Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough

The setting and concept of the new Red Faction game are wildly different than those of its predecessor. Gone are the wide-open Martian landscapes and vehicle-based treks, replaced by subterranean hallways and caverns full of murderous aliens. One thing stays the same — the environment can be destroyed at will, so heft your hammer and start swinging.

This walkthrough is intended to protect players from the wrath of the Martian scourge as much as possible. Check back on release day for the first installments. We also have lists of achievements and trophies, as well as a cheats page that tabulates useful information, like collectibles, unlockables, and secrets.

Table of Contents

Enter The Terraformer

  1. Welcome to Red Faction: Armageddon. Go through the usual tutorials – looking up to set your camera and targeting barrels.
  2. Objective: Break The Wall
  3. After the short conversation, you’ll be able to move around freely. Take a look around. The barrels you just targeted are explosive; anything red is most likely explosive. Blow up explosives to find small salvage.
  4. Salvage is located by destroying important structures, blowing up explosive devices like barrels or machinery, and by picking up large packs. Small salvage awards you with two or three points of salvage, while large salvage awards you with thirty.
  5. Collect salvage where ever you can! Salvage is needed for purchasing upgrades to your skills and abilities. The more salvage you get, the more sweet upgrades you can purchase. Every upgrade costs one-thousand salvage points.
  6. Search every stage up and down for large salvage, usually you’ll find them just off the beaten path.
  7. That’s enough house-keeping, time to get the job done. Switch to the maul and smash your way through the wall outlined by the red waypoint. The maul has two attacks, left trigger is a vertical swing, while right trigger is a horizontal swing.
  8. Don’t bother smashing the entire wall. Now bask in the awesome destruction physics. Nice, right? Okay, continue up the red planet hills.
  9. Objective: Enter The Terraformer
  10. Up the hill, you’ll find a new weapon. The Plasma Cannon is like a chargeable rocket launcher, hold fire to charge, then release to launch an explosive plasma bolt.
  11. Follow the waypoint up to the shield blocking your way deeper into the facility. This is where you’ll get a new objective.
  12. Objective: Destroy The Solar Towers
  13. Time for some fun. Look around for three towers spread around the courtyard. There are three towers, each of which has an explosive container nearby. If you can’t find the barrels or container, just use the Plasma Cannon to take the towers down.
  14. Objective: Enter The Terraformer
  15. Back on track! Return to the downed shield to enter the open gates. Run through both sets of doors.
  16. On the other end, a truck is in combat with two cultists on a bridge. An airstike bombs the bridge, clearing the way.
  17. Down the road, a group of cultists will fire on you. Use the destroyed cars as cover to get closer and shoot these goons down. Try destroying the tower with your Plasma Cannon to avoid getting riddled with bullets.
  18. Take a turn left down the road until you trigger a cutscene.
  19. Objective: Secure The Area
  20. The Red Faction needs your help, fight your way to the landing pad and smash open the bunker containing all the cultist thugs across the street.
  21. Make sure to destroy the building before moving too far, a cultist armed with a rocket launcher is on the roof shooting down. He’s trouble, so clear out the rocket slugging thug.
  22. With all the cultists dead attacking your position, help the Red Faction destroy more cultists.
  23. Objective: Find The Cultist Reinforcements
  24. Run to the landing past and continue through into a rocky path going around the back end.
  25. Stop and destroy the explosives surrounding the landing pad for a quick supply of small salvage.
  26. Objective: Eliminate The Cultists
  27. You’ve found the cultist reinforcements already, that was fast, right? Most of the cultists will open fire from a two-story building facing the entrance into the base.
  28. Use the plasma cannon to blow the structure away – if you aim at the first floor, eventually the entire stack of cards will fall down.
  29. Look up down the path to shoot down the cultists hiding behind concrete barriers. As you run up the path, two cultists and a rocket cultist will run out of hiding. Look out for rockets, they do nothing good for your health.
  30. Destroy the various explosives around the courtyard before moving on for a nice supply of salvage. Blow up the red containers on the left wall for easy salvage.
  31. Jump off the ledge rounded off by concrete barriers to the nearby destroyed bridge.
  32. At the destroyed bridge, you’ll unlock the repair ability.
  33. Objective: Repair The Bridge
  34. This is an easy objective, just hold down the left button to repair the bridge as you run forward.
  35. Objective: Enter The Terraformer
  36. Back on track! Enter through the open giant steel gates and use the button to enter the Terraformer loading bay.
  37. Objective: Kill The Scout Walker
  38. Boss time – something called a Scout Walker is after you.
  39. The Scout Walker is one tough cookie, he’ll walk through the metal crates that serve as your only cover. It opens fire with a plasma cannon and electricity arcs.
  40. If you’re running out of cover, use the repair to rebuild crates. There’s plenty of extra ammo laying around the battlefield.
  41. The Plasma Cannon is good, but the Assault Rifle is plenty to take down the Scout Walker.
  42. The easiest way to fight the Walker is simply to strafe around the robot, when it charges an attack, simple dodge left or right. If you time your dodge right, you can escape all of the Walker’s attacks.
  43. Keep pumping bullets into the robot until it explodes. Take your time to collect salvage now, and when you’re ready, fulfill the objective and Enter the Terraformer.

