Red Dead Redemption Walkthrough

Nobody wants to see your corpse picked over by vultures, so we had a crack team of gunfighters and experts cook up a walkthrough for Rockstar’s Red Dead Redemption. Check out our step-by-step, bullet-by-bullet guide to escaping the Wild West intact.

Table of Contents

  • Bonnie MacFarlane
  • Armadillo’s Marshal
  • Nigel West Dickens
  • Seth
  • Irish
  • The Assault on Fort Mercer
  • We Shall Be Together in Paradise
  • Landon Ricketts
  • De Santo
  • Luisa
  • Reyes
  • Agent Ross
  • MacDougal
  • And You Will Know the Truth
  • And the Truth Will Set You Free
  • The Outlaw’s Return
  • Abigail
  • Jack
  • Uncle
  • The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed
  • Strangers
  • Outfits, Bounties, and Challenges
  • Exodus in America

    You step off the train into Armadillo, with little idea of what’s going on. Wander the platform using the Left Analog Stick and run by holding A. Sprint by tapping A.Follow your minimap in the bottom left corner of the screen toward the yellow blip and that’s your goal. Your destination is the saloon.

    You meet Jake in the saloon. Follow him out and he’s the blue blip on your minimap and to the horses he has tied up outside. Hit Y to mount up and follow Jake.

    Follow Jake along the trail after the train passes. You’ll get a quick course on riding your horse and some story as Jake leads you all the way to Fort Mercer.

    Jake leaves you with an evil laugh, as if you’re heading to your death and good start. Approach the yellow mark on the map.

    After a bit of story, the first chapter ends, somewhat abruptly.

    ACHIEVEMENT! For doing virtually nothing, you’ll unlock the “That Government Boy” Achievement, the first of the secret achievements awarded for completing portions of the main storyline.

    New Friends, Old Problems

    Hey, you got a gun! Draw it with the Left Trigger and fire it with the Right Trigger. Not now, though. These people were nice to you.

    Instead, follow the blue blip to meet up with Bonnie on the porch of the big house. Follow her to a new horse and mount up. Then follow her around the ranch to get the lay of the land.

    After the brief ride around MacFarlane’s Ranch, you’ll follow Bonnie back to the hitching post. Leave your horse behind by hitting X and follow her to the house.

    Bonnie asks you to go on patrol with her after dark. Head back to the horse and mount up (again), then follow her.

    Your first stop is an herb patch overrun with rabbits. Dismount with Y and pull your rifle with Left Trigger. You can also use LT to aim. Shoot the rabbits with RT.

    Back on your horse, Bonnie leads you to where coyotes are spooking horses in the corral and making off with chickens from the coop. Shoot the coyotes either from horseback or after dismounting.

    After that small bit of excitement, Bonnie returns you to your little house. Drop off your horse and go inside to sleep and which saves your game and advances the game clock 6 hours.

    NOTE: You’ll gain a little bit of “Fame” for finishing this mission. Fame affects events in the game and how people you interact with treat you. Your fame rank also goes toward the “Man of Honor/Chivalry’s Dead” Achievement.

    When you awake, you’ve got some freedom to explore. However, you have no money and so head to the “B” marker on your minimap to speak with Bonnie and get something to do. She’s over at the house.

    Obstacles in Our Path

    Bonnie challenges you to a race. Leave the house and go to the hitching post to grab your horse and that’s where Bonnie’s heading and and follow her to the yellow “X” to race.

    The race is actually pretty long and involved. Look up ahead on the trail and see that little fire? That’s a marker. You need to pass these fire markers in order to progress along the course. Every time you pass one, a new one appears ahead of you. They appear as yellow blips on your map.

    In order to keep your horse going quickly, you’ll want to stay on the trail as much as possible. Your horse runs slower if you meander into the grass. You can also boost your horse by tapping A for a speed-boost. Overwork the horse, though, and it’ll toss you off and guaranteeing a loss.

    Watch the minimap for shortcut trails that go near the main trail. You’ll need these to get an upper-hand on Bonnie. If you can beat her, you’ll get a Fame bump, but if not, you still get a smaller one.

    Finishing the race opens up the ability to get missions from the Marshall back in Armadillo. Missions will be divided up from here by the person issuing them. We’ll start by returning to Bonnie.

    This is Armadillo, USA

    Bonnie asks you to drive the carriage into Armadillo, so hop into the driver’s seat around the other side of it. Drive it the same way you would ride a horse.

    On the minimap, your path will be laid out with a yellow line. This trail leads from the ranch all the way back to Armadillo, so follow it.

    Follow the path into Armadillo, slowing the carriage with the Right Bumper. Drive to the spot on your map.

    Now follow the map over to the Doctor’s Store, where you can purchase medicine. Get some now for free, and come back in the future to buy some to keep from dying after a fight. You can pull medicine out to restore your health by hitting the Back button and selecting it on the Satchel menu.

    With that done, meet Bonnie at the General Store. You’ll see her on the minimap as a blue blip.

    You’re left to your own devices in Armadillo. You can head back to the ranch by stagecoach if you like and get more missions from Bonnie, or talk with the marshal and accept assignments from him. Note that Bonnie’s missions are more tutorial-oriented for activities like riding and lassoing, while the marshal will get you fighting outlaws straight away.

    Bonnie MacFarlane

    Women and Cattle

    This is a pretty simple mission that requires almost no work, but will earn you some money and Honor for completing it. Basically, your one job is to ride behind a herd of cows.

    Mount up and follow Bonnie to the corral, where a small herd of cows waits. She wants you to help herd them out the pasture.

    Get behind the cows and the spot is marked on the minimap and and ride behind them slowly to keep them moving, out of the corral. Follow Bonnie up the path, driving the cows in the direction you want them to go.

    Approach the cows from behind and to the right to get them to go left, and vice versa. Keep them moving toward the yellow mark on the map. Those cows will join up with a bunch more cows and pick up speed.

    Keep doing what you’ve been doing, but now at a gallop. Stay close to the cows if you can and try to keep them together by riding back and forth behind them. Before long you’ll get to a new pasture and the mission will be over.

    Wild Horses, Tamed Passions

    Time to learn to use a lasso. Yet again, head out to your horse and mount up, then follow the MacFarlanes.

    This is another simple one. Follow Mr. MacFarlane out to the wild herd of horses. When you get there, ride toward them.

    As you get close, hold LT to ready the lasso. As soon as you’re pretty close to a horse and can get a clear shot at it, hit RT to throw the rope.

    You’ll snag a horse when you’re close enough and line up your aim. Make sure to stay close to it and continue to hold down LT, and don’t break the rope on any objects.

    Hit Y to dismount from your horse and climb onto the wild one. You’ll have to break it, which basically means taking part in a one-man rodeo.

    The only job here is to outlast the horse. Use the Left Analog Stick to keep Marston balanced on the horse and if he slips off, you’ll have to start over. The horse will buck for a minute or so before finally calming down and submitting to your authority.

    Repeat the process to get a second horse. When you’re done, follow Bonnie back to the ranch, where Mr. MacFarlane will send you after another herd of horses.

    Stick with Bonnie. You’ll ride out to where some ranch hands are waiting. Join up with them and head out toward a heard of wild horses.

    Bonnie sends you to herd the horses toward a canyon. It’s marked in yellow on your map. Ride behind the herd the way you did the cattle, trying to keep them together.

    It’s pretty simple, and before long you’ll make it to the canyon and the horses will be wrangled. A second later, a stallion breaks free and takes off down the canyon. Guess who gets to fetch it.

    Ride out fast as soon as you are able and if you let the stallion get too far ahead, you’ll lose it and fail this portion of the mission.

    The stallion appears as a white blip on your map, and it will race out of the canyon first, then make fast circles in the desert beyond. Get in front of it to slow it down and lasso it.

    Repeat the process for breaking the horse. This one is a little tougher.

    Ride back to Bonnie on the stallion when you’re done and she’s just ahead of you and marked in blue. That’ll end the mission, leaving you free to do as you will.

    Next time you go to find Bonnie, she’ll be at the barn on the ranch.

    A Tempest Looms

    With a storm coming, you’ve got two herds of cattle that need to be brought back to the ranch, and quickly. Mount up and follow Bonnie out to the pastures.

    When you reach the herd, get to the yellow spot behind them. You’ll have to drive the cows to another pasture further on and marked on your map in yellow.

    In this herding mission, you’ll have a counter at the top of the screen notifying you of how many cows you’ve got. You can lose cows if they straggle out of the herd. A straggler is marked as a white blip on your map.

    Unlike in the other herding missions, losing a cow here means you have to go retrieve it. You can’t move on until you get all 11 cows to the other pasture.

    When you arrive and the herd regroups, the weather will spook the cows, sending them into a stampede.

    Your job now is to get in front of the cows to keep them from running straight off a cliff. They’re moving fast and it’s hard to get up enough speed to get in front of them, however.

    Gallop as fast as you can by tapping A, but watch the horse stamina meter to the left of your map. If it falls all the way down, the horse will buck you off.

    Instead of working to get all the way in front of the cows, come up beside them and start to lean toward them so they veer off to the side. In this way you can maximize the effect of your speed, slowing the cows down until you can get all the way in front.

    You may lose a few cows off the cliff, but if you’re quick, you can keep most or all of them and the cows you save affects your stats at the end of the mission.

    After you’ve stopped the cows from going over the cliff, you need to round up all the stragglers into a group and herd them back to the ranch. Stopped stragglers are dark blue blips on the map and stragglers in motion are light blue blips.

    Stick with the herd, pushing them toward the yellow mark on your map. You have help this time, so for the most part the steering will be done for you if you stay behind the cows.

    Your biggest job is to make sure none of the cows gets left behind or diverted. Round up any that get away from you and it’s pretty simple.

    Before long, you’ll hit the corral. Send the cows in to the yellow X to end the mission, wrapping up Bonnie’s set of assignments until you complete “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit” for Armadillo’s Marshal.

    The Burning

    You’ll find Bonnie near the barn again, close to your house. Mount up and follow her to go look for Mr. MacFarlane.

    MacFarlane is out in a field, investigating several dead men and horses. He sends you and Bonnie back to the ranch for the wagon, so ride all the way back to where you started.

    Approaching the ranch, you’ll see smoke rising from the barn. Gallop over to the barn, being careful not to run anyone over as you approach and “terrorizing the townsfolk” will fail you and force you to restart at the last checkpoint.

    The barn door is barred and Bonnie asks you to climb up the side of the barn to get into the hayloft. Go around to the left side of the barn and run to the yellow X. Hit X to jump and forward on the Left Analog Stick to climb up.

    The yellow X’s mark the spots you need to climb. Don’t worry about speed and trying to run or move to quickly makes Marston a little careless and falling off the barn is not only easy, it’s annoying.

    When you jump onto the barn itself, you’ll have to shimmy left along the beam you’re holding to get to the walkway. Once there, follow the wooden walkway around the side to an opening into the hayloft. Climb down using the ladders to the ground floor.

    Run to the door to get it open, then go from horse to horse, hitting X to slap it and send it running.

    The last horse you’ll have to ride out. Mount it, get some space, then gallop and hit X to jump the flaming pile of debris. Once outside, ride to the corral, which is marked in yellow.

    That’s the end of this mission. You’ll get a positive Honor boost and some fame for completing it, and a new mission, “Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane,” will be available from Armadillo’s Marshal.

    Armadillo’s Marshal

    Political Realities in Armadillo

    Meet the marshal in the sheriff’s office, marked with the big “M” on the map. After a conversation, he’ll have you accompany him to the saloon.

