to stick to the lower ground so as not to reveal yourself earlier than intended.
  • When moving through the tree line, pick your firing position based on the thickness of the tree-line surrounding you to avoid being snuck up on or flanked.
  • If you are going to post up in a sniper position on the silo’s awning, stay on the move constantly since it offers little to no protection.
  • Although the gazebo by ranch house is a tempting place to take cover, it should be avoided unless necessary as it’s vulnerable from all sides and can easily be targeted by flaming bottles.
  • When possible, use your horse to get around to cover the large distance and because the trees will offer you decent protection even when exposed during your ride.
  • The upper loft of the barn is one of the better sniping spots in this level as you have decent cover through the narrow window opening and can keep track of enemies trying to sneak up the one ladder that leads to the your position.
  • The front porch of the ranch house is another advantageous position as it looks upon an area usually populated by approaching enemies and you fall back alongside the building.
  • One best types of weapon for this area is the scoped rifle as it can see across the long fields and help you zone in on enemies partially hidden behind the trees.
  • When defending Beecher’s Hope, use the surrounding pointed rooftops as decent cover when picking off invading enemies.
  • The elevated ridge behind the gazebo is a good place to invade from by moving up behind enemies that are focused on the flag ahead.
  • When capturing or defending the safe, post up on the water tower near the building that holds it to allow your teammates to do their job with less interruption.
  • When capturing the Valley, use your horse to protect the men near the flag from any enemies that approach from the entrance of the trench that faces Beecer’s Hope.
  • When defending the Valley, approach from the ridges along the sides of the trench rather through the lower entrance points to have an elevated advantage.

Benedict Point

  • Use the smoke from the burning wagons as cover when involved in gun fights or hiding during a bag run. If you’re going to fire through the smoke, make sure you know where your target and stay on the move to throw off their accuracy.
  • Search the box cars for the higher-class upgrades and weapons, but also keep in mind that these areas are often populated by a high number of other players.
  • When taking the curved road beside the train, stick to the rock wall amongst the bushes for the maximum amount of cover.
  • The outhouse by the train station is good place to until an enemy walks by so that you jump out and ambush them.
  • Enter the armored boxcar and keep your weapon aimed at the ladder for any opponent foolish enough to climb down. This position should usually only be taken if you have died a great deal more than you have racked up kills since victims will be few and far between.
  • Avoid using the horse as much as possible since many of this level’s areas are narrow pathways or roads require straight ride alongside the train.
  • When approaching from the rear of the train keep your weapon aimed towards the station as it’s wear many of the opposing players will respawn and congregate in general.
  • Move in a crouched position on top of the train rather alongside it or through the boxcars as it will give you a better vantage point on ground enemies and you can hop down off it behind cover if you suddenly draw fire.
  • Crouching down with your back to the wall in the control room of the train’s engine gives you a decent amount of cover and a line of sight on any enemy who moves away or towards alongside the boxcars.
  • Upgraded long-range rifles can usually be found near the outbuildings that surround the train station.


  • When defending the fort during Stronghold Mode, avoid the upper levels near the gates since this position offers only minimal cover and the enemy will have enough room to evade you at that distance anyway.
  • When playing Stronghold Mode during the Pass, take control of the elevated ridge next to the flag for the best strategic positioning.
  • When capturing the Fort during Stronghold Mode, sprint through the front gates and move left to use the tens as cover, then take out the enemies on the scaffolding above.
  • Before sprinting through the Fort’s front gates during Stronghold Mode, aim for the second level of the scaffolding ahead to take out any players utilizing the mounted machine gun.
  • When defending the Fort, stay on the upper scaffolding and utilize the gatling gun to take out enemies who come through the front. However, you should also stay focused on the tents in case other players slip around between them to gain a flanking position.
  • When attacking the Pass, sprint in a zig-zagging motion between the rocks and trees to stay protected until you can find cover.
  • The gatling gun can only point so far in a downward direction so if you stand close enough to almost be below it, you can take out the player controlling it without the risk of being hit.
  • During Shootout modes, the tents in the middle of the fort are a good place to hide when you haven’t already made yourself known. There are too many of them for your enemies to check thoroughly so you can usually take them out as they are running to and from the gate.
  • Move away from the scaffolding nearest to the fort as quickly as you can and avoid using it as a sniper spot since this area is an repeated respawn spot for other players.
  • When inside the fort, stay beneath the scaffolding to avoid overhead snipers and keep your focus primarily on the font gate and the areas in between the tents.