Save The Terraformer

  1. Objective: Get To The Turbine Room
  2. Now you have access to the Impact ability with the Nano Forge. Tap Right Button to launch a wave of kinetic energy forward, blasting through destructible environment.
  3. The Nano Forge can unlock new abilities later on, activated by holding down the Right Button and pressing a face button. You’ll find out more about unlockable abilities later in the game, for now get used to using Impact and Repair.
  4. Use Impact to smash through the closed doors. Down the hall, there’s another door in desperate need of Impact. Smash through the door to find… yet another door, marked with an ‘A’.
  5. Before smashing the third door, look through the doors to the left and right to get your hands on more ammo.
  6. Through the door, shoot down the cultists and take a turn right. A handful of cultists are shooting from behind a railing, either blast them or aim for the explosive barrels nearby.
  7. Infact, there are tons of explosives in this little room. Jump down from the likely destroyed ramp and continue towards a small door – with another cultist waiting on a platform covered with explosive barrels.
  8. Enter the room and look right, moving up the ramps to the top floor. Turn left down the hall to find two open doorways. Enter the right door and take out the two cultists while moving forward.
  9. Back inside the central chamber, you’ll be on the second floor looking out at the area you were just in. Start by shooting the many barrels at the other end of the room to blow up new cultists running inside.
  10. More cultists will show up, just keep shooting with the Plasma Cannon to take out the groups as they enter.
  11. Cross the bridge to enter the room the cultists were formerly pouring out of. Activate Repair and hold it down as you cross over, the explosions likely knocked out chunks of floor, and if you fall down you’ll have to backtrack around the facility to find your way up.
  12. Continue through the hallways until you find the turbine room. You’ll know it when you see it, the turbine room features three huge generators shooting blue beams toward the ceiling.
  13. The turbine room is swarming with cultists and rocket cultists. Don’t worry too much that the turbines are being destroyed. Focus on clearing the room, near the opposite end you’ll run into a rocket cultist, so keep your wits.
  14. Once the room is totally clear, you’ll get a new objective.
  15. Objective: Repair The Turbines
  16. You heard the objective, use Repair to fix the three turbines. Circle the turbines and aim up to completely repair the huge machines.
  17. Objective: Find Adam Hale
  18. Use the Repair to fix the ramps or catwalks leading to the exit. Run down the twisty corridor until reaching the main Terraformer.
  19. Objective: Save The Terraformer
  20. Refrain from use the Plasma Cannon inside this tall chamber, or else you’ll have to make extensive use of that Repair function on the Nano Forge.
  21. Use the ladder to climb up to the second level of catwalks after shooting down any cultists in your path. Several will attack from the ground floor, while a few will take potshots from the catwalk.
  22. Run around the catwalk until reaching a doorway marked ‘B’ guarded by two cultists.
  23. Through both doorways, two cultists, one carrying a rocket launcher, will appear on the ledge directly above. If you’re fast, shoot the explosive barrel and blow them both to smithereens.
  24. Use the ramp on the left wall to reach the upper level. Turn right as you enter Terraformer chamber and follow the catwalks through a doorway guarded by cultists, also marked with a ‘B’.
  25. Through the door is a multi-story room, cultists will shoot down at you from the catwalks above. Run across to the ramps to reach the second level and shoot the cultists there.
  26. On the second level, look left for another ramp. Now on the third level, look right as two cultists run out armed with Nano Rifles. Nano Rifles will burn away any destructible surface the nano cloud touches, and do heavy damage. Take them both out with a Plasma Cannon blast.
  27. Use the Repair function to fix the catwalk if any parts were destroyed by the Nano Rifles. Exit through the large door.
  28. Objective: Extend The Bridge
  29. Turn right and follow the hallway. You’ll find a wounded soldier pointing you towards the bridge control room. After the scene, you’ll be in combat with a boss.
  30. The Exo-Suit will shoot weak blasts of plasma, as well as charged explosive blasts. The Shiva Exo-Suit will also chase you around the room, use the center as a barrier and retreat around it will firing.
  31. Aim for the explosive barrels as the Shiva walks past to do extra damage.
  32. A few good Plasma Cannon blasts will take the suit down. Destroying the suit will open the door to the bridge control switch. Use the switch to continue your previous objective – finding Adam Hale.
  33. Objective: Find Adam Hale
  34. Turn around and backtrack to the bridge, crossing it. It’s a safe trip. Run to the door to finish the mission… sort of.

Explore The Tomb

  1. Objective: Explore The Tomb
  2. Another day, another dollar. This time you get an Exo-Suit and a little exploration job.
  3. Walk down the hallway, here you’ll unlock a new weapon – the Magnet Gun. The Magnet Gun works as a two-stage weapon, fire once to attach a magnet, then fire again to attract the first magnet to the second. Use this gun to launch debris into the doorway blocking your path.
  4. The Magnet Gun is a ton of fun. Play around with it, it has unlimited “ammo”, so don’t be afraid to mess with it. It’s a mainstay weapon for the rest of the game, so get some practice in now or later.
  5. Turn right as you enter the spooky tomb and walk towards the weird hologram. As you get closer, more of the tomb will collapse.
  6. Circle the hologram until debris destroys it. Use the glowing blue ball and the Magnet Gun to smash your way through the doorway in your path.
  7. Entering the ominous chamber, you’ll trigger a short scene.
  8. Objective: Destroy the Seal
  9. Do exactly what the objective states. Destroying this large glowing structure can take some time, just keep circling it and tearing off chunks with the Magnet Gun.
  10. Another option is to tear down the upper parts of the pillars surrounding the seal and launch them at the seal itself.
  11. Once the seal is destroyed, blue light will pour out of the floor, completing the mission.

Get Back To Bastion

  1. Objective: Get Back To Bastion
  2. Now you’ve got the Magnet Gun in your weapon’s locker. Like before, the first shot creates an anchor, while the second shot creates an attractor, pulling whatever’s anchored to the first shot toward the attractor. Use it carefully and don’t kill yourself!
  3. Another new weapon is available; the pistols. These are single shot weapons that our hero dual-wields. They’re standard pistols – not bad, but you’ll quickly discover more powerful and versatile weapons.
  4. The maul also makes a return, useful for squishing any monsters that might mysteriously attack.
  5. Move down the straight line of the cave, only one direction to go for now. Nearing a hole bathed in yellow light, duck to crawl inside.
  6. Through the strange environment, you’ll find the shadow of a monster. Chase it into a large room with destroyed structures. Cross the room and use Impact to smash through the destroyed building blocking your path.
  7. Objective: Use The Upgrade Station
  8. Near an old ramp, an objective will point out something that needs repaired. Use Repair to construct an upgrade station.
  9. Upgrade stations are where you purchase new upgrades. New tiers of upgrades will unlock as the game progresses, but for now you only have access to tier 1 upgrades. If you have one-thousand salvage, pick up one of the upgrades.
  10. Objective: Get Back To Bastion
  11. To the task at hand, follow the waypoint deeper into the cave until you trigger a cutscene, introducing you to an unknown life form.
  12. It is unknown, so kill it! These are creepers, they come in swarms and have a mean bite. Shoot them with pistols or crush them with the maul. Another option is to press down on the thumbstick to perform a melee attack that kills these little creatures instantly.
  13. The Creepers will jump from wall to wall and spit acid. While they’re out of melee range, shoot them down with your pistols. If they try to swarm you on foot, the maul will do the trick.
  14. Fight the swarm of bugs and follow the GPS pointers into a dark room – you’ll know it’s the right direction when your flashlight flips on automatically.
  15. Circle the dark room, fighting another swarm of creepers, while using the cave ramps to move slightly upwards. Out of the dark room, you’ll find a pod generating creepers.
  16. Pods are marked on your GPS with an orange circle. These gross pods will generate new monsters until they’re destroyed, so make them your first priority.
  17. A clip of pistol bullets should do the trick for this first pod. Beyond the pod, near a box of ammo and a turn right, you’ll find a shotgun.
  18. The shotgun functions like any good video-game shotgun; pump-action, close range devastation.
  19. The shotgun is great for handling nearby enemies, and these monsters are often close. This is a handy weapon, so don’t be afraid to use it.
  20. Your AI will warn you of multiple alien pods. Run up the ramp to find the pods around the bend – two solid shotgun blasts will destroy the pods for good.
  21. Take care of the creeper stragglers and follow your GPS pointers up towards a destroyed building.
  22. Step near the building to get caught up in a cave-in, dropping you into a chamber filled with pods. Shoot the first pod just above your landing spot with a shotgun, then take out the second. Melee will do wonders for you as you wade through a sea of creepers.
  23. Follow your waypoint up into a new chamber. The cutscene introduces a new enemy.
  24. These monsters are bigger and tougher than the creepers – they jump around and shoot at you in bursts of three, sometimes jumping down to attack at close range.
  25. The bigger aliens will try to engage you at longer ranges, so use those pistols to pick off the things while they’re hanging from cave walls.
  26. Past the initial group is a pod spawning more of the bigger, shooty-er bugs called Ravagers. Blast it and the bugs it spawned, continuing up the ramps towards Bastion.
  27. Turning a bend and looking up at a long tilted chamber, more bugs will swarm in. The aliens come in force here, groups of big and little aliens will move in and try to get you at melee range. Retreat if they surround you, and especially watch out for the big bug’s melee strike.
  28. Through the caves, you’ll eventually stumble upon a mostly intact building. As you near it, you’ll get caught in another cave-in. That’s it for this section.