    At the saloon, you’ll start tailing an outlaw named Walton. Whistle for your horse by pressing Up on the Directional Pad.

    Mount up and follow the marshal as he pursues Walton. After a while, you’ll automatically hop off the horse for a fight. Get into cover with RB and leave it with the same button.

    Move from position to position when the marshal tells you to. You’ll see a yellow X advising you where to go next. When you have a clear shot, stand up and open fire on the bandits shooting at you.

    ACHIEVEMENT! This is a good chance to try to snag “The Gunslinger” Achievement. Do so by holding LT to get the little white aiming reticule and and get a headshot. Your “Targeting Mode” has to be set to “Expert” in the Options menu, on the Config screen.

    Keep shooting outlaws and moving up to new cover positions. When you get to the outhouse, Walton himself will come out to take a shot at you.

    Walton makes a run for it if you don’t shoot him immediately. Chase him until you can get a clean shot. Try to hit him in the legs or lower body to take him alive and you’ll get more money and Honor.

    NOTE: Honor, like Fame, is dependent on how you conduct yourself. You lose Honor if you act like a villain, killing people you could otherwise capture, while you gain Honor for acting like a hero. Maxing out your Honor in one direction or the other and being a full Outlaw or a full Hero and goes toward earning the “Man of Honor/Chivalry’s Dead” Achievement.

    After the marshal leaves, you’ll earn some money and get a Fame and Honor boost. You can then loot the bodies of your enemies with Y and gather their ammo.

    Inside the little house where Walton was, check inside to the right of the door for a chest with some money and ammo inside.

    When you’re finished, you can build a campsite by accessing it in your Satchel under “Kit,” which allows you to save and travel quickly to places you’ve already been, such as Armadillo. For this guide, we return to Armadillo to see the marshal for a new mission.

    Justice of Pike’s Basin

    Call your horse and ride with the posse. They’re leading you to a canyon in Hennigan’s Stead.

    Dismount with the marshal and head in. As you approach, you’ll find yourself walking into an ambush. Take cover.

    Your first order of business is to take out the sniper on top of the ridge ahead of you. He’s way up high and can hit you behind cover if you get any closer than the first rocks you can take cover behind as you enter the area.

    With the sniper dead, you’re clear to sprint up and take cover closer to the action and but do so quickly to avoid getting riddled with holes along the way.

    Grab cover again and finish off the outlaws here. You can then choose to follow the deputies to the left or the marshal to the right.

    Regardless of your path, the job is the same and keep moving to cover, taking out enemies along the way. On the marshal side, before long you’ll push the outlaws back to a small camp site. Blast them, then take a second to loot the bodies and find two chests with money and ammo inside.

    When you’re ready to move on, the marshal will call out the position of two snipers across the canyon from you. Look for their muzzle flashes and take them out with your rifle.

    Ahead are some rope bridges that allow the group to reconvene. Shoot the outlaws who are running to take cover on the far side, then cross the bridge and stay low to regroup with the others.

    Press L3 to duck and stay low, moving up to cover along the side of the oulaws’ camp. Stay down and you’ll avoid alerting the enemies down below.

    Take cover quickly near the marshal. You should see a sentry on patrol up ahead of you. When you’re ready to start the attack, open fire on him.

    Bandits are scattered all around this area, up ahead and along the trail down to the camp below. You’re better off getting close, but stay behind cover to avoid taking fire from the enemies scattered below you.

    Follow the lawmen as they go down the ramp. Loot bodies if you want as you got to replenish your ammunition, but keep to cover.

    The lawmen will do serious damage to the outlaws if you let them all on their own. Keep up with them to stay in the mix. When the last outlaw is killed, you’ll end the mission down in the camp.

    Take a second after the mission to search the tents for money and ammo. There’s a chest in each one containing goods for you to take.

    Finishing this mission also makes new missions available from Nigel West Dickens, who is located south of Armadillo. You’re done with the marshal’s missions until you complete the first Nigel West Dickens Mission.

    Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit

    NOTE: Available after completing the Nigel West Dickens mission “Old Swindler Blues.”

    Ride with the marshal’s posse out to the bandits. Before long, you’ll see some vultures circling a campsite where everyone has been killed. Ride to it.

    You’ll get a new rifle from investigating the campsite. Hop back on your horse and return to the marshal. Don’t lollygag and if you wait too long, you’ll lose the posse and fail the mission.

    Keep following the lawmen. You’ll come on another gruesome massacre. Stick with them until you reach Ridgewood Farm.

    The marshal assigns you to check a few buildings. Jump off your horse and check a shed to your left, then the outhouse further up. Both are marked in yellow.

    After you’ve investigated a little, meet the marshal at the barn. Hop off your horse and shoot the boards off the door.

    Inside, a woman will tell you the killers are holed up in the farmhouse, and they have more hostages there. Head to the farmhouse and take cover near the outside, as enemies will be filling the porch as you approach.

    Take out as many as you can from here. Outlaws will be stationed on the second floor and inside the windows, and a couple will come out the door to take cover on the porch.

    When they’re all dead, head inside and take cover behind some of the furniture. Sweep the bottom floor of three or so enemies and they’ll appear on your map and before heading upstairs.

    There are two bad guys on the second floor in empty rooms. Take cover beside the doorways to give yourself and easy and safe way to take them.

    When you get around to the left side of the second floor, you’ll find a closed door. Take cover beside it and open it with Y

    Inside, one of the bandits is using a woman as a shield. To kill him, use the Dead Eye ability by pressing R3. This slows down the action to allow you time to carefully plan your shot and save the hostage, if you choose to do so.

    NOTE: Your choice to save the hostage or not, like most of your actions in the game, can affect your honor rating, so choose your actions wisely.

    That’s your last bad guy. Return to the farmers outside and go to the blue blip and and then mount up to pursue the gang’s boss. Follow the marshal.

    You’ll reach the last of the gang at a ridge. Marston and the posse take cover in a half-destroyed shed nearby when the shooting starts. Stay here and pick your shots.

    The shootout is pretty simple, especially if you use Dead Eye. Keep shooting until everyone’s dead, including the second group of enemies that descends down the ridge.

    After the mission, loot the bodies again. Finishing this mission opens up “The Burning” from Bonnie MacFarlane.

    Hanging Bonnie MacFarlane

    NOTE: This mission becomes available after completing Bonnie MacFarlane’s assignment, “The Burning.”

    Mount up and follow the marshal way out west of Armadillo to Tumble Weed. When you get there, you’ll be escorting the prisoner, Deek, into the center of town.

    Not far in, outlaws will meet you and and, of course, double-cross you. They’ll shoot Deek and you if you’re not careful.

    Use Dead Eye to drop the three in the road and run for cover. There’s another shooter up to the right of you on the second floor of the building. Kill him before advancing, as he’s a menace even while you’re in cover.

    Ahead, there’s all kinds of cover and men between you and Bonnie, who is marked in blue. Move up from position to position and clear the way forward.

    As you get closer to Bonnie, the bandits will try to hang her. When you get control back, take cover and push forward and to the right.

    Up ahead of you is a building that’s full of outlaws with objects out in front of it, and a well. The gallows is to the right of the building and look for Bonnie hanging there, again marked in blue on your map.

    When you see Bonnie, use Dead Eye and put a mark on the rope above her. Shoot it to stop her hanging and save her life.

    That frees you up to finish the outlaws. They’re scattered around the area, so take cover and pick your shots. With the marshal’s men helping, it shouldn’t take long to mop up.

    Head for Bonnie when the fighting ends. That ends the mission, giving you a Fame bump. You’re free to loot bodies and check out Tumbleweed afterward.

    Nigel West Dickens

    Old Swindler Blues

    You’ll find a guy who looks like the Wizard of Oz out in the middle of nowhere south of Armadillo. He’s marked with a “W” on your map.

    The drive back to Armadillo’s a longish one. You’re manning the carriage, but you’re also capable of shooting by holding LT just as you would while riding a horse.

    Follow the yellow path to stay on the road toward the town. As you go, outlaws will start attacking the carriage, trying to get to Dickens. They appear as red blips on your minimap.

    There’s a life bar on the top of the screen for Dickens in blue. You need to get back to Armadillo before the outlaws drain it completely.

    Keep your speed up but be careful not to overtax your horses. Watch the horse stamina bar and if it depletes, the horses will slow dramatically and outlaws will certainly overtake you.

    At first, the attackers are mostly to the sides and back of you. You’ll take a lot of fire, but you have to ignore them unless they’re near your sides or in front where you can hit them. Just keep moving while this is the case.

    NOTE: You’ll make this mission dramatically easier by switching your Aiming Type on the Options Menu’s Config screen from Expert to Normal. This gives you an auto-lock on enemies when you push LT, allowing you to hit the outlaws much more reliably. Switch targets by letting go and hitting LT again quickly.

    Keep moving and firing. If you can keep your speed up carefully and follow the path, you should be able to make Armadillo in one piece. The men that are pursuing Dickens won’t risk entering the town.

    Drop Dickens off at the doctor to end the mission. Finishing here unlocks the Armadillo Marshal’s mission “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit.”

    You Shall Not Give False Testimony, Except for Profit

    NOTE: This mission becomes available after you complete “Spare the Rod, Spoil the Bandit” for Armadillo’s Marshal.

    Dickens asks you to drive him to Ridgewood Farm. Dickens explains he wants to help him sell his snake oil. As you approach the farm, he’ll have you walk the rest of the way.

    Run to the farm and go to the yellow marker and and watch the show. Dickens will ask you to shoot a distant target off the porch.

    The skull hanging from the porch is easy enough to hit. Line up the shot while holding LT and the skull even glows a little for you.

    Next you’ll have to shoot a man’s hat out the air. Hit LT to draw your gun, and when he throws it, hit R3 to go to Dead Eye mode. Put the cursor over the hat to mark it, then fire.

    The man challenges Marston to a fight. Lock onto him by holding LT and throw punches with RT.

    The trick here is to try to back away from the big guy’s punches, then pummel him. You can defend yourself by holding RB and hitting it in conjunction with the Left Analog Stick helps you to dodge.

    Land a few punches and you’ll see a Y prompt appear in the bottom right corner of your screen. Hit Y and you’ll tackle the man, pinning him. Tap RT repeatedly to pummel the defenseless louse into submission.

    Beat up on the man enough and you’ll win the fight. After that, like all good sports, he’ll draw a gun on you.

    Draw your gun and hit R3 to activate Dead Eye. Target the man’s hand and fire to make him drop the gun. Beating him finally will end the mission.

    That’s the last of Dickens’ missions until you visit his buddy Seth at Coot’s chapel, southeast of Armadillo. Seth will give you assignments of his own.

    Liars, Cheats and Other Proud Americans

    NOTE: Complete Seth’s mission, “Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies” to access this mission.

    Climb into the wagon to ride shotgun with West Dickens. You’re heading out to Gap Tooth Breach.

    You can skip to your arrival by hitting A, but if you don’t, you’ll be privy to a story conversation between Marston and West Dickens.

    When you arrive, West Dickens enters you in a carriage race. Head over to the blue-marked carriage and hop on to get started.

    Like in your race against Bonnie earlier in the game, race from bonfire to bonfire to follow the course. The bonfire is marked as a series of yellow points on your minimap,

    The race itself is easy and the other racers, while cutthroat, are not very good. Once you break away from the pack early on, you shouldn’t have much difficulty. Watch out for attempts to run your carriage off the road.

    Be most careful of using too much speed and taking corners too hard. The carriage is lighter than others you’ve dealt with, and therefore has a tendency to slide around some. Much of the course is on cliffs and riverbanks, so the danger of falling off is real.