El Presidio

  • Hide behind the crates near the staircases within the fort to pick off players in the middle area and as they come down the steps.
  • Get inside the fort as quickly as possible during shootouts as this is where most of the action occurs. Plus, on the outside there is no where to hide from cannon and sniper fire.
  • The tallest tower in the fort, to left of the main gate when looking in from the outside, is one of the best sniping perches in the level. It provides a vantage point on the inside of the enclosure as well as the outer gate area, plus there is only one entrance point to reach it.
  • When moving through the middle area within the fort, stay underneath the floor of the level above to avoid sniper fire and to find adjacent rooms to hide or use as cover.
  • Move to adjacent rooms or the level above when located in the middle area of the inner fort as there are always numbers snipers and a variety of TNT boxes laying around.
  • When out in the open, check the towers and the bases of other perches with your crosshairs to take out any snipers awaiting your approach.
  • Avoid using the cannons as much as possible since very few enemies actually populate the areas outside of the fort and it’s easy for an enemy to sneak up behind you.

Gaptooth Breach

  • The number of TNT boxes in this area is greater than in most others so use this to your advantage during any instance in which gun fire is exchanged. If you are located in the outside camp and are having trouble picking off an opponent behind cover, chances are that he’s near one of these boxes.
  • Another use for the multitude of TNT boxes is as a distraction tactic during gun fights or the Gold Rush mode. If you are running out of the mine or exiting one of the buildings in the main campsite, shoot the various explosives to cause your opponents to either lose site of you or throw off their aim.
  • During the Gold Rush Mode, allow the other players to enter the mine ahead of you so that you can come up behind them and create a bottleneck situation for easier kills.
  • The buildings in the main camp site and the scaffolding at the top of the hill that follows that train tracks are some of the more tactical positions for racking up kills or stopping other players from dropping off their gold bags. This is due to the fact that they are the few place where the most cover can be due found because of their height and windowed vantage points.
  • When running through the mine shaft, make sure to consistently check behind you and make turns through adjacent tunnels whenever possible to avoid other players from sneaking up on you.
  • During Gold Rush Mode, head for the bag that’s at the uppermost point of this level first because of the high number of opponents who will initially go for the gold inside the mine.
  • You can use the tents in the main campsite as cover when attempting to both eliminate players running out of the mines and pick up their gold bags as quickly as possible.
  • Use powerful close-range weapons, such as the shotgun, whenever you are within the mine shaft to eliminate players who you suddenly encounter without the need for accuracy or a high number of rounds.
  • During Shootout Mode, one the better strategic vantage points from inside the mine is the scaffolding that you have to climb up a ladder to reach.
  • Another strategic position is by crouching down behind an obstacle beside the mouth of the mine and aiming your weapon across the entrance. Stay crouched during each of the attacks and continue using the cover as you follow the enemy’s path when he exits the mine.
  • During Shootout Mode, one of the safer vantage points is on the ridge above the campsite, but it offers little cover and kills can be sparse due to the high number of battles that take place inside the mine.
  • When in the outside area, higher perches will require less accuracy when aiming down into the campsite due to the large number of TNT boxes you can fire upon to take out multiple opponents at once.
  • The occasional kill can earned by standing at the top of the vertical mine shaft, located underneath the scaffolding on the hilltop where the mine tracks eventually end, and firing down into it as players pass by.
  • During Gold Rush Mode take the tunnel paths that require a longer time in reaching the drop-off point. This will help you either lose enemies or avoid them completely, since most of them will be taking the shortcuts to get around.
  • When moving through the mine shafts, stay crouched and avoid sprinting since the lack of space and places to hide will make it much easier for your opponents to locate you.

Nekoti Rock

  • The wooden lookout tower that the train tracks run into is a good sniping perch against players run around on the ground below. It provides sufficient cover from the front, but there is a wide piece of land behind it that can allow for opponents to sneak up on you.
  • Avoid climbing up any of the cliff ledges or wooden boxes and structures during Shootout as it takes too long to reach the top before an opponent could pick you off in the process. Use the cover provided to you on the level levee you’re on unless there isn’t an enemy anywhere in the near vicinity.
  • Find cover near the wooden structures and cliffs that characters use to get up and down the different elevated levels and take them out as they pass through.
  • Use melee attacks when encountering enemies at close range on the narrow cliffs to try to force them over the edge so that they fall to their deaths.
  • Follow the mine tracks to the higher cliff ledges that provide more advantageous vantage points for picking off enemies on the ground.
  • It’s better to try to escape the slow-moving bear on foot rather than fire upon on since it take many shots to these animals down and it will give away your location.
  • Stays close to the cliff face when moving around the ledges to avoid falling off the edge and being seen out right by enemies on the ground.
  • You will find the cannon on the elevated ridge past a trench on the south side of this area. Make sure to aim it to get over the rock formations and to check your map for teammates in the cannon’s path since your line of sight will be blocked.
  • One of the most strategic weapon-type choices for this level are the mid-range ones, such as the Springfield or the Carbine.