Get To The Mining Colony

  1. No objective yet, just move forward over the underground stream.
  2. Objective: Get To The Mining Colony
  3. Follow the waypoint up the rocky ramp around to a tunnel blocked by fire. Use the bridge across, nearing a set of stairs you’ll witness an explosion.
  4. Use Repair to fix the steps up to move through the wreckage of the destroyed colony. On your way through, stop to pick up a grenade launcher.
  5. The Grenade Launcher comes in handy in this next area, the grenades can be launcher and left as traps to be detonated later remotely. The launcher can be tricky to use at long range, but at medium range it is good for destroying infested buildings.
  6. Entering the colony square, you’ll be warned of incoming aliens. Stop by the upgrade station nearby if you want to upgrade, then get to the task at hand.
  7. Fight off incoming aliens, they’ll come from all sides. If you need ammo, search inside the many structures, and use the grenade launcher for some destructive fun – or use the Magnet Gun to literally launch chunks of building at your enemies.
  8. Objective: Find The Signal
  9. With the alien killing done for now, follow your waypoint to a dead body in the colony square.
  10. Objective: Get To The Elevator
  11. Time to meet up with the convoy to Bastion. Follow your waypoint into the tunnels leading out of the colony.
  12. Inside the tunnel, a swarm of creepers will attack, so take care of them. Outside the tunnel, you’ll get a new objective.
  13. Objective: Clear The Area
  14. This giant spikey alien… thing is your next target. When they spawn, they create shields for any nearby aliens, making your job a lot more difficult. These large structures are tough as nails and take several hits from grenades, rockets, or Plasma Cannons.
  15. The best way to deal with the alien shield-generators is using the Magnet Gun to pull explosive barrels or chunks of structure slamming into it.
  16. Once the alien structure is demolished, take care of the Ravagers still skulking around taking potshots at you. More will spawn in after the first batch is destroyed, followed by a third wave after that.
  17. Objective: Activate The Elevator
  18. With the room cleared, hit the switch to activate the elevator and complete this area.

Secure The Elevator

  1. Objective: Secure The Elevator
  2. You need to help the convoy reach Bastion safely.
  3. Run down the street to encounter more bugs.
  4. Objective: Defend The Convoy
  5. Swarms of creepers and ravagers will attack, plus an alien shield structure will pop out of the ground. Retreat towards the convoy if you’re overwhelmed, their machine guns will take care of any aliens. Once the attack is clear, move forward ahead of the convoy.
  6. Objective: Escort The Convoy
  7. Move ahead of the cars down the road. Near a small station, look for a red weapon near a corpse. Grab it to reacquire the Assault Rifle.
  8. Objective: Use The Weapon Locker
  9. Like the objective says, follow the waypoint and use the Weapon Locker. Doesn’t matter if you actually switch weapons or not. You’ll be finding lockers all over the place, usually near Upgrade Stations, so if you want to change weapons, feel free.
  10. Always bring at least one close range and one long range weapon. Otherwise, go nuts – try to bring something that can cause plenty of collateral damage, too. Rocket Launchers, Grenade Launchers, Plasma Cannons, or Magnet Guns all work.
  11. Objective: Escort The Convoy
  12. Follow the road, moving down the gentle slope with your ally. Entering the large cavern, your ally will die in a cutscene, leaving you to fend off big, green and mean alone. These monsters, called berserkers, can be tough.
  13. Objective: Stop The Attack
  14. The green berserker will throw balls of charged plasma that explode like grenades after several seconds. Keep your distance, and don’t let it charge you. These creatures take plenty of damage, and once they’re low on health, will begin to glow and charge you. This is their kamikaze attack, shoot them down or hide behind something to escape the explosion.
  15. Waves of creepers and ravagers will pour into the cavern after the giant is dead. Clear out each ensuing wave, using the many structures around as cover and to restock on ammo.
  16. With the aliens dead, a new objective will appear.
  17. Objective: Repair The Bridge
  18. Do just that, follow the waypoints to the bridge and use your Repair function. You’ll have to completely repair the bridge, so sweep the entire thing to make it safe for the convoy to cross.
  19. Objective: Escort The Convoy
  20. This objective won’t last long, once the convoy crosses the bridge, you’ll have a new goal.
  21. Objective: Investigate The Construction Site
  22. Turn the bend to check out a building on stilts. The building in infected. Translation: destroy that ugly thing. The Magnet Gun, or your explosive weapon of choice, will make short work of the dump.
  23. Infected buildings generate salvage when destroyed, so collect your reward before continuing into the construction site.
  24. At the end of the road, you’ll find an excavator, some salvage, and an upgrade station. Collect what you need. You can reacquire the Plasma Cannon just to the left of the excavator.
  25. Objective: Activate The Excavator
  26. Jump onto the excavator marked by your waypoint and use it. Bring the Grenade Launcher or Plasma Cannon for the ensuing fight.
  27. Objective: Ride The Excavator
  28. Swarms of ravagers, creepers, and berserkers will attack as the excavator digs a new road. Use the Plasma Cannon and keep collecting ammo.
  29. If you need cover, use the Repair function to rebuild a small wall on the left side of the walkway.
  30. This section takes time, and a seemingly limitless amount of enemies will attack while you have practically no cover. Keep unloading with the Plasma Cannon or Grenade Launcher to fend off attackers.
  31. You might notice a new enemy – electricity sparking blue variants of the red ravagers. They aren’t vastly different than regular ravagers, so don’t bother taking any extra precautions with them.
  32. Eventually the excavator will drop into a cave pocket and crash, dumping you off near a road.
  33. Objective: Get To Carver Center
  34. A convoy will enter through the tunnel to your left. Follow the waypoints down the path until the lights shut down.
  35. Enter the first structure along the right wall. It’s dark, as you walk in, a creeper will attack. You’ll find a weapon locker inside.
  36. If you don’t need different weapons, continue down the road ahead of the convoy. Moving towards a paved street, a cutscene will show a car crash.
  37. Creepers will attack after the scene, surrounding you as more jump over from Carver Center. Shoot the bugs and melee any that try to get close, then take off for the hospital up the road.
  38. Getting a good look at Carver Center, it’s obvious the place is infested. Creatures spawn from pods near structures, including both variants of ravager.
  39. Objective: Destroy The Infected Buildings
  40. Near the entrance to the center, you’ll find an Exo-Suit, jump in and go to town.
  41. This Exo-Suit is armed with a machinegun, rockets, a powerful melee attack, and a devastating charge that’s perfect for smashing through structures.
  42. Objective: Stop The Attack
  43. Once the buildings are destroyed, take out the pods and destroy the last bugs.
  44. Objective: Get To The Gondola Station
  45. New objective – escort the convoy to the gondola to reach Bastion. Move ahead of the convoy with the Exo-Suit, down the twisty road.
  46. Entering a new area filled with structures, an ambush of aliens and two structures will pop out of the ground. Use missiles and the machinegun to make short work of the structures before mopping up these aliens.
  47. The caves are starting to look colder, moving into another man-made area, another alien shield structure will pop out of the ground left of the road while a group of creepers attack from the right.
  48. None of them are a match for this Exo-Suit. Into the tunnel, you’ll near the inactive gondola station.
  49. Objective: Activate The Gondola
  50. Turn right and head up the steps to hit the switch. Near the switch you’ll find a weapons locker and an upgrade station.
  51. Objective: Board The Gondola
  52. Once the gondola is activated, jump onboard while fighting the gang of bugs attacking your convoy. Step onto the gondola to get it moving.
  53. While riding the gondola, swarms of enemies will attack from all sides. Missiles will automatically lock-on to enemies. Shoot down as many of these guys creatures as you can, but they’re just an annoyance if you’re still on-board the Exo-Suit.
  54. Down the track, you’ll get a new objective.
  55. Objective: Clear The Overhead Track
  56. An alien structure is attached to the track overhead. Blow it up with your machineguns or rockets, it’s targeted on your HUD.
  57. Down the track, you’ll have to destroy another structure.
  58. As you near the next station, you’ll witness a military convoy being attacked, with one armored car exploding.
  59. Objective: Exit The Gondola
  60. Step off the gondola and wait off the road to let the convoy move forward.
  61. Get To The Bastion Elevator
  62. This objective won’t last long. Enter the lit tunnel and turn left into another large cavern.
  63. Objective: Stop The Attack
  64. Two alien shield structures appear to the left and right of the road, along with a swarm of aliens.
  65. Destroy the two alien structures first, it can be tricky, you can’t retreat too far backwards without exiting the mission boundaries.
  66. Clean up and continue down the road.
  67. Objective: Get To The Bastion Elevator
  68. Move through the lit tunnel and up the road. Around the corner, two big green aliens called berserkers will attack. Back up and launch missiles while unloading your machinegun to take these problems out.
  69. The elevator is out. So you’ll soon get a new objective.
  70. Objective: Repair The Generator
  71. Follow the waypoint down stairs underneath the elevator. Exit your Exo-Suit and run down the steps, repairing the generator to turn the lights back on.
  72. Inside the generator room, you’ll find some large salvage boxes and a weapons locker.
  73. Objective: Stop The Attack
  74. Yep, another alien attack before you can escape.
  75. An alien shield structure is across the chasm on the ice wall. Destroy it first, you’ll have to contend with plenty of aliens before the attack runs out of steam.
  76. With the alien structure destroyed, the incoming aliens will be a little easier to handle. Giant creepers will crawl out from the chasm and more aliens will spawn around the bend. Stay near the elevator and defend yourself.
  77. Once the attack is finally over, the convoy will drive onto the elevator.
  78. Objective: Activate The Elevator
  79. Finish the mission by exiting the Exo-Suit and using the switch to the elevator marked on the HUD.