    Even then, you should win this race handily. Once you do, get back on West Dickens’ carriage and he’ll take you out to Benedict Point.

    Finish the mission and you’ll be allowed to take on new assignments from West Dickens’ friend, Irish, an arms dealer.

    Can a Swindler Change His Spots?

    West Dickens can now be found in Plainview, which is located south of Tumbleweed and southeast of Benedict Point.

    Join the crowd to watch the show and help West Dickens swindle them. As soon as you do, however, two riders trot up looking to kill West Dickens.

    Run around to the right side of the carriage to ride shotgun. It’s your job to keep the area clear of enemies. Unlike last time, the only danger is that they’ll kill you, not West Dickens.

    The mission is pretty basic: keep shooting. Watch the minimap for red blips and at first, they’ll be coming from behind you almost exclusively.

    Use Dead Eye to set up multiple shots if you need them. With it, you can clear several riders at once. Otherwise, just keep knocking down enemies while West Dickens drives.

    Before long, a few enemies will appear ahead of you, on a large boulder you’re passing. Take them out, as the high ground will make you vulnerable.

    You’re also approaching a carriage road block. Several of the carriages are loaded with dynamite, however and look in the beds for red boxes. Shoot one to blow up the whole roadblock.

    As you advance, enemies will start coming at you from all sides. Use Dead Eye to keep them from ganging up. When carriage-riding attackers appear from the sides, look for an opportunity to shoot any dynamite they’re carrying.

    NOTE: Set off a carriage with dynamite too close to your own vehicle and you’ll fail the mission by destroying it.

    Before long, you’ll reach Cueva Seca and safe haven. The mission ends with you gaining some Fame. West Dickens will be in Cueva Seca for the next mission.

    The Sport of Kings, and Liars

    Ride your horse with West Dickens to Rathskeller Fork, which is north of Gaptooth Ridge. You’ve got another race to run.

    When you arrive, ride your horse into the settlement and then to the other entrance, where the start position is marked with a yellow X.

    You’ve run races before, but this time the riders are more civil. You don’t have to worry about them trying to kill you, and there aren’t really any cliffs that can do you in, either.

    Just keep following the path and maintain your horse’s speed. You’ll want to try to tap the A button so that your horse’s stamina bar stays around one-half to one-quarter. If you get bucked off, you’ll lose the race for sure.

    When it’s over, you’ll get a decent Fame increase and West Dickens will leave you in Rathskeller Fort.


    Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies

    After your initial conversation with Seth, he’ll lead you on horseback out to Benedict Point, which is south of Tumbleweed.

    Upon arrival, you’ll learn your job and distract a pair of lawmen so Seth can get to his partner. To do so, you have to steal one of their horses.

    Jump on one of the horses marked in blue and gallop out of there. The marshals will pursue you and you’ll gain a Wanted level and a bounty on your head. You’ll have to lose the marshals before you can return to Seth.

    The purple area around the marshals represents their ability to see you. Speed up and get out of the purple area, or put land between you and the lawmen so they can’t see you, and your wanted level will decrease.

    When the word “Wanted” in the upper-right corner of the screen changes from red to white, the marshals will stop pursuing you.

    Return to Seth. After a cutscene, you’ll have to run down his ex-partner, Moses, and lasso him. Hogtie Moses and drag him back to Seth. You’ll get a pardon letter to use to get rid of the bounty on you from the horse theft.

    Follow Moses into the nearby telegram station and either pay off your bounty or use the pardon. You’ll get a Fame bump for ending the mission and open up a new mission from West Dickens at Ridgewood Farm.

    A Gentle Drive with Friends

    You’re driving Seth’s wagon out to a yellow-marked spot on the map. As you go, you’ll be attacked by Seth’s treasure-hunter enemies on horseback.

    This can get tough. You’re dealing with a lot of enemies shooting at you. Speed is your best weapon, but you’ll also occasionally have to shoot at enemies as well.

    NOTE: It’s recommended you use a pistol for this ride rather than a rifle, as it’ll shoot faster and allow you more flexibility.

    Follow the yellow route. The treasure-hunter riders will throw molotov cocktails at you from time to time, trying to set your wagon on fire. Shoot the men carrying fire or dodge where the bombs land.

    The enemies that pose the real threat are the riders who come up alongside the carriage. They can put the hurt on you and, much more alarmingly, they’ll attack your horses. You can lose one, which slows your wagon substantially.

    If any enemies get alongside you, take them out as fast as you can. Use Dead Eye if you have to, which will help you make your shots count. Keep the area around the front of the carriage clear to protect the horses.

    Expect to take a lot of damage. You might need to use a dose of medicine to make sure you don’t succumb, but focus on driving more than anything. It’s worth it to waste a medicine to get through this mission.

    Keep the wagon going fast, just like you do with your horse, by keeping the horse stamina marker between a half and a quarter. About midway, Seth will tell you the goal is to get to Tumbleweed, which might help you track your course.

    Fight off the enemies a little longer, or more aptly, outlast them, and you’ll arrive safe in Tumbleweed. You’ll get a little money and some Fame for completing the mission, and you’ll find Seth in Tumbleweed for his next mission.

    Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

    Back at Tumbleweed, Seth tells you the treasure he’s looking for is in the mansion at the far end of town. As you head there, however, you’ll be ambushed by treasure hunters.

    Take cover and start clearing out the enemies. There’s debris and items all over Tumbleweed you can use for cover. Use Dead Eye to knock down several enemies as you go.

    The first big threat is the guy up the stairs to the left, taking cover on the second story of a building. Blast him to keep your flank clear.

    Now move up and take cover. Push forward toward the building ahead, clearing out the four or five guys around it. Inside are two more.

    With that clear, you can go through the building and use it for cover on the other side. There are a few guys waiting there, and more enemies taking cover outside the mansion.

    Move up and keep shooting. Clear the way inside and approach the front door.

    NOTE: Loot the body of one of the treasure hunters to add the Treasure Hunter Outfit to the Outfit menu.

    You’ll have to go around to the basement to enter the mansion, but as soon as you’re inside, you’re ambushed. Take cover and clear out the first two treasure hunters here.

    Head up the stairs out of the basement. There’s a hole in the wall ahead where you can take cover and deal with the three guys in the next room. One is up the stairs and two are on the ground floor.

    With those guys dead, head upstairs and take on two more outlaws as they come to stop you. Continue into the bedroom ahead and get cover at the wall with the door on your right.

    Kill the last guy and he’s inside this room and and Seth will get to the chest. That ends your mission with a little money and some Fame. You can loot bodies now that you’re done.


    A Frenchman, a Welshman and an Irishman

    NOTE: Finish Nigel West Dickens’ mission “Liars, Cheats, and Other Proud Americans” to access this mission.

    When you find Irish in Armadillo, he’s being drowned in a horse trough by two of his associates. One’s armed with a knife, the other a revolver, and both will try to kill you before you can get to Irish.

    Use Dead Eye or just old-fashioned aiming to take down these two clowns. It shouldn’t be much trouble, but watch for Welsh, the man in the bowler hat, to try to get close so he can gut you with his knife. Blast him when he does.

    After Irish is safe, mount up and follow him out to a shack guarded by a group of thieves. Head in and speak with them and but get ready to fight.

    Grab cover when the shooting starts. You can use Dead Eye straight away to take out three or four of the tightly bunched enemies. Ravage them with your gun, then take out the stragglers from cover.

    As you approach the cabin after you’ve finished the fight, pull your gun and blast the guy waiting to get the drop on you in the doorway. Head inside to end the mission.

    The next time you go looking for Irish, he’ll be in Benedict Point.

    Man is Born Unto Trouble

    Mount your horse and follow Irish out to Gap Tooth Breach. You’ll approach a mining camp where Irish says the machine gun is stashed.

    Approach the first two guards and use Dead Eye to drop them quickly. Then sprint up into the camp to a rock where you can take cover.

    There are enemies both in front and to the right of you as you enter the camp. The guys on the right side are nearer the shaft and some have elevated positions.

    Take out the guys ahead of you from cover, then move up and take cover facing the right side. Miners are scattered near the entrance to the shaft.

    Once you kill the first group of guards, a few more miners will come running out the shaft. Use Dead Eye to drop them before they can even fight back.

    Now head into the mine. Get your gun out, as you’re about to run into a patrolling guard just around the bend. Kill him and move down, finding cover before you get too deep.

    Ahead, another miner is behind cover and firing at you. Look for a dynamite box down and to the right in the shaft for some additional firepower. Hit it to clear the way.

    The mine forks left up ahead. As you approach the larger area, you’ll have an enemy ahead to the left and one behind cover to the right.

    Look for a small box of dynamite beside the left miner’s position. Blow it to kill him, then sprint to the center of the room and use a mine car for cover. Shoot the TNT barrel near the other miner to kill him, too.

    Advance on a little further and two more guys will be running to take cover and stop you. There’s a TNT barrel to the left of them, but you can drop both with Dead Eye as they’re setting up as well.

    Around the next bend are three more miners behind cover in staggered positions down the shaft. Look for TNT as you get close. Take cover and get rid of them one at a time to stay safest.

    Move up, taking cover, and watch around the next turn for more miners behind cover. You can sprint to a spot from the corner on the left side and take both with a barrel of dynamite between them.

    The next area is a wide-open space where the gun is kept, with four guys guarding it. Look for a TNT barrel you can hit to the right, and a box just visible in the center of the room.

    Run in and grab cover to fight the guys to the left of the gun. One’s further down the shaft, while the other is a little closer. Use Dead Eye to get both as they stand to attack you.

    Now you have to push the mine cart out of the mine. Approach it and hit Y to grab on. Push it out to the elevator at the opening of the mine.

    Outside, you’ll have to defend the cart as you push it. A few of the miners will rush you from the sides of the track, but they’re easy to kill.

    Up ahead, you’ll get a view of an enemy setting a barrel of dynamite as a trap. Shoot it before you reach it to clear the way.

    Push or ride all the way to the yellow marker to meet back up with Irish. With the mission ended, you’ll receive a lot more Fame. Search the mining camp’s tents for treasure chests, too.

    The next time you go looking for Irish, you’ll find him way out east of MacFarlane’s Ranch in Thieves’ Landing.

    On Shaky’s Ground

    Find Irish and follow him to the warehouse in Thieves’ Landing. You’ll find you need to go around back to get inside. Climb the stairs when you get there.

    You’ll need to sneak inside. Run back down the stairs and go to the ladder that’s marked in yellow. Climb it and the one to the right at the top to get to the roof.

    To sneak inside, crouch down with L3 and move slowly to the window on the opposite side of the roof. Get in and walk to where you can see an outlaw patrolling the second floor, to the right of the window.

    Pull your knife, drop down behind him, and slice the guy with the Right Trigger to kill him silently.

    Turn around and go to the door behind you, where three men have Shaky held in a chair. Take cover in the doorway and use Dead Eye to drop them.

    Go to Shaky to release him. You’ll then have to fight your way out of the warehouse.

    NOTE: Before you leave, open the chest to the left of Shaky’s chair for some cash.

    Run back out the door and take cover at the crates on the second floor. Start knocking down bad guys from this position.

    Look straight across at the second-floor railing on the other side of the room. There are three bandits in cover in that area, and between two of them, a dynamite box. Hit it to do some damage.

    Finish up the last of the guys inside the warehouse and follow Shaky down to the warehouse gate. Open it with Y and run out side, grabbing cover. You have more enemies to your left and in front of you.

    From this position, you should be in good shape to sharpshoot and Dead Eye the last of the opposition. After that, Shaky leads you left, but more guys are standing in your way. Go to the first set of crates that are lying horizontally on the ground and take cover there.