  • When defending the bag carrier across bridges, stop in the middle and allow him to move ahead, then turn around and fend off the pursuing enemies as they come.
  • To keep the enemies away from the bag when you yourself have decided not to collect it, stay along the edge of the land area between the two bridges and crouch down to pick off players as they come by.
  • Stay on a horse at all times to move about this long stretch of level as quickly as possible and with the best elevated position to your advantage.
  • When approaching a group of enemies who are on foot, either collecting the bag or defending their bag carrier, ride at them going full speed then leap off your horse that it tramples straight over them. You can then move forward and pick off the stunned opponents with your weapon.
  • When carrying the bag without the support of teammates, run while facing backwards to fend off any pursuing enemies.
  • One of the most advantageous weapon-types in this area is the close range weapon such as the sawed-off shotgun.

Pike’s Basin

  • The easiest way to surviving in this level for as long as possible is by reaching the uppermost locations when you first appear or respawn. Likewise, you’ll need to evacuate the lowermost areas, such as the campground, to avoid being picked off by players in the more advantageous vantage points.
  • The best way to move across the level is through the series of rope bridges. These pathways are also the best place to find weapons and various upgrade boxes near the entrance posts.
  • When using the bridges as an offensive position, crouch down and wait for an enemy to move beneath you or beside you as close as possible before taking them out. These areas offer little to no cover so you should avoid using characters with large hats and move from your position as soon as you make yourself known.
  • If you do happen to be cornered to the campground on the lower level, you can hide in the tents until the players above are either killed by someone else or move on to another area.
  • The best weapon to equip for this area is the sniper rifle and other long-ranged weapons or throwing objects.
  • One strategic hiding place is in the thicker bushes by the bridges. Crouch down amongst these to conceal yourself and take out any players running by on the cliffs or across the bridge.
  • There are TNT boxes located in the camp site that you can use to effectively clear out enemies without the need for accuracy.
  • When encountering enemies at close range on the upper level cliffs, it is sometimes easier to defeat them with a melee attack rather than trying to survive a gunfight. This is because the melee strikes can send your enemies stumbling around the narrow pathways and straight over the edge.
  • Another strategic vantage point to use is taking cover behind a rock or tree on the uppermost cliff and aiming towards multiple rows of rope bridges lined up one in front of the other. You can then take out enemies moving across the area at a variety of distances from your location.
  • Memorize the locations of slanted areas between the different elevated levels so that you can safely slide between them as an escape route or to get the drop on an enemy.
  • Another method of surviving longer within the camp site area is to take control of the gatling gun and aim into the cliffs above you.


  • Although the oil tower that can be climbed has an advantageous vantage point and decent cover, it takes so long to move up the ladder that you’ll need enemies to be a great distance off to avoid being killed during the ascent.
  • When encountering the cougars, eliminate them rather than trying to get away on foot. They are too fast to evade and kill you quickly so make headshots count before moving on from the enemies who will zero in on your exposed location.
  • When playing the Gold Rush mode, look for the majority of drop-off points on the road ways and try to move through the grass in a hidden crouched position as you approach the chests with the gold bags.
  • One of the best sniping positions in this level is the half-finished house near the outer road by the lake. You are protected by cougars who can’t reach you themselves, there is decent cover and you have a clear vantage point on the oil tower perches.
  • Whenever you get the chance, take aim at the perches on the oil tower and their ladders to make sure there are no snipers waiting above.
  • When sniping from the ground, make sure you are either out of cougar territory or in an elevated and enclosed structure to avoid being mauled.


  • When defending Torquemada, post up beside the doorway directly in front of the flag for the most advantages points of protection.
  • When storming either the Ruins or Torquemada, avoiding using the horse so that you can take advantage of the various points of cover that are necessary to moving forward towards the next flag.
  • When moving along the narrow strip of land that separates Torquemada from the rest of the area, move between every piece of cover available to ensure a safe assault path.
  • During your time in the Ruins, be sure to select walls of cover that are high enough to completely protect your character so that enemies cannot acquire head shots even while you’re crouched.
  • When storming Torquemada, watch the rooftops of the smaller buildings out front, especially the one on the right, and the doorway that is directly behind the flag for snipers and other enemies rushing towards you.
  • When defending Torquemada, use flaming bottle and dynamite advantageously to eliminate the invaders moving up along the bottleneck situation created by the land bridge.
  • During a raid on Lookout Point, allow other players to capture the flag while you take cover behind the ruins and eliminate approach enemies with long-ranged rifles.
  • Before capturing the flag in Torquemada, move to the closest cover behind the ruins and use flaming bottle and dynamite to clear the rooftops and upper levels of the buildings surrounding it.

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