Gather Power Cells

  1. Outside Bastion, stop at the weapons locker or upgrade station before leaving the guarded perimeter. As you leave, you’ll stumble upon upgraded dual pistols called Banshees. Think of these as magnums; slower fire rate, but higher damage per shot.
  2. Continue through the cave tunnel until a cutscene plays.
  3. Objective: Gather Power Cells
  4. Help the civilian fight off the creeper attack. Retreat down the tunnel if you’re overwhelmed, the Red Faction soldiers will help you fight.
  5. Your goal is to collect three power cells from three power stations marked by your GPS. The first is nearby, look up for a tower marked in red on the HUD.
  6. Destroy the tower however you like to free a power cell, then collect it before moving on.
  7. With the first power cell in hand, follow your GPS markers into a drab yellowish tunnel leading upwards.
  8. Exiting the tunnel, deal with the pod spawning creepers while looking out for ravagers shooting down from above.
  9. Turn right past the Taco stand and keep your eyes right for the power cell tower. Another pod is spawning monsters at the base of the tower, so blow both up and collect your power cell.
  10. Near the pod and power cell tower is an infested building, so destroy it for some easy salvage points.
  11. Up the steps built into the rocks between crummy buildings, you’ll run into another pod. Past the pod is a tunnel guarded by three unmanned turrets – jump onto one of the turrets as you approach and mow down the incoming creepers, ravagers, and berserker.
  12. The GPS waypoint points you to a shielded tunnel. Look closer for a quick exchange of dialogue.
  13. Objective: Turn Off The Force Field
  14. Hit the button marked by your HUD to the right. Of course it doesn’t work, you need to do some repairs first.
  15. Objective: Repair The Generators
  16. Now you need to find three generators scattered around this chamber while menacing by aliens. A group of aliens spawns just as you’re given the objective. You can take them out yourself or use one of the unmanned turrets to shoot them.
  17. Several waves of alien ravagers will attack before giving you some time to explore. Kill off all the aliens, then move around the room to repair the three generators. Once all three are fixed, you’ll get a new objective.
  18. Objective: Turn Off The Force Field
  19. Do just that, hit the switch again marked on your HUD.
  20. Objective: Gather Power Cells
  21. The shields are down, and a berserker is waiting on the far end of the tunnel. Jump onto a turret and shoot the monster down before moving through the tunnel to continue your search for power cells.
  22. Through the tunnel, you come out in a dark room. An alien shield structure grows out of the ground ahead obscured by stalagmites and stalactites. Aim carefully and you can hit the structure.
  23. Groups of ravagers, three variants now, shoot down from their perches. Draw the ravagers out into the safety of the tunnel or destroy the structure first.
  24. Near the alien structure is a power cell tower. Smash the tower and take the power cell.
  25. With all three power cells, you’ll get yourself another objective.
  26. Objective: Return To Bastion
  27. Follow your GPS markers back to Bastion. Run back down the tunnel, turn right into another tunnel.
  28. Back in the Hazel’s Fork chamber, ravagers and an alien shield structure appear down the steps.
  29. More waves of ravagers will spawn in near the tunnel entrance, and run down the steps, turning left to run down the last tunnel.
  30. Meet up with the civilian for a short cutscene. Then defend yourself against the ambush, always make the alien shield structures your first priority unless you’re being destroyed by a swarm of aliens.
  31. If you don’t want to fight every spawning alien ravager, run over to the Bastion perimeter after destroying the alien shield structure. Interact with the door into Bastion to leave when you’re ready.