    After you’ve cleared the first group, sprint up and take cover a little further ahead. You should only have two or three more outlaws to fight from this position.

    Follow Shaky on to the machine gun bullets and a wagon. Irish will drive while you ride shotgun.

    Of course, more bandits are pursuing you after a few minutes’ drive out of Thieves’ Landing. They mostly come from behind in groups of two or three. By this point, you know what to do.

    Watch as you drive along the road for a bridge with a horseback gunman on it. Give him a quick shot and his horse will send him flying off the bridge.

    Defend yourself with Irish a little while longer and you’ll wind up at MacFarlane’s Ranch. That ends Irish’s missions, and if you’ve completed those of Seth and West Dickens, you’ll be ready to meet Armadillo’s marshal at Fort Mercer.

    The Assault on Fort Mercer

    NOTE: This mission is accessible once you complete the Armadillo’s Marshal, Nigel West Dickens, Seth and Irish missions.

    Meet everyone on the ridge south of Fort Mercer. West Dickens will put you on the machine gun in the back of his wagon and take it into the fort.

    When Marston opens the doors, hold down RT and start decimating the outlaw forces. Use your minimap to pin down their cover locations and just keep firing.

    Look around for TNT boxes scattered around the fort to take out multiple enemies. If you get into trouble, remember to use medicine to keep yourself alive.

    After two or three waves of enemies, you’ll get down off the machine gun and accompany the marshal and his deputies to mop up the outlaws. Go with them up the stairs on the left side of the fort to get onto the walls. Grab cover and start knocking down enemies.

    The path continues to a wall up ahead, then right to a set of stairs leading down. Use cover to move along it and kill the guys further down. Make sure you give cover to the deputies and marshal.

    NOTE: If any of your allies are killed along the way, you’ll fail the mission and have to restart at a checkpoint earlier.

    Move along the path and take cover at the walls when more enemies appear beneath you. Finish them and it should be pretty easy and and meet the marshal downstairs to regroup.

    Reinforcements are on their way to the fort, which means you need to man the machine gun again. You’ll be pretty much in the open and on your own, and your only defense is to mow down your enemies.

    The trick here is to kill enemies as fast as possible. They’ll set up on both sides of you, dropping off their horses to grab cover. Do not stop firing. You’ll take more and more damage as more men get set up and you won’t last long.

    Keep clearing troops from both sides, using the minimap as a guide to where they’re hiding.

    When you see a carriage being pulled down the road strafing you, make it your primary target immediately. It carries a machine gun of its own and can be devastating. Luckily, there’s a red dynamite box in the wagon that you can nail to take the whole thing out.

    Ideally, you want to eliminate one whole group of enemies in one area, so that you can turn your attention to new ones as they appear on your minimap. This way, you can stop bad guys before they can get to cover and open fire on you.

    A second machine gun carriage will appear to the left of your position, which is an indicator that you’re nearing the end. Fire at the same area on this one to hit the TNT and blow it.

    It’s just mop-up after that. Finish the last of the enemies to end the mission. Look for the “I” logo to find Irish at his ferry for the next mission. It’s south of MacFarlane’s Ranch at the river, a place known as Brittlebrush Trawl

    ACHIEVEMENT! You’ll get the “Land of Opportunity” Achievement for taking the fort.

    We Shall Be Together in Paradise

    Meet Irish at the ferry to depart. Check the boxes on the left side of the raft for a Springfield Rifle.

    As you start across, bandits will appear on the far side and open fire. Pull the rifle (that was handy!) and start taking them out.

    Irish turns the raft sideways and you start to float with the current, giving you access to the pile of stuff along the side of the raft to use as cover. Just sit under cover and take the enemies out as you pass.

    Further on, look right, downstream. There’s a high ridge there, and on top, a bandit hucking sticks of dynamite at you.

    You need to kill this guy, and fast, or you’ll pay for it. His dynamite sticks fall short three or four times, but he heaves them quickly. Kill him to protect the raft.

    More enemies appear down river. Kill them from cover as you have been and they’re really not that big of a deal, even when there are a lot of them.

    You’ll continue in this vein for a while until you see another guy with dynamite ahead on a ridge. He’s your real threat and kill him with Dead Eye if you have to.

    Shortly after that, when you see more guys on a cliff face downriver, get ready for a third dynamite-thrower just a little beyond.

    More shooting, more cover, and another dynamite guy. This occurs right after the spot in the river where there are slight rapids on the right side.

    Irish will notify you of a beach just ahead and but you’ll be ambushed by two more bandits near the horses on the beach. Blast them and hop off the raft to go to the mark. As Irish departs, the mission ends.

    You now have access to missions from Landon Ricketts in Chuparosa, marked with an “LR,” or De Santa in Punta Orgullo, marked with a “D.” Both are to the west. When you get to Chuparosa, you’ll automatically start “The Gunslinger’s Tragedy.”

    Landon Ricketts

    The Gunslinger’s Tragedy

    Upon meeting Ricketts in Chuparosa, you’ll receive the Schofield revolver and he’ll give you some shooting training. Follow the instructions to use Dead Eye and knock out the three bottles. Tag them with RB.

    Next, Ricketts will take you to try using Dead Eye on some birds. Repeat the process and kill at least two in one Dead Eye session.

    Follow Ricketts into town and he’ll tell you to mount up with him. Outside of town, you’ll come on some bandits holding up a bank wagon.

    Kill the first few bandits as you approach the wagon. You’ll need to use Dead Eye on this last enemy to kill him and save the hostage and if that’s what you want to do.

    Escort the wagon back toward the town. As you get close to Chuparosa, you’ll find a carriage blocking the road. Take down the outlaws and there’s even dynamite in the wagon and and continue to the town to finish the mission.

    Landon Ricketts Rides Again

    Ricketts wants you to accompany him to El Matadero, east of Chuparosa. You can ride the train with him or ride your horse there yourself. You don’t miss out on any story by choosing to forgo Ricketts’ company.

    If you take the train, keep following Ricketts to get a horse and ride on to your destination.

    Head inside the building where Ricketts leads to you to trigger another cinematic. Stick with the men afterward until you get to a spot overlooking the cave where the soldiers are waiting, and duck down with Ricketts.

    When the guards are led away by Carlos, head into the cave and start firing. Stick with Ricketts and use Dead Eye to just gun down the soldiers, who are basically caught unawares and pretty bad at fighting.

    Shoot your way to the back of the cave, where Ricketts will start to prepare dynamite to open the cell door. It’s your job to guard him, which is simple as well. You’ll only have to kill two pairs of guards before he’s ready.

    Now Ricketts has to carry Luisa out, leaving you to do all the revolver work. Head through the cave, taking out the five or so soldiers between you and the exit. A few are under cover, but they’re mostly easily dispatched.

    Once outside, mount your horse. As you ride out of the gorge, more soldiers will be entrenched on the sides. Use your map to keep track of them.

    When you get out of the gorge, Carlos will ride up to meet you. The mission ends there, with a Fame boost and an Honor bump depending on your actions.

    Lucky in Love

    Ricketts is playing poker in Chuparosa. Meet him there and he’ll invite you into the game.

    You only have to win one hand before things with Muller, the man to your right, escalate.

    Muller challenges you to a duel. Follow the instructions to learn how to do it. Kill him if you choose.

    Defeating Muller earns you another duel with a man holding a hostage. When you draw, you need to hit the Stranger without hitting the woman. Aim for his face.

    As soon as the duel’s over, the last of Muller’s men will attack you and Ricketts. Grab some cover and take them out and there’s only four of them.

    Finishing the mission earns you a boost in Fame.

    The Mexican Wagon Train

    Mount up and ride out with Ricketts. Before long, you’ll come upon the prison convoy you’re meant to hijack.

    The best way to do this is to come up behind the enemies and Dead Eye as many heads as you can. Clear out the horseback riders first.

    Next, ride up and shoot the wagon drivers. Be careful to do so when the wagons aren’t in danger of flying off a cliff or something.

    When you’ve cleared out the soldiers, hop on one of the wagons and drive to the yellow marker. You’re headed to the bridge in the distance.

    You won’t run into any resistance until you get to the bridge. There’s a barricade on both sides and soldiers all over. Look for a vulnerable box of dynamite on the right side of the barricade.

    Squeeze the carriage down the center of the bridge to avoid the wood barricade. You’ll have to shot some more guys as you cross, and then pick up some speed to avoid being shot by the machine gun on a boat in the river.

    Without too much difficulty, you’ll make it to the American side of the river and the mark where you can drop off the prisoners.

    A Fame bump is your reward for the safe delivery of the prisoners and finishing the mission.

    De Santo

    Civilization, At Any Price

    Find De Santo in Escalera, marked with a “D.”

    After a conversation, hop on De Santo’s wagon or ride your horse to Chuparosa.

    When you arrive, you’ll need to follow De Santo down to the railroad tracks, then ride alongside the engine as an escort.

    Ride alongside the train as it starts and try to keep ahead of it. Before long, horseback rebels will start attacking the engine. Its life bar is on top of the screen, denoting how much damage it can sustain.

    Go back and forth along the sides of the train, stopping the attackers. They’ll appear on both sides, so stay up toward the front of the train so you can cross in front to get to the other side.

    You’ll deal with a few waves of horseback assailants, as well as a few on foot, before you get to a tunnel east of Las Hermanas. On the other side, bandits are setting up an ambush.

    If you ride up ahead, you can knock out lots of the bandits ahead of time and some carry molotov cocktails, which do a lot of damage to the engine. For the most part, though, the horseback enemies are your main concern.

    Casa Madrugada is your goal. When you get there, the rebels will back off. Ride into the town and meet De Santo.

    While you’re inside, rebels capture the train and take off with it. Your job and take it back. Mount a horse and ride off after the train.

    You first task is to kill everyone on board. You’ll see rebels all over the train. Start using Dead Eye and drop them.

    There are only five or six enemies on the train, so once it’s clear, you’re free to board. Ride on to the engine, get alongside, and hit X when prompted.

    Hopping onto the train stops it and ends the mission with some money and Fame.

    The Demon Drink

    After watching De Santa get chewed out, follow him to the horses, mount up and take to the trail. Midway, he’ll challenge you to race him to Tesoro Azul.

    The soldiers at Tesoro Azul are getting ready to assault the town and clear out the rebels. You get to lead them in.

    Go through the doors and take cover as soon as you can and the rebels are waiting in ambush.

    The enemies that are the biggest threat are on the rooftops. There’s one on the church in the center of town, and later there will be one or two on the building in the northeast corner. These guys dole out the punishment.

    Also be wary of going around with your revolver or shotgun like you’re invincible and many of the rebels have shotguns too, and they’ll take you out in two shots or less.

    Fight your way through town, taking cover as you go. When you’ve cleared everything but the church, take cover so you’re facing east. More guys will be flooding the area around the church at the far side of town.

    When everyone’s dead, De Santa will order the town burned down, and you have to help. Grab firebottles from the spot marked in green and torch the marked houses to end the mission.

    You’ll receive a big boost in Fame and the option to buy and use firebottles from here out.

    Empty Promises

    Ride down to the wagons with De Santa, then ride shotgun in his wagon. You’re on your way to Torquemada.

    When you arrive, you’ll be ambushed by rebels and go figure. Take them out, including the riders who are approaching from the right.

    You’ll get to Espinoza’s camp, which is being attacked by rebels. You get to play sniper. Grab the rifle off the nearby barrel, marked in green, and start blasting the riflemen on the ridge.

    Clear this first round of enemies and you’ll see a yellow marker appear, pushing you deeper into the fight. Run to it and grab cover. Start knocking out the rebels on the pass.