Repair The Water Pumps

  1. Objective: Find The Water Pumps
  2. Right away, deal with the creepers chased a group of civilians.
  3. Down the path, before exiting through the perimeter doors, you’ll discover a Nano Rifle. The Nano Rifle shoots a powerful accurate shot that disintegrates most materials. If you need an accurate weapon that can also destroy buildings, take the Nano Rifle.
  4. Entering the water pump chamber, you’ll be surrounded by creepers from a pit in the center of the room.
  5. Use the stairs to reach the bottom floor, and be careful not to destroy your own walkways. Your personal assistant will inform you of pods on the bottom floor.
  6. Objective: Clear The Area
  7. Make your way down to the bottom floor of the chamber, using the metal stairwells. Destroy the two pods hidden behind two metal grates, then fight off the swarms of ravagers and creepers dropping into the chamber.
  8. Use the Repair function to rebuild walls if you need a breather to regain health. When the battle is over, you’ll get a new objective.
  9. Objective: Repair The Water Pumps
  10. Fix all four water pumps, it’s as simple as that.
  11. Objective: Find The Next Pumping Station
  12. Follow the GPS markers up the stairwell out of the pump station into another cavern. Repair the stairs up if you need to.
  13. In the crystal-filled cave, a berserker is waiting down the path. Shoot it down and move on to a depot where a weapons locker and an upgrade station are waiting.
  14. Take the right hand path down the steps. There are four pods down the ramp, find two a level down over the railings, and the third is over the bridge across the chamber. The fourth is behind a rock column right of the bridge.
  15. Move down the ramp to a catwalk, as you run down more aliens will spawn into the room. Be careful while on the catwalks, if you destroy them you’ll fall far.
  16. Down the pit, finish off the remaining aliens.
  17. Objective: Repair The Water Pumps
  18. Get repairing! Fix both pumps.
  19. Objective: Find The Corporal
  20. After the conversation, follow the GPS markers into a tunnel and look at the open manhole. When you’re ready, interact with the manhole to complete the stage.

Find The Corporal

  1. Objective: Find The Corporal
  2. Enter the station, as you move up the steps you’ll discover the Rocket Launcher. Well, it’s a rocket launcher, it’s a versatile weapon with some good power. Bring it for large enemies and destroying structures.
  3. As you enter the ice tunnels, weird flashes and visions will disorient Darius (and the player) but keep going, weird vision never hurt anybody.
  4. Taking the steps down, you’ll encounter another new enemy – the wraith. Wraiths are invisible aliens that disorient you with flashes and weird brown electricity clouds. When they appear, they either attack from nearby, or try to snipe you with a powerful converging red laser beam. Dodge or shoot the wraith as they charge the red lasers to make them retreat. When they reappear, you’ll have a chance to finish them off.
  5. Fight the first wraith, entering a dark structure where a second wraith will ambush you. Move up the ramp to repair the generator and turn the lights back on.
  6. Turn around and follow the markers deeper into the cavern, through a passage is another pod spawning creepers that will harass you until the pod is destroyed.
  7. Enter through the grated doorway up steps, turning right to face off against another wraith. Move across the bridge and into a dark tunnel infested by alien crud.
  8. Through the tunnel you’ll enter a tall chamber filled with man-made catwalks leading up. Entering the room, ravagers will attack. Moving up to the second floor, ravagers and an alien structure will ambush you. Fight carefully and don’t destroy your own catwalks!
  9. Destroy all the enemies, and use the Repair function to reconstruct the missing steps up to the top level. Enter the dark structure, there’s a weapons locker just right of the entrance. Move left down the hallway to find an upgrade station.
  10. Entering another room, you’ll come out on the second floor where ravagers and creepers will attack while shielded by a nearby set of two alien shield structures. The shield structures are guarded by a wraith and a berserker.
  11. This is a tough encounter, play it safe and hang back if you’re not equipped to quickly destroy both alien shield structures.
  12. Take the left path up onto the catwalks. The catwalks are always mildly dangerous, one explosion will destroy the thin metal floor keeping you from dropping into a bottomless pit.
  13. Move onto the the next safe ground and fight off two wraiths. When both wraiths are destroyed, continue up the catwalks, holding down the Repair function to keep from falling into any of the broken gaps in the catwalk.
  14. On the next bit of safe ground, another wraith will attack. Take it out, then hold down Repair as you move over the catwalks upward. At the solid ground above, another wraith will appear. Destroy it before continuing up the catwalks.
  15. As you move up to the top floor, creepers and wraiths will attack you on the catwalk. Run or melee through them to reach safe ground, then finish the aliens off.
  16. Objective: Extend The Bridge
  17. You heard the computer assistant, hit the button to lower the bridge. It lowers very, very slowly as aliens swarm in from across the chasm.
  18. Take out the ravagers, finishing off the last of them once the bridge is completely extended.
  19. Objective: Find The Corporal
  20. Back on track, cross the bridge and take the cave path up the steps. Turn right at the metal gratings and step onto the catwalks. Cross them to solid ground and turn right, using the stairs to move down two levels.
  21. Turn left and look up at the inactive elevator. You need a new tool to fix the elevator and continue the search.
  22. Objective: Find An Upgrade Station
  23. Follow the GPS markers down the steps, kill the wraith in your way, and circle the frozen pool. Enter the abandoned building.
  24. As you step out of the entrance room, a berserker will attack from above to the left, while ravagers attack right. Clear out the room, and Repair your way upstairs towards the HUD marker.
  25. Fix the upgrade station and use it to unlock the Repair Grenade. Just tap the Repair button to fire a nano grenade that fixes anything nearby.
  26. Objective: Repair The Elevator Generator
  27. Backtrack to the inactive elevator. Entering the frozen pool, creepers and giant creepers protected by an alien shield structure will ambush you.
  28. Another alien shield structure with creepers will ambush you as you leave the frozen pool chamber.
  29. Back at the inactive elevator, shoot a Repair Grenade at the HUD marker.
  30. Objective: Find The Corporal
  31. The elevator will lower, step on to ride it up, and walk forward to enter a cutscene.

Get To The Purification Plant

  1. Objective: Get To The Purification Plant
  2. Take the stairs into a frozen structure. Fight off the ravagers while moving through the mine tunnels. Take the stairs down into a larger chamber.
  3. Ravagers and a berserker will attack from steps built into the ground to the left. Up the stairs, two pods are spawning enemies flanking the pathway.
  4. Follow the GPS markers into the building, down steps and towards a green exit sign. Before moving through the green sign, stop by the weapons locker and upgrade station.
  5. Leave the room and turn right to trigger a cutscene.
  6. Objective: Destroy The Building
  7. The purification plant is infected, and ravagers with wraiths will attack from all sides. Fight the first wave of aliens while inside the plant. More aliens will attack after you leave, and the many wraiths will snipe you out of cover.
  8. When you’re ready, run outside to safe ground and smash the infected building. Walkways crisscross up and down the large chamber circling the purification plant. Berserks spawn on the walkways, so look out and don’t let them kamikaze into you.
  9. Once the building is destroyed, you’ll get your final objective for the stage.
  10. Objective: Clear The Area
  11. Kill the remaining aliens. They’ll stop spawning in once the infected building is destroyed.
  12. Once the aliens are gone, leave when you’re ready.

Destroy The Infected Buildings

  1. No objective yet in this dark and foreboding cavern. Run forward until you see a sign advertising the area, called “Greenbelt”.
  2. Through the doors, you’ll find another new weapon. The Plasma Beam fires a destructive blast as you sustain a beam, it cuts through enemies and buildings like butter. It never needs to reload either, but it does take a moment to fire up, and ammo is limited – like more large guns.
  3. Look left at the destroyed tram car. Run through it and jump out to cross the gap. Move fast, if you don’t jump out quickly, the tram will fall into the pit with you still in it.
  4. Objective: Destroy The Infected Buildings
  5. This is an open-ended mission, there are five infected buildings that need to be destroyed before you can leave this area. The GPS marker will point you to each of the structures, usually whichever is closest to your current location.
  6. Load up on explosives or structure-destroying weapons like the Magnet Gun, Nano Rifle or the Plasma Beam.
  7. The first infected structure is just left of where you landed jumping off the tram. Look for stairs guarded by a swarm of ravagers. Shoot your way through them and destroy the building before moving on.
  8. Run down the steps towards a fork, you’ll find an upgrade station and a weapons locker. Look right and head into the smaller tunnel with steps built into the rock.
  9. Look up and right when you enter the connecting chamber, the next infected building is up one level. Watch out for two pods spawning ravagers; make those your first priority.
  10. Inside a dimly lit tunnel near the once infected building, a berserker might start taking potshots at you with explosive blasts. Take him out from afar before entering the tunnel.
  11. The tunnel leads into a building, exit it and run to the steps along the right wall of the building labeled ‘Agricultural Research Facility”. Repair the steps, run up, and move to a walkway to your left.
  12. As you approach the walkway, a wraith will attack, backed-up by creepers. Clear them out, and use the rickety metal stairs to reach the top level.
  13. The large infected building is no match for your arsenal, just take it apart and collect the salvage it drops. As you turn to leave using the same metal stairs, an alien shield structure with creepers will ambush you from below.
  14. Backtrack through the dimly lit tunnel, instead using the larger tunnel marked by spinning fans on the walls. You’ll exit the room through a doorway and look out over the infected structure.
  15. Destroy the infected structure from your nice vantage point looking over it, then collect the salvage if you need it. The moment you attack, enemies will swarm into the area, including – creepers, ravagers, wraiths, and multiple berserkers. It’s a full house, and this fight can get brutal. Stay up on the ledge looking into the area below, and you won’t be surrounded.
  16. Use all of your abilities in fights like these, don’t forget about Impact. If you haven’t already, purchase the Nano Forge abilities. They aren’t required yet, but later in the game these abilities are a must. Purchase Shockwave, Shell, and Berserk as early as you can and try to fully upgrade all three.
  17. Berserk is especially useful later in the game. If you can only afford one, choose Berserk, it will save you life during the end-game, and is an absolutely indispensable ability.
  18. Follow the GPS markers into a narrow cave leading out to another large chamber where the infected building is immediately visible.
  19. The infected building here is guarded by two pods to the left and right of it. Destroy the pods and no extra aliens will show up. Just destroy the infection at your leisure.
  20. With that job done, move to the door left of the building you just destroyed and interact with it to leave.

Find Kara

  1. You’re in the waste processing center now, so try to hold your breath as you move down the tunnel. (Do not actually hold your breath.)
  2. Ahead, look left of the walkway to find a new weapon: the Pulse Grenade. This is a very handy weapon, it rapidly fires explosives that can hurt multiple aliens without destroying structures. Take it with you here, you’ll be fighting enemies will suspended over pits on walkways.
  3. Run over the walkway and climb the ladder. Inside the building ahead you should spot a pod inside. Take it out and clean up any aliens it spawned.
  4. Take out the ravagers as you move up the steps and around to solid ground. Make a stop at an upgrade station and weapons locker before continuing through the tunnel.
  5. Entering another building, creepers will flood out as they’re spawned from two pods inside. Pulse Grenades are handy against swarms of enemies like creepers, they kill them quickly and efficiently.
  6. Up the stairwell, ravagers and a wraith will ambush you. Continue up another set of stairs to find and destroy the pod spawning aliens on the top floor of this structure.
  7. With the wraith gone, you’ll be able to leave through the neon-green marked doorway. Run over the walkway, on the far end aliens will crawl out of rifts in the cave walls – pulse grenades make short work of the aliens if you hit them just as they crawl out.
  8. Follow your GPS marker into another building and take the ramps up. Ahead, an angry civilian will destroy the bridge forward. Just Repair it with your Nano Forge and cross over.
  9. At the end of the cave is a destroyed ramp. After your conversation ends, Repair the ramps and move up into another man-made room. Use the ramp to reach the ceiling and Repair it to reach another ramp built into the cave.
  10. Up the cave ramp, you’ll find the destroyed entrance to the marketplace. A berserker will blow through a wall just left of the marketplace sign, kill it and the pod to your left before using the new entrance yourself.
  11. Turn right into the dark cave and follow the GPS markers into a large crystal cavern. A cutscene will trigger. Move forward down the single path over, left, up the ramp, and over the natural bridge to exit the cavern while fighting off ravagers and creepers in your path.
  12. Eventually you’ll reach a ledge overlooking a room with an Exo-Suit, a weapons locker, and an upgrade station.
  13. When you’re ready, get into the Exo-Suit and smash through the debris blocking your way into the marketplace.
  14. Objective: Find Kara
  15. Move ahead and turn right to face a berserker. Yep, the marketplace is overrun by aliens. Down the hallway you’ll have to contend with creepers spawning from two pods inside a structure in the center of the room.
  16. Destroy the pods or smash the structure, either works. The marketplace is complicated and filled with enemies, if you can’t quite spot enemies just use the rocket launcher ofter – it fires three rockets that independently lock onto any nearby targets.
  17. There’s another pod in the corner, destroy it too. Leave down the steps lit by a purple neon sign. Down the way, as you turn left a berserker and a ravager pod will great you. Smash through them both with you Exo-Suit’s superior firepower.
  18. Move up the ramp, fighting berserkers and ravagers until you can destroy the pod after exiting the structure with the low-ceilings. Back inside the cavern lined with shops, turn right to find a sign pointing you towards the Red Faction barracks.
  19. Enter through the chain-link fence with an “Authorized Personnel Only” warning. Ahead an alien shield structure will pop out in front of you, while two pods spawn creepers just beyond that. Enter the blue metal structure and punch through the fences blocking your way with a charge.
  20. Use the ramp to reach the second level, moving forward and destroying the pod in the building’s exit. Just outside is another pod. With all the pods gone, you can cross the bridge into the Red Faction barracks.
  21. As you near the bridge, two waves of ravages will crawl out of the walls and attack. Fight them, and don’t destroy the bridge with rockets.
  22. Enter the barracks and look right at the turn – pods, ravagers, and a berserker will attack.
  23. Objective: Reach The Elevator To The Surface
  24. Pass through a room with a weapons locker and drop down a floor to destroy two alien pods. Before you can leave, you’ll have to get rid of a wraith, too.
  25. Move down the hall to another stairwell, walk down and turn right to exit the barracks. Finding yourself in the cave network again, follow the only path forward towards the Detention Facility.
  26. The Detention Facility it a lot like the Barracks, metallic and full of monsters in tight spaces. As you enter, turn right and smash through the bars towards a hall lit by fire.
  27. Entering a detention block, kill the ravagers and the pods spawning them. Moving into the second block, you’ll overlook a mess guarded by more pods, ravagers, creepers, and a berserker.
  28. Take them out from your vantage above, then jump down and continue your march through the prison. Through the connecting hallway, you’ll enter into a dark three-tiered prison block. Two wraiths will ambush you here, so shot them before they can focus their beams on your Exo-Suit.
  29. After that’s it’s a simple walk through the prison entrance. Smash through the barred gates and hang a left to exit the prison.
  30. In the cavern, ravagers will pour out of the cave walls. Once they’re dealt with, move down the single path until you’re blocked by a short ledge. A wraith will ambush you; finish it off quickly with three rockets from your Exo-Suit.
  31. Step out of the Exo-Suit, repair the ladder, and use it to continue towards the surface elevator. On the ledge above, stop by the weapons locker and upgrade station. Take weapons that are effective against large enemies, you’re about to face a boss.
  32. When you’re ready, move forward down the path laid out by your GPS markers.
  33. Objective: Kill The Behemoth
  34. This guy is a beast. Like with all aliens, keep as much distance between you and it as possible while pummeling it with powerful weaponry or tugging chunks of debris into it with the Magnet Gun.
  35. The behemoth attacks by charging – dodge out of the way to escape taking high damage. It also launches explosive balls similar to the charged energy fired by berserkers. The behemoth’s blasts explode into an acidic burst wherever they land that will sap your health if you’re standing in it’s area of effect.
  36. Shoot down the light fixtures above to drop onto the behemoth while it launches projectile attacks and use the surrounding debris for cover.
  37. Take down the behemoth with enough bullets and perseverance, and you’ll get a new objective.
  38. Objective: Find Kara
  39. Simple enough, follow the GPS markers up the road. Stand near the rocky debris to interact and leave the area.