    Another round of enemies appears in the valley ahead. Go to the marker, kill the enemies. Then you’ll sweep forward with the soldiers to the ruins, where the rebels are making a stand.

    Get to cover at the ruins and use the sniper rifle to take out the distant riflemen. Then move up with the soldiers and start clearing out the last few squads of enemies.

    You’ll move to another area of ruins, then up a hill and toward a half-destroyed fort and the rebel stronghold. As you approach, let the soldiers do a lot of the principle fighting to keep you relatively safe.

    As you get close to the fort, whip out the sniper rifle and take out the riflemen on the parapets. That’ll make moving up easier.

    The soldiers, with your help, will finish the last of the rebels and take Torquemada. Your reward is some money, Fame, and another De Santa mission, back in Escalera.

    Mexican Caesar

    Jump on the wagon and ride shotgun. You’re headed to Chuparosa, where you’re going to meet a train.

    As you get close to Chuparosa, two groups of horsemen will attack the convoy from the right. Hit them as they approach quickly, and you won’t have much trouble.

    Nearing the train, another ambush and this time, it’s three or four riflemen on the ridges on either side of you as you pass between them.

    After a while longer, you’ll arrive in Chuparosa. Head to the train to hop on. You’ll be manning the gatling gun.

    You need to defend the train engine again, but this time with the use of the machine gun. Rebels appear first on the left side of the train, then on both. But because you’re not their main target, you have the luxury of picking your shots.

    Protect the engine from the attackers until you get to Las Hermanas, where you’ll go under a rock bridge and be attacked by riders on the other side. Shortly after you deal with them, riders will stop going directly for the engine and start boarding the back of the train.

    Despite having cover, you should still be able to mow down the rebels who get on the train cars behind you. Just blast them and don’t let up. The problem becomes having to split your attention between enemies on board and riders going for the engine.

    Remember that the engine is your priority. You need to stay alive, but if the engine is destroyed while you’re not paying attention, the mission ends anyway. Take down the riders and mop up the guys on the train during lulls.

    Fight through Casa Madrugada, where enemies will be waiting in the train station as you pass, and continue to be vigilant as you pass through El Presidio. Things will lighten up around there until the train stops in the army camp.

    Speak with the base captain and the mission will end with a Fame bump and a sizable monetary reward.

    Cowards Die Many Times

    NOTE: You must complete the Luisa mission, “Must a Savior Die?” to unlock this assignment.

    Go with De Santa on the wagon to Chuparosa.

    NOTE: If you listen to De Santa rather than skipping to your destination, he’ll propose a contest and whoever shoots the most animals on the way gets $25. If you hit five or six birds as you drive, you’ll win the money. You’ll get three opportunities in all.

    Disembark at Chuparosa and head into the church, which is marked.

    After the cutscene, sprint to the Posada. Around back are stairs.

    When you’re released, follow Reyes to the green mark. Open the chest to reclaim your weapon and take cover. Start dropping the soldiers to clear the way to the door of the building they’re guarding.

    When you’re ready, head inside. Shoot the soldier on the stairs and head up. There’s another at the top and kill him too.

    You can go right and finish the rest of the troops shooting at the rebels, but your goal is to the left. Bust through the door into that room and hit Dead Eye immediately. Use the boost to take out Espinoza and his body guard.

    Finishing Espinoza gets you a massive Fame boost and opens up new missions from Luisa in Campo Mirada and Reyes in Agave Viejo, just north of Las Hermanas.


    My Sister’s Keeper

    NOTE: Luisa’s missions become available when you finish Landon Rickett‘s assignment, “Landon Ricketts Rides Again.”

    You’ll find Luisa in Campo Mirada, south of Chuparosa. She’ll ask you to drive her sister to the docks near Escalera to the west, but you only have until sundown to do it.

    Drive the stagecoach until you come to a roadblock. You’re forced to stop, but after a second, the soldiers there will draw on you. Use Dead Eye to drop them and get out of there.

    A little further, a rebel stagecoach pulls a kamikaze into another roadblock. Just blow right by it, despite the bullets coming your way.

    Luisa’s sister will give you instructions about dodging the roadblocks, so listen to her. You’ll avoid the next one or two by taking alternate routes, but at Chuparosa, she wants you to go straight through them.

    At the bottom of the hill below Chuparosa, you’ll cut right under the train tracks, but three cavalry men will pursue you. You have to drop them and use Dead Eye to take them out. Hold A and your horses will stay on the road.

    With those guys dead, keep following the route your given. You’ll head up toward the train tracks, then down on a path that circles underneath a bridge.

    Up ahead, another stagecoach is blocking your way. Shoot the driver and power through.

    Finish the drive before the timer runs out and you’ll complete the mission with a Fame bump.

    Must a Savior Die?

    When you return to Campo Mirada, you’ll find the house burned down. Luisa asks you to ride shotgun on a rescue mission.

    At El Presido, you have to find a way in to the fortress to rescue Reyes. Go to the mark to find a spot where the wall is broken. Climb up with X.

    Follow the wall to the next mark, where you’ll find a sniper rifle. You need to quickly take out Reyes’ executioner. He’s marked on your map.

    After that, just start sniping soldiers. There are a lot of them, but keep an eye out for numerous TNT boxes that can tip the scales for you.

    After they’re all dead, take the ladder to the left of your position and go to Reyes, marked in blue. Release him and follow your map to get a horse.

    Ride out of the fort after picking up Reyes. A guide is waiting there to lead you down the hill. Follow him and don’t worry about the riders behind you.

    Up ahead, however, are riflemen standing to the right of the path. Take them out and if they hit Reyes, he’ll be knocked off the horse and you’ll have to go back for him.

    Do the same with the riflemen at the top of the hill. After that, ride hard to keep up with the guide and you’ll be out of danger after a few moments. The guide will lead you to where Luisa waits with a raft. Follow the blue marker.

    You get a pretty giant Fame boost for saving Reyes, and open the De Santa mission, “Cowards Die Many Times,” in Escalera.

    Father Abraham

    NOTE: This mission becomes available after completing “Cowards Die Many Times” for De Santa.

    Luisa is located in the desert a little north of Campo Mirada. Ride shotgun with her when she takes you to the carriage.

    You’ll arrive shortly at Frontera Bridge. There, your assignment is to use dynamite to take out the army convoy.

    The space on the road where you can set dynamite is limited and you want to place it on the path at intervals so you can take out the entire wagon train and its horse escort, which is fairly long.

    Start near the bridge and place the dynamite with Y. Then walk along the road away from the bridge, placing the other five dynamite charges where you’re comfortable. Place them in the center of the road for maximum effect.

    Go up to the hill and take hold of the detonator with Y. When the convoy arrives, highlight the dynamite charge closest to the bridge.

    When the front of the convoy gets to the bridge charge, blow it with RT. Then quickly use the Left Stick to highlight each dynamite charge moving left, blowing them in succession. That should pretty much flatten the convoy.

    Depending on the exact placement of the dynamite, you may have one or two stragglers after the fact. The rebels are enacting an ambush of their own, but draw your repeater or rifle and finish the last of the soldiers so that none escape.

    You’ll finish the mission after all the soldiers are dead with a 200-point Fame boost.

    Captain De Santa’s Downfall

    Start by riding with the rebel soldiers to Sepulcro. Follow the yellow path.

    Run up to the cemetery and take cover. You’ll have to fight your way to De Santa, who is at the other end of the cemetery.

    Blast the enemy soldiers as you move through the cemetery. Finish them all off and follow the map marker to the white skull, which denotes De Santa.

    You can’t kill De Santa, so instead, chase the coward down and lasso him. Hogtie him and carry him back to the cemetery.

    Afterward, make your choice to either shoot De Santa yourself or let the rebels do it, depending on your morals, and mount up. Follow the yellow path to Casa Madrugada.

    At Casa Madrugada, once you get inside, you’ll be ambushed. Quickly find cover and you need protection from the soldiers on the building in front and from reinforcements on the left.

    Kill everyone to finish the mission with a big Fame bump of 300 points.


    The Great Mexican Train Robbery

    You’ll find Reyes in Agave Viejo. Ride with him to Chuparosa.

    Reyes is creating a distraction to get you on the train. He removes two of the guards and the other four are your problem.

    You need to sneak onto the train. Get low and go straight toward the yellow X and on your map, it seems like you’ll be moving right into the teeth of the guards. Luckily, they’re all facing away from you.

    Use the throwing knives Reyes gave you for silent kills. There’s a guard standing right in front of you; one to the left, also standing; and two sitting on the rails of the train car. Kill the standing guards in the order listed, then the train guard nearest you (he’s to the right), and finally the one on the rail furthest away.

    Climb onto the train. Look right and up and there’s a guard on a Gatling gun on the rooftop there. Kill him, then look down the car for another guard facing away from you. Drop him as well.

    Advance forward to the yellow mark and hit Y to uncouple the train cars. Move up further and toward the Gatling gun, but make sure to take out the gunner, who isn’t marked on your map.

    Grab the Gatling gun and turn it on the soldier camp to the left of you. Blast the soldiers there, maybe seven or eight, including the reinforcements that come running from further up the train.

    When the only enemies left are on the train ahead of you, release the gun and climb the ladder. Pull a gun and kill the last three guards ahead.

    Climb down on the other side and head to the engine. Get to the brake and hit Y, stealing the train.

    Meet up with Reyes. When the train stops, follow his instructions to climb up on the armored car and plant some dynamite on the hatch. Climb down and run a bit so as not to get blown up.

    Get back inside the armored car. Once inside, you’ll have to crack the safe. Do so by turning the dial as instructed and first, to the right.

    When the lock marker above starts to tremble, stop turning the dial. This indicates you’ve found the right number. If the lock opens, good and if not, turn the dial very slowly until you find the right number. If you go past it or turn the dial the wrong way, you’ll have to start over on that number.

    Repeat the process to open the other two locks. Get the stuff from the safe and leave the car, returning to Reyes to end the mission with a Fame boost.

    The Gates of El Presidio

    You’re riding shotgun with Reyes to El Presidio. When you get there, you find out what your job is and a suicide run to crash a wagon full of TNT into the gates of the fort.

    Keep your speed high as you follow the path to El Presidio. When you get close, you’ll be prompted (and shouted at) to jump off. Hit Y to avoid being cooked by the plan.

    Follow the troops inside the fort. They’ll do the fighting and you need to go find Escuela. Use cover to avoid being shot and head up to the ramparts ahead of you.

    Escuela is in the barracks and the middle question mark. It might be easier for you to get there by going to the right marker first, however, and climbing into the tower. From there, you can assault the soldiers between you and the barracks from the side while they’re distracted.

    Get to the room where Escuela is and you’ll get a cutscene. Afterward, follow him out the window and out of the fort. Mount your horse and run him down.

    You can shoot Escuela as he’s riding away or chase him down and hogtie him. If you do chase him, try to stick with him, but know that he’s headed to Roca de Madera, not far to the west of El Presidio.

    If you hogtie Escuela, carry him back to the fort. When you get there, pull him off the horse and drop him in a jail cell inside the fort.

    Once you’ve returned to the fort, you’ll have to deal with army reinforcements trying to retake the fort. Follow Reyes up to the ramparts, then go to the green marker to man a cannon.

    This part’s easy. Watch for approaching troops on your minimap. When they come into view, crush them with cannon fire. This is best accomplished when they hit the straightaway.

    When you’ve ravaged enough soldiers and two carriages and a few men on horseback and return to the ground floor of the fort. If you brought Escuela back with you, get him from the jail.