Protect The Red Faction

  1. Objective: Protect The Red Faction
  2. As the mission begins, a large group of ravagers are attacking your position while allies help fight them off. Just stand and keep taking down the ravagers until you’re given a new objective. The ravagers will just keep coming, so stay with your allies and let them do some of the lifting.
  3. Objective: Find And Destroy Alien Pods
  4. Run past the remaining ravagers and down into the valley below to hunt alien pods. Move past the sign to Dust, you’ll run into a new monster.
  5. The alien tentacle rips chunks of debris from around the environment and throws it right at Darius. Dodge or destroy the debris to escape the attack, and stay at long range to keep out of melee range.
  6. Destroy the tentacle with heavy weapons or use the Magnet Gun to crush it. There are three alien pods spawning creepers scattered to the left and right, above and beyond the tentacle.
  7. Past the tentacle, look left for an infected building housing another pod. Up inside a large crevice filled with alien crud are two more pods attached to the roof.
  8. Nearing the street, another tentacle will pop up near the rock wall. Another tentacle will appear out of the ground just across the street while a berserker attacks.
  9. As you move up the road sloping up, look left for a pod on a high ledge. Another tentacle will pop out to the left of the road. The last pod is just off the road at the top of the hill.
  10. More giant creepers will pop out to ambush you. The density of enemies here is pretty high, so fight through them to get rid of all the pods. Run back down the street to destroy the tentacle from afar if you’re surrounded.
  11. With all the pods destroyed, you’ll get a new objective.
  12. Objective: Return To The Red Faction
  13. As you run back down the hill to meet back up with the Red Faction, a behemoth will attack. Retreat back up the hill, shooting – the berserk ability is handy against these difficult enemies.
  14. On your way back through the valley, an alien shield structure flanked by two tentacles will block your path. Clear them out and run up to the Red Faction perimeter.
  15. Objective: Stop The Attack
  16. Back at the Red Faction perimeter, they’ve unpacked an Exo-Suit. Jump into the suit and fight the remaining aliens to complete the mission. That includes a handful of tentacles mixed with swarms of ravagers.
  17. When the aliens stop, hold down the prompted button to complete the objective.

Destroy The Relay Stations

  1. Objective: Plant The Beacon
  2. Starting a new night mission against the marauder cultists. Start by planting a beacon marked on the HUD.
  3. That’s it for the first objective – moving onto the real mission.
  4. Objective: Destroy The Relay Stations
  5. Like previous missions, you’ve got to destroy several structures while moving through an environment. Look for the towers marked red by your HUD. Those are your targets; they’re easy to topple, even something as simple as the Nano Rifle can drop the towers in two or three shots.
  6. Many of the towers are far away, so come equipped with something to destroy the relay stations from long range.
  7. Cross the bridge to engage cultists right away. These guys won’t be a problem, just watch out for the cultist armed with a rocket launcher as he enters the room. Destroy the tower and enjoy the destruction.
  8. Turn around and follow the GPS markers over the catwalks built into the mountain. Over the walkway onto solid ground, you’ll discover a nice new weapon. The Rail Driver is a handy sniper rifle, aim it to look into the X-ray scope that can fire through cover. Grab the weapon, it comes in handy picking off cultists from afar while you hide behind cover.
  9. Ahead are three cultists, and around the bend is a third armed with a Nano Rifle. The Nano Rifle can hurt, so give the Rail Driver a try to snipe the guy from behind a hut.
  10. As you near the next relay station, a tornado will destroy it for you. Continuing forward, two cultists will attack. One is armed with a rocket launcher.
  11. Up the path, a shotgun cultist will attack, while above on the ledge another rocket cultist will shoot down at you. Run up the hill where a tornado will blow down the building ahead.
  12. Run through the destroyed building, turning left to find a large two-story building filled with cultists. Destroy the relay station on the other end of the structure, then look right for a walkway down into another two-story lean-to.
  13. Use the Rail Driver to get the drop on the many cultists below, some of which are armed with Pulse Grenades. Destroy the relay station on the other end of the lean-to.
  14. Still further past the relay station you just destroyed is a large building guarded by two turrets. Demolish the building however you want to crush the cultists inside. When the cultists are cleared out, cross the walkway and enter the rubble.
  15. Inside the rubble, use or Repair the upgrade station inside. From the upgrade station, turn right and use the Rail Driver to snipe the last of the cultists. Across the area is also the last of the five relay stations.
  16. Kill the last of the cultists and destroy the last relay station, then you’ll have the option to return to the Red Faction camp.