    You’ll get another cutscene and the mission ends with a big Fame boost. Next time you look for Reyes, he’ll be in Escalera.

    ACHIEVEMENT! Dealing with Escuela gets you the “Sons of Mexico” Achievement.

    An Appointed Time

    Finding Reyes in Escalera puts you into a duel immediately. You have to kill your opponent to win.

    After winning, follow the marker to get up to the jail. Kill the three guards as fast as you can and get inside.

    In the jail, shoot the locks on the doors until they pop open. Then follow them out to Reyes.

    You need to help fight up the street to the colonel’s villa. Shoot the troops at the barricade and run through. Take cover at the sand bags further up.

    Around the corner are a lot of troops and a mounted machine gun further down. Clear the way so you can get a clear shot at the gun, which is your priority.

    With the soldiers clear, follow Reyes up to the gate. Grab the Gatling gun and turn it on the gates. When Reyes gets clear, shoot the TNT barrel, then mow down the soldiers coming after you.

    Get inside and take cover. There is another handful of enemies to kill just inside. Use cover and take them out.

    Talk to Reyes, then sprint down to the Gatling gun. Turn it down the path coming up toward the villa and start mowing down troops. Don’t let them get close to you or they’ll kill you as they run toward the villa.

    Return to the villa proper. With the doors open, run through and to the back of the villa, where the horses are.

    There are four soldiers guarding the horses. Pull out a rifle and drop them quickly, then mount up and pursue Williamson down the hill. Stick to the road and get to the main portion to catch up with him.

    Following the armored stagecoach are three or four riders. Drop them first at a distance, if possible. You’ll have your hands full with the machine gun soon enough.

    As you approach the stagecoach, the Gatling gun will unload on you. Killing the gunner is tough, especially from head-on. If you can, use Dead Eye to put a bunch of rounds in his face.

    Alternatively, try riding up alongside the coach and hitting the gunner there. He’s easier to pinpoint with a clear view of him, unobstructed by the gun.

    The last of the enemies to kill are the driver and shotgun man. You can Dead Eye them both pretty easily. When they’re dead, the coach comes to a stop.

    Your last task is to deal with Williamson. There’s no choice but to shoot him and the question is, do you do it now or give him a chance to grab a gun and try to kill you. Either way, the mission, and your primary work in Mexico, is finished.

    Next you’ll need to return to the northeast to Blackwater for further assignments. Go to the “G” marker on your map.

    ACHIEVEMENT! You get the “No More Fancy Words” Achievement for finishing with Williamson.

    Agent Ross

    Bear One Another’s Burdens

    When you eventually arrive in Blackwater, Ross is the man giving you more assignments. You’ll find him at the “G” marker.

    Ride with the agents to the wreck of the Serendipity. When you get there, you’ll have to follow Agent Fordham down toward the riverbank.

    Get onto the boat and take the stairs to the top. Go around the back to get to the first staircase, then to the front of the boat to find the second.

    At the top, you’ll be forced to carry the informant back down. You can shoot your pistol while carrying him, but that’s all. His life bar is on top of the screen, so protect him from harm.

    Kill the first two outlaws as they come toward you. You’ll find a third near the stairs down from the top deck, and a fourth at the steps down to the pier.

    Around the back of the boat, you’ll start to take fire from the enemies on the pier. Look for a box of dynamite on the dock’s left side, which will give you an advantage to start out.

    These guys aren’t very good shots, it seems. Keep knocking them down with your pistol as you advance. You shouldn’t have much difficulty.

    When they’re all dead, leave the pier and climb back up to the car. Go to the yellow mark to escape in the car.

    Along the road back to Blackwater, the car breaks down and just in time for Dutch’s men to catch up with you. Leave the car and grab cover at the rocks on either side of the road.

    The enemies will rush up along the road toward you and some on foot, some on horseback. Your goal is to keep them from getting alongside you, where you’re most vulnerable.

    Shoot the horsemen first, as they’re faster and higher off the ground, and therefore more threatening.

    After that, keep safe as you finish off the stragglers. Killing them gets you to the end of the mission after the drive back to Blackwater.

    You’ll gain access to missions from Harold MacDougal for completing this one. He’s marked with the “Mc” on your map.

    Great Men Are Not Always Wise

    Climb up on top of the police station and grab sniper ammo.

    Watch the bank’s front doors. When the cops give you the signal, start taking out anything that moves.

    Outlaws will leave the bank, trying to get to the horses. Take them out first and and check the sides of the building periodically for enemies who are escaping and just running down the road. You can take them out too.

    When the last of the bad guys tries to make a break for it, and they stop leaving the bank, clear out anyone still shooting. This includes snipers in the windows. When they’re all dead, you’ll raid the bank.

    Shoot the doors open and get cover. There’s an outlaw to the left and a couple more dead center. Kill all three, plus the guys who might be milling around near the door.

    Now go left and go through the door to get to the vault. Pull a revolver and use Dead Eye to kill the outlaw holding the hostage by shooting him in the head. That done, go upstairs and join the lawmen fighting on the second floor.

    You’ll clear out three or four more outlaws. Then go to the yellow “X” for a cutscene.

    Follow the marshals back outside and mount up. Follow the lawmen on horseback as they pursue Dutch’s gang to Bearclaw Camp.

    When the fighting starts, dismount and get to cover. You have to fight a large contingent of Dutch’s gang through the woods.

    Keep pressing forward, taking cover where you can. When you’ve killed all there is to kill, the mission ends with a boost in Fame.


    At Home with Dutch

    Mount up and follow Nastas. You’re headed to Cochinay.

    You’ll soon come to your destination. Dismount and follow Nastas up the cliff.

    Follow the yellow marks to climb up and then hand-walk over a small gap. Continue to the left and find another low shelf to climb, then follow the path.

    Meet up with Nastas again and he’ll lead you into a cave. A mine car comes down the track loaded with dynamite and sprint back out of the cave and kill the three men outside. There are two to the right, with one above on the train tracks, and one to the left on the wood building.

    Go back down and run across the flat area to the yellow mark. Climb up the cliff and take the path to the right, then climb the shelf there to reach the top.

    A huge grizzly waits at the top of the cliff. Use something strong like your shotgun to kill it.

    NOTE: If you want to be really ballsy, beat the bear with just your knife. Kill 17 more like that and you’ll unlock the “Bearly Legal” Achievement.

    Near the bear’s kill is another set of cliffs to climb. Get to the top and take the path to the right, toward the “X” mark.

    NOTE: Do not skin the dead animal at the end of the path! It’s a cougar kill and and bending down to skin it leaves you fully vulnerable to an ambush attack that will instantly kill you.

    At the yellow mark, climb up again and take the path left toward another mark. Keep climbing to the top of the cliff.

    You’ll see a scout ahead. Pull out your throwing knives and take him out silently, then pick up his binoculars.

    A cutscene signals the end of the mission.

    ACHIEVEMENT! You’ll unlock the “A Savage Soul” Achievement for completing this assignment.

    For Purely Scientific Purposes

    Follow Nastas on horseback again. Stick with him as you head to Bearclaw Camp.

    On the path, you’ll be stopped by a bear. Pull your shotgun and deal with it before moving on.

    Dismount when you get to the cabin and head up to the yellow marker.

    After the meeting, shoot out from the cabin to take out the gangsters. It shouldn’t be too hard. When you’re clear, mount up, get your pistol ready, and follow MacDougal.

    Further down the mountain you’ll be attacked by a group of Dutch’s riders. Kill them to protect MacDougal and keep moving.

    When you hit the Great Plains, more riders will come after you and MacDougal and but they are nice enough to make a perfect single-file line right ahead of you as you go through, allowing a great opportunity to Dead Eye them all.

    Stick with MacDougal as he returns home. Mission complete.

    The Prodigal Son Returns (to Yale)

    When next you get a mission from MacDougal, you’ll have to visit him at night.

    Follow MacDougal up to the roof, then use Dead Eye to save his life from the hostage-taker. Pull out your sniper rifle or repeater and take cover against the edges of the roof, clearing out the enemies surrounding you.

    When they’re all dead, follow MacDougal down the yellow-marked ladder. He’ll lead you to another ladder across the rooftops, which will take you down to the horses.

    Mount up and follow MacDougal. Before long, riders will come at you from the left. Take them down and stick with MacDougal and you’ll face more riders from the right just ahead.

    You’ll hit the train station next almost right after those guys. Get to the yellow “X” to finish the last MacDougal assignment.

    Go back to the “G” marker at the town hall in Blackwater for your next assignment.

    And You Will Know the Truth

    You’re running the Gatling gun on the back of the armored truck. You’re riding out to an Army camp not far outside Blackwater.

    At the camp, you’ll use the machine gun to fight off an assault by Dutch’s men. Mostly they’re on foot, coming from ahead of you and the left, but there will also be riders strafing the battlefield.

    Don’t let any of the men get too close and some huck firebottles, some carry dynamite. If they get close enough to use them on you, you won’t have anywhere to go.

    It doesn’t take much to push the attackers back, and Fordham and Ross will drive after them in pursuit. Your job is to mop up. Watch the minimap for enemy locations and steamroll them with the Gatling gun.

    Watch as you approach the woods for a stagecoach with a machine gun to appear on the left, in the distance. Hit it early and hard to make it explode harmlessly.

    A little beyond that, the armored truck will be destroyed in a cutscene.

    And the Truth Will Set You Free

    Mount your horse and ride with the troops up to the fortress. It’s a long way, but just stick to the yellow path.

    At the top, get to the “X” and prepare for a fight. As soon as the gates are open, get to cover and start mowing down the opposition.

    Clear the gangsters and move up. Keep to cover so you don’t get destroyed while moving. You shouldn’t have much trouble for these first few waves.

    From up ahead, reinforcements will come charging down the path. Stay down and plug them as they run for cover using Dead Eye. That’ll even the odds some.

    You’re clear to advance to the yellow mark ahead. Inside the village, run to the Gatling gun on the left, marked in green.

    Use medicine if you need it and don’t stop firing. A lot of items in this area explode, so keep your eyes open for them.

    Advance through the camp to the next marker. You can search a couple of these tents to find some money as you go.

    There’s a gate just ahead that the soldiers will have to blow through. You need to cover them while they do so. Use your repeater or similar weapon and quickly try to clear the outlaws from the ramparts above it. Use Dead Eye to get several at once.

    Marston goes in after Dutch alone. After the cutscene, take cover and stay down. Dutch is using the machine gun to suppress your position, but he only takes shots when you pop your head up.

    There are two guards on the ground level for you to kill. Take your time and pick your shots to hit them in the head and protect yourself from machine gun fire.

    After Dutch is alone, you need to get him off the machine gun. You can now target the two lanterns on either side of the gun. Use the same strategy as with the guards.

    Run to the stairs ahead as Dutch runs away and cut left into the building. Take the ladder up. Go across the wooden walkway into the other building and take the stairs to continue ascending.

    Inside the cave, get to the ladder on the right side of the scaffolding. Follow Dutch to the top.

    ACHIEVEMENT! Finishing this mission gets you the “The Benefits of Civilization” Achievement.

    Ride out to Beecher’s Hope, for the “A” marker and Marston’s farm. You’ll start a new mission there.

    The Outlaw’s Return

    Mount up and ride with Jack all the way down to MacFarlane’ Ranch. Stop at the yellow marker and talk with Mr. MacFarlane, then proceed to the corral.

    You’re doing some herding. Remember herding? Stay behind the cows and push them along with Jack. It goes on for a long, long time, so settle in.

    When you finally approach Beecher’s Hope, a group of rustlers comes over the hill toward you. Use Dead Eye to quickly drop them, then meet back up with Jack.

    Herd the group all the way home. Push them into the corral and hitch up at the hitching post, marked in yellow. That’s the end of that mission. You can now access missions from Jack and Abigail, at the “J” and “A” markers, accordingly.



    Go outside to the corn silo. Pull out a gun and shoot crows until the mission ends. Your main targets should be the crows that are dive-bombing the opening at the top of the silo.

    Old Friends, New Problems

    Another simple one. Get on the carriage and drive it to MacFarlane’s Ranch.

    You have a time limit, but it should only take you about half the amount of time available to get to MacFarlane’s.

    After a cutscene, you get to drive all the way back to Beecher’s Hope. When you arrive, you’ll finish this assignment.

    You’ll now have access to missions from Uncle, marked with the “U.”


    John Marston and Son

    Meet Jack outside on the path through the center of Beecher’s Hope. Mount up and follow the dog.

    Rufus, the dog, leads you into Tall Trees after elk.

    After a while, the elk will show up on your minimap. Take it down, using Dead Eye for maximum efficiency.

    Get to the body, marked in yellow, and skin it. Then follow Rufus again to find some more elk. He’s marked in blue.

    You’ll come across more elk down toward the river. There are three; with Jack’s help, finish them all.

    Jack skins an elk and then you’re off to Manzanita Post to the east. Follow the yellow trail.

    When you get to Manzanita, head into the general store and speak with the shopkeeper. You can sell him whatever you want.

    Afterward, go back out and mount up. Ride with Jack back to Beecher’s Hope.

    Wolves, Dogs and Sons

    Mount up and follow Rufus the dog out into Tall Trees again.

    Rufus will lead you to a pack of wolves, marked in red. Kill them, but be careful and they’re wily and they’ll drag you off your horse if you let them.

    When they’re all dead, follow Rufus again to a second pack, closer to Tanner’s Reach.

    Repeat the process. Shoot down all the wolves with Jack’s help.

    Finishing here, it’s time to ride back home to Beecher’s Hope, ending the mission.

    The next time you go looking for Jack for a mission, you’ll need to arrive later than 4 p.m.

    Spare the Love, Spoil the Child

    You’ll need Rufus to lead you to Jack. Mount up and follow the dog toward the river, northeast of Beecher’s Hope in Tall Trees.

    Rufus leads you toward Nekoti Rock. At the top, you’ll find Jack.

    You’ll have to bring the bear down. You can do that with something heavy, like a shotgun. Knife-fighting a bear is never discouraged, however.

    If you do decide to fight the bear with your knife, watch yourself and don’t let it charge you or it can kill you outright. Instead, circle around and knife it in the back.

    Also be careful not to fall off the side of the mountain in the course of your hit-and-run bear attack.

    When the fighting’s done, ride home to Beecher’s Hope and end the mission.


    By Sweat and Toil

    You and Uncle need to mount up and do some herding. Take your horse to the corral’s yellow mark.

    Now herd the cows out to a second yellow mark. After that pasture proves overgrazed, you’ll need to herd the cows out deeper into the plains. Follow the yellow marker.

    As you go on your herding way, a train will spook the herd. Ride out in front of it to calm down the cows. Try to come at them from the side and sweep in front of them to keep them all from running in front of the train.

    When you calm the cows down, Marston realizes the train is being robbed. You now have a choice and kill the outlaws and stop the robbery, or go on your way. It’s up to you.

    After the train incident, it’s back to regular herding. Finish driving the cows out to the pasture.

    When you arrive, the mission ends. You can then just!leave your cows out in the middle of nowhere, apparently.

    A Continual Feast

    It’s time to break some horses. Mount yours and follow Uncle out onto the plains.

    There’s a whole herd of wild horses to capture. You’ll need to get three, all told. Find the herd and get your lasso ready.

    Lasso a horse and break it, the way you did back at MacFarlane’s Ranch and probably numerous times since. When you’ve finished with one, get back on your horse, leaving Uncle to lasso and return the one you captured.

    Ride back out to the herd. The horses are marked in gray on your minimap. Repeat the process of capturing and breaking another steed.

    Catch your second horse and ride back out for a third. When you’ve got it, leave it for Uncle and ride back to Beecher’s Hope.

    Meet Uncle in the corral to complete the mission with a $100 reward.

    The Last Enemy That Shall Be Destroyed

    Go find Jack in the barn to trigger the mission. A huge rush of soldiers are coming toward the house and time for a stand.

    Grab cover with Uncle and start unloading into the soldiers. You have the benefit of cover, while they’re trying to find it and use Dead Eye to drop lots at once.

    The first round of soldiers isn’t too tough. Keep firing and stay down. With Dead Eye and a strong rifle, you shouldn’t have a problem.

    Return to the house. Touch the yellow “X” to trigger another attack.

    Take cover beside Jack at the front door. Most of the soldiers will be coming from this direction.

    The cavalry troops make this fight slightly more difficult. Drop as many as the foot soldiers as you can, but keep your eyes peeled and the cavalry guys will circle the house, coming at you from the sides.

    When the horsemen get near on your left, use Dead Eye to drop lots of them at once.

    Finish the rest of the troops to push on to the next segment. From here, you need to cover Jack and Abigail as they work to escape.

    You can either head to the silo and use the elevation, or cover Marston’s family on foot. For the author’s part, on foot seemed easier and Jack and Abigail have a tendency to get murdered accidentally.

    You have to keep shooting here. Enemies keep coming from all sides, but they dismount before they start fighting and meaning you have time to find them and blast them. Use a fast gun, like a repeater with a big clip or a your high-powered pistol.

    Address threats as they arrive and keep fighting until Jack and Abigail make it to the barn. They’ll leave and you’ll get a cutscene.

    Ride back to the farm to complete the mission.

    ACHIEVEMENT! The “Into the Sunset” Achievement is unlocked by completing the mission.

    Finishing here also allows you to get to the last Strangers mission, “Remember My Family.”


    American Appetites

    How to find: When you return to Armadillo, after your first mission with the marshal, you’ll find this woman standing out front of the sheriff’s office, asking for help finding her son.

    Head out to the Hanging Rock, north of Armadillo. Check your map for the pinkish area marked and that’s where you need to conduct your search.

    When you reach the area on the map, a purple blip will appear on your minimap. Get to it and you’ll come across some blood stains and other clues. Hit Y to investigate.

    There’s no evidence here that helps you, so return to Armadillo. The woman is gone, but another person will disappear eventually.

    When you see the purple marker at the Armadillo sheriff’s office, return there to find another person reporting his wife missing, in the same area, north of the Hanging Rock.

    Ride out there again as you did the first time, and find the purple area. When you approach it, you’ll find another purple marker.

    Go to the marker and investigate. You’ll find another bloody mess, but no more information about the victims. You’ll have to wait for another marker to appear at the Armadillo sheriff’s office to continue.

    When the icon for the mission appears at the Armadillo Sheriff’s Office appears again, a woman will be waiting inside the office.

    Ride back out to the area north of the Hanging Rock and you’ll find an injured man. He tells you some crazy guy broke his leg and asks for your help.

    Right after the conversation, a blue blip appears on your radar and it’s the assailant. Run him down and capture him. The simplest, least bloody way is to use your lasso to catch him and hit Y to hogtie him, then Y to carry him.

    Return with the assailant to the injured man. You then get a choice and let the injured man eat the guy you gift-wrapped for him, or stop the cannibal. Obviously, letting the poor victim get eaten carries a negative Honor bump, and saving him a positive one.

    If you choose to kill the cannibal, he goes to fist-fight you, but obviously you can dispatch him any way you like. Once you have (or if you chose to let him dine), the mission ends and you get a Fame boost as well as an effect on your Honor.

    Water and Honesty

    How to find: Between Armadillo and MacFarlane’s Ranch is a small campsite just off the main road where it turns north, to the north and east of the road and up on a small ridge. Speak with the man seated there for the mission.

    McAllister, the man with the divining rod, asks you to convince a man named Clyde to let you buy some land. You need to go talk to the old man to do so.

    Ride west of Cholla Spring to Pleasance House. You’ll find Clyde there, and after a conversation, he offers you some land at for two hundred dollars.

    You can pay for the land to keep your positive Honor, or just shoot or threaten the old man for negative Honor.

    When you’ve got the deed, you can return to McAllister at his campsite. Give him the deed and he’ll reward you. You’ll receive Honor depending on how you dealt with Clyde, plus fame and some money. If you bought  the deed, you’ll also get your money back.

    No Man Put Asunder

    How to find: On the road from Armadillo to Coot’s Chapel, look to the right of the road for a woman sitting in a destroyed house. When you speak with her, you get the mission.

    Head up to Armadillo and go to the saloon. Find the piano player with his feet up on the table in the saloon, marked with a purple icon on the map.

    You can either pay the musician five dollars, or go help him get his wife back. The wife is across the street.

    As you approach the woman, Rose, Marston strikes up a conversation. Afterward, it becomes clear Rose isn’t going back to her husband.

    You can draw a gun on Rose to threaten her, or hit her with the lasso and hogtie her with Y. If you hogtie her, carry her back to the saloon and drop her near the piano player.

    Your intelligence now sends you to Odd Fellow’s Rest, west of Armadillo. Check your map for the purple area and head out.

    Getting to Odd Fellow’s Rest confirms what the location is and a graveyard. Follow the minimap to find Pete Turner’s headstone to end the mission. You’ll get a Fame bump for your trouble.

    I Know You

    How to find: Look for the man on a cliff on the road between Armadillo and MacFarlane’s ranch.

    The Strange Man seems to know Marston from his past and asks you to head out to Thieves’ Landing to speak with someone he knows there. You’ll explore Thieves’ Landing during the Irish mission “Shaky’s Ground.”

    Head out to Thieves’ Landing and follow the map to the area around the saloon. You’ll find him talking to a woman on the porch outside.

    You have two options: encourage the man, which involves giving him fifteen dollars; or discourage him. You’ll get an Honor bump positive if you discourage him and negative if you give him the money. Either option completes this portion of the mission.

    You’ll find the Strange Man later in the game, when you make it to Mexico after “The Assault on Fort Mercer.” He’s way to the east, on a mesa south of El Matadero.

    The Stranger sends you to Las Hermanas for another question of conscience. You’ll find a nun asking for donations there.

    You can rob the nun and getting you money and negative Honor and or you can give her $10, which will add positive Honor to your scale. If you donate, you’ll later encounter a nun on the road near Las Hermanas who will give you a Fame bump and a gift and the Obscuridad del Santo Andres, a rosary that makes enemies less likely to hit you.

    Complete “An Appointed Time” in Mexico and you’ll run across the Stranger again when you head into the northeast. He’s east of Beecher’s Hope in Great Plains.

    Find the man and speak with him to complete the mission.

    Who Are You to Judge?

    How to find: Speak with the sobbing man, Jeb, in Rathskeller Fort, near the horseshoe game. He’ll send you out to Tumbleweed.

    You’ll find the woman Jeb is looking for in a corral with her horse west of the road into town. Speak with her and she’ll follow you back to Rathskeller Fort.

    Ride all the way to Rathskeller with Lucy and the woman. When you arrive, dismount and speak with Jeb. You’ll get an Honor bump for completing mission.

    Jenny’s Faith

    How to find: Look for Jenny on the side of the road east of Ridgewood Farm, on the way to Odd Fellow’s Rest.

    You find Jenny in the desert a little off the road. Talk to her to find out she’s trying to be healed by faith, out in the desert alone.

    To finish the mission with a positive Honor bump, just return to Jenny with some medicine. You can always finish the mission another way and with your revolver, for example.

    Lights, Camera, Action>

    How to find: Go into the back door of the movie house in Armadillo to find a man whom you can speak with named MacKenna.

    Head to Thieves’ Landing, where your task is to play Liar’s Dice and try to win a land deed.

    Go to the saloon to find the game. You need a $200 stake to play.

    Liar’s Dice can be a tough game, but use your judgment. Early on, if a bid seems ridiculous, call it and five 5s, for example, might be a little high.

    Conversely, as the game gets toward the end, you can use the “Spot-On” button a lot more.

    Win the game and you’ll pull down a ton of cash and $600 and and the deed you’re looking for. Next, you’ll need to head to Benedict Point.

    Follow the marker in Benedict Point to find Spatchcock, an actor who thinks he’s a gunslinger. Speak with him and you’ll enter a duel.

    You can proceed however you want, but MacKenna wanted Spatchcock alive, so you can shoot him in the arm to disarm him. Convinced he’s not a gunslinger, Spatchcock departs.

    Return to Armadillo and the movie house. Speak with MacKenna to finish the first leg of the mission.

    When you’ve completed “An Appointed Time” during your travels in Mexico, MacKenna will appear again just north of Thieves’ Landing, in the Pacific Union Rail Road Camp in Tall Trees.

    Find MacKenna and speak with him to complete the mission.

    Flowers for a Lady

    How to find: This man, Billy, is picking flowers on the side of the road between MacFarlane’s Ranch and Thieves’ Landing.

    Your task is to find three of the following flowers: Wild Feverfew, Desert Sage and Red Sage. The first two are also required for the first two “Survivalist” challenge ranks.

    Wild Feverfew is all over the place in Hennigan’s Stead; Red Sage you’ll find south in Rio Bravo; and Desert Sage is west in the area surrounding Gaptooth Ridge.

    When you have all the flowers, bring them to his cabin near Stillwater Creek, east of MacFarlane’s Ranch. You’ll receive a Fame boost for completing the mission.

    Funny Man

    How to find: Speak with this man in the train station and telegraph office in Benedict Point.

    After you first meet him in Benedict Point, there won’t be much going on in this mission. You won’t be prompted again, but if you check your map, you’ll see a purple area highlighted near Gaptooth Breach.

    NOTE: Gaptooth Breach is an outlaw hideout. As you approach, you’ll be attacked if you haven’t cleared it yet.

    Jimmy, the funny writer, is way down inside the mine, which is where you’ll end up as you’re clearing the Breach. Look for his mark on your map.

    The next time Jimmy appears, he’ll be in Pike’s Basin, east of Armadillo. It’s another hideout, and he will again be tied up.

    Fight through the basin to reach Jimmy, who’s tied up at the top of a small hike uphill. Release him and he’ll head out again.

    After you complete some more story missions, specifically several from De Santa’s set, Jimmy will appear on your map in Mexico again, this time at the outlaw hideout Tesoro Azul.

    Clear the hideout at Tesoro Azul and you’ll find Jimmy on top of the church in the center of town. Release him and he’ll finally determine that his wanderings in the West are a bad idea, finally letting you complete the mission.


    How to find: From Benedict Point, take the road that goes most directly west. After the road curves toward the south and then back west again, you’ll find a man behind some boulders, beside the road.

    Speak with Sam, the man beside the road, to knock off the first portion of this quest. Go do something else for a bit and wait to find out more about Sam.

    A few days later, Sam’s again in Gaptooth, this time closer to Cueva Seca. Find him and speak with him.

    You’re waiting again. Go away until he shows up on the map again.

    Interaction Number 3 with Sam takes place at Gaptooth Ridge. You’ll find him on the road at the bottom of the ridge, east of Ridgewood Farm.

    As usual, just talk with Sam to progress the mission.

    Sam’s final appearance is just south of Tumbleweed, on the main road, at the foot of a ridge.

    You discover Sam lying in the desert. Hit Y to examine him, where you’ll find a letter.

    Return to Armadillo with the letter and go to the purple marker. Deliver it to complete the mission.

    Deadalus and Son

    How to find: Check along the cliff in Agave Viejo once you head to Mexico, after completing “The Assault on Fort Mercer.”

    Charles Kinnear, the man with the flying machine, asks you to go on a scavenger hunt to find various items. You’ll need 20 feathers, which you can get from hunting birds; 10 red sage plants, which are located in the Rio Bravo region; and 5 beaver hides, which you can hunt for near water.

    When you’ve gathered up all the junk and and it’ll probably take a while and return to the cliff where you found Kinnear.

    After a few days, come back to Kinnear’s cliff when the marker comes back. You’ll get a cutscene to end the mission.

    Eva in Peril

    How to find: After doing some missions for Ricketts and De Santo, you’ll find a man beating up a woman in a small courtyard behind the large building at the back of Casa Madrugada.

    The fight broken up, you can choose to leave Eva alone, free her by paying her boyfriend to let her go, or just blast him. If you shoot him, however, the mission ends and Eva wants nothing to do with you. The payment route costs you $200.

    If you free Eva, she’ll depart for the convent at Las Hermanas. After a few days passes, head that way to check up on her.

    In Las Hermanas, go into the mission and speak with a nun praying at the altar way in the back. She tells you Eva left with a man and were headed to Sepulcro. That’s your next stop.

    Sepulcro is a graveyard and you’ll find Mario, the man from Casa Madrugada, there. Speak with him and you’ll have to beat him in a duel.

    You can’t disarm Mario and you have to kill him. If you don’t shoot to kill, he’ll murder you, instead. Take him out and loot his body for your $200 back, and you’ll get some Fame for finishing the mission.


    How to find: In Chuparosa, look for the building marked “El Alcalde de Chuparosa.” You’ll find Mr. Tollets just inside. You’ll need to complete De Santa‘s mission “The Demon Drink” for this to become available.

    Tollets sends you to Nosalida, way to the west of Punta Orgullo on the river bank. Once there, you’ll need to secure his package.

    When you arrive at Nosalida, you’ll find Mexican troops assaulting the outlaw hideout. You can help them out to clear the hideout without jeopardizing your mission. You’ll also receive a new gun, the Henry Repeater, for your cooperation.

    After clearing out the enemies and burning the buildings, head to the docks in the back of the town. Find the chest there and it’s marked on your map and and get the package.

    You need bring the item all the way out to El Matadero, where you’ll find the foreman marked on the map. He exchanges the package for $1,000 for you to return to Tollets.

    It’s tempting to keep the money, but head back to Chuparosa to complete the mission. When you talk to Tollets, you get the option to keep the $1,000 or return it, depending on your morals. Either way, you get a Fame bump for your trouble.

    Love is the Opiate

    How to find: After you’ve completed the “Poppycock” Stranger mission, you’ll find this man in El Matadero, inside one of the buildings.

    You need to find a Hungarian Half-Bred, a white horse, to bring to the foreman to negotiate for Zhou’s release. In order to get one, however, you’ll have to find and break it.

    Look for the white horse south of Chuparosa. On your map, when you zoom out, you’ll see a single horse marked, indicating that you can find horses in the area.

    Search around in the area marked by the horse until you find the Hungarian. Do so during the day, when it’s easier to spot.

    When a few days have passed, return to Chuparosa and check for Zhou at the train station. He’s on the track side, sitting on a bench, and marked in purple on the map. Speaking to him completes the mission with a Fame bump.

    Aztec Gold

    How to find: In Sidewinder Gulch, check the winding, narrow horsetrail’s northernmost link to find a man leading a horse, looking at a map. Speak with him.

    Basilio, a man searching for treasure, gives you a map and asks for your help. There are four pieces you need to locate — the first is in Sidewinder Gulch.

    Check your map for the purple circle marking the vicinity of the next piece of the map. You can also open your satchel and inspect the map Basilio gave you.

    Find the path upward and ride your horse on a narrow, steep rock path that winds around the wall of the gulch, near the purple marker. You’ll find a pile of rocks there with the next map piece.

    Next, travel to Primera Quebrada, far to the south of Las Hermanas. The purple marker is on a small, destroyed house there.

    Inside the house, find the pile of rocks that marks the treasure spot. Collect some money and the next map piece.

    NOTE: There’s also a chest you can open for a few extra dollars.

    The third piece is in Alta Cabeza, which is just east of El Matadero.

    You’ll find the rock pile at the base of the huge Alta Cabeza rock, on its northeast side. It’s right on the ground and easy to get to.

    Now ride east to El Matadero. Behind the large building to the north of the town, Basilio waits for you. Approach him to advance the mission.

    Basilio heads into the nearby caves to the right of your position. You may remember storming this location with Landon Ricketts during his missions. Take to the right side, the southernmost path through the caves, to get to the purple marker.

    Speaking with Basilio again here ends the mission.

    The Wronged Woman

    How to find: Check the church on the northwestern edge of Blackwater for a woman who is praying before the cross. She’s only there at night, after 6 p.m.

    Go to the saloon in Blackwater and look for the marker inside. Inside, speak with the man, Harold, at the bar.

    Harold challenges you to a duel. Follow him outside and speak with him again by pressing B, accepting the duel challenge.

    Kill or otherwise defeat Harold in the duel, then loot his body to get Clara’s money. Return to her in the church at night to give her the $200 and or keep it yourself, but that doesn’t complete the mission.

    Return to Clara in the church at night. Give her the money and go do something else for a few days. When the marker appears at the church again, return to the cemetery. Speak with the woman there for a Fame bump.

    American Lobbyist

    How to find: During the day, check the gazebo in the center of town, near Agent Ross’ “G” mark.

    Go inside the government building west of the gazebo and it’s marked on your map. Around the corner to the left is a man sitting down, wearing glasses and a yellow vest.

    After a short conversation, return to the man you found at the gazebo. Talk to him with B.

    You’ll get some money and fame for finishing the mission.

    The Prohibitionist

    How to find: This man will appear in Blackwater sometime after completing the Agent Ross mission, “Great Men Are Not Always Wise.” Look for him near the saloon, preaching Prohibition.

    After speaking with the Prohibitionist, go to the east side of Blackwater and go to the purple map marker. Look for a man in a visor, smoking a cigarette, standing against a wall.

    The man with the visor, a bar owner, asks you to kill Abner, the Prohibitionist. You can murder him as asked, or warn him with B, depending on your morals.

    When you’re finished with Abner, return to Philips, the bar owner. You’ll finish the mission with a little Fame boost and some money, either from Abner or Philips.

    Remember My Family

    How to find: The final Strangers mission is unlocked by completing “The Last Enemy That Must Be Defeated.” Ride to Blackwater and look for a man just inside of the northern part of town, near where the stagecoach departs. Finishing this mission actually triggers the game credits and is the last “story” portion to complete.

    With the mission accepted, go to Lake Don Julio, south of Armadillo and Coot’s Chapel. You’ll find a house on the lake’s southern shore.

    On the porch of the house is a woman. Go speak with her to find out where to go next.

    You’re headed to Rio Del Toro in Mexico next. It’s a longish ride from here.

    In Rio Del Toro, follow the river until you see a campsite. Dismount and talk to Philip, Edgar’s brother. He tells you to look downriver for the man you’re seeking.

    Follow the river a little further to the west to find the marker you’re looking for. The event culminates in a duel. Win that and you’ll trigger the game’s credits.

    ACHIEVEMENT! After the credits roll, you get the “Nurture or Nature?” Achievement. And you can continue playing.

    NOTE: Loot the body of your dueling opponent for a free $408.

    ACHIEVEMENT! Finishing any 15 Stranger missions to unlock the “People are Still Strange” Achievement.

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