Get To The Perimeter Outpost

  1. Objective: Destroy Entrenched Enemy
  2. Cultists are attacking the Red Faction base! Use the Scout Walker to destroy the many cultists hiding in the building across firing rockets.
  3. The area is completely filled with cultists shooting from buildings above and below you. Wipe them out before leaving.
  4. The Scout Walker has two attacks, the convergence laser and electricity arcs. The primary fire shoots two arcs of electricity that automatically jump to any nearby cultists, switching targets after one pops into a bloody mess.
  5. The Convergence laser is just a powerful instant-hit explosive that takes time to charge and fire. This weapon is good at blowing open cover, but it’s a little too slow to destroy entire buildings.
  6. As you turn right, a Shiva Exo-Suit will attack while more cultists shoot from a building. Blow open the building’s facade with a blast from the Convergence Laser, then take out the rest of the cultists with your electricity.
  7. Objective: Get To The Perimeter Outpost
  8. Follow your GPS markers under the wrecked bridge up towards and old EDF outpost.
  9. Objective: Clear The Area
  10. This small outpost is full of cultists in buildings and a Shiva. Blow them all away, more rocket cultists will appear on the left cliff ledge while others will shoot from a wrecked bridge over the rock wall ahead.
  11. Objective: Get To The Perimeter Outpost
  12. Once the area is clear, more cultists will stream out from the path ahead. Steamroll through them, looking right at a bunker containing cultists while another bunker houses a cultist on a turret.
  13. Punch through these enemies until you reach a right turn. As you make the bend, you’ll face cultists, a Shiva, and an enemy Scout Walker.
  14. Objective: Destroy The Scout Walker
  15. The enemy Scout Walker is tough, use the concrete wall built into the rock to hide while your Convergence Laser charges. Hit the enemy with a shot, then sidestep back behind the wall. Do it enough times and you’ll win safely.
  16. Objective: Destroy Enemy Occupied Buildings
  17. Three buildings are ahead, filled with cultists while more cultists shoot from the cliff to the left and the wrecked bridge above.
  18. Use the Convergence Laser or simply walk into the buildings to knock them down. The Scout Walker can demolish buildings just by walking into them.
  19. Destroy another Shiva that attacks while destroying the buildings, and you’ll get another objective.
  20. Objective: Get To The Cultists
  21. Continue through the abandoned base, blasting cultists until you find an excavator digging into the rock.
  22. Objective: Destroy The Excavator
  23. Take out the square machine marked in red by your HUD. Blast it with a the Convergence Laser for a nice big explosion. That’s it for the mission!

Escape The Dig Site

  1. You’re on a mine cart ride, trying to escape from Adam Hale in his giant Mantis Walker. As the mission starts, choose your weapon. Pick the Rocket Launcher for it’s lock-on, take an Assault Rifle, and the Magnet Gun. Bring a Nano Rifle too, you’ll need long range weapons to shoot cultists.
  2. For the mine cart ride, you’ll have infinite ammo. So feel free to keep shooting.
  3. The Mantis Walker is invulnerable to all your weapons, don’t bother shooting it. Instead, target the sparking generators on the ground or on the roof.
  4. Aim for the generators as the Mantis Walker passes by to slow it down. The walker will chase your cart and try to catch up to you, if it reaches you you’re dead. Focus on the Mantis Walker, the cultists are just an annoyance.
  5. Eventually the cart will enter through a closing door.
  6. Objective: Escape The Dig Site
  7. Moving into a large chamber, cultists will take pot shots at you. As you pass a door to your left and the cart turns right, Hale’s Mantis Walker will burst through the large doors and picks up the chase.
  8. Once again, you need to shoot the generators as the walker passes to slow it down.
  9. You won’t need to run for long, as the cart will enter an elevator and slowly rises up. Look up and shoot the cultists waiting on the balconies circling the elevator shaft.
  10. Nearing the top, the lights will go out and the elevator will drop down where even more cultists will shoot you. It won’t take long for the elevator to reactivate and continue back to the top of the shaft.
  11. Objective: Repair The Generators
  12. The doors won’t open, so fire Repair Grenades at the locations marked by your HUD.
  13. Back on track, you’ll exit back into the cavern where cultists will fire from their positions on the left. Passing by them, the Mantis Walker will return to menace you.
  14. No generators to shoot yet. Moving to tracks hanging above a bottomless pit, the Mantis Walker will walk on the wall to chase.
  15. The tracks lead to a dead end. Turn around, where the Mantis Walker will stop and charge it’s beam. Above a generator will hang over the walker.
  16. Objective: Destroy The Hanging Generator
  17. Hit the generator with an explosive or destructive weapon to drop it onto the Mantis Walker. The cart will leave and take off up a pathway. Look behind, to watch for the Mantis Walker to return. Shoot the generators as you move up the slope until triggering a cutscene.
  18. After the cutscene, you’ll appear in a large hall where Adam Hale is chasing you with a wounded Mantis Walker.
  19. Objective: Prepare To Drop Power Station On Hale
  20. Look above for the power station marked on your HUD.
  21. Objective: Drop Power Station On Hale
  22. As the walker crawls under the station, shoot the station to drop it onto the walker’s head.
  23. Once the power station is destroyed, the shield will drop behind you. Run to the next shield and wait for the Mantis Walker to crawl underneath it before dropping it.
  24. While you wait for the Mantis Walker to move under the power station, shoot the walker with rockets or anything else destructive. The walker won’t take much damage, but it will take some.
  25. Look out, the walker will fire energy blasts at you, just dodge to escape the blasts.
  26. After dropping the second power station, run back to the third. Drop it on Hale to finish the mission.

Get To The Marauders

  1. Objective: Get To The Marauders
  2. You’re back in the Scout Walker, that means chain-lightning and Convergence Lasers. Smash through the first cultist building filled with enemies.
  3. Stomp forward while using the electricity arcs to easily destroy any cultists in your path. Once you exit the tight canyons and move into a larger courtyards, you’ll have some problems to contend with.
  4. Two Shiva Exo-Suits will turn the corner to engage you. Your Convergence Laser and lighting will make short work of them – ahead two more will attack from the ledge and the slope. If you’re overwhelmed or your shields are low, back off and return to the safety of the canyon behind.
  5. Clear out the Exo-Suits, then follow your GPS markers up the ramp and turn right. Below is another Exo-Suit and a cultist buggy with a whole mess of cultists on the buildings above. The buggies fire powerful slow moving energy blasts, but are easier to target and destroy than the craftier Shiva suits.
  6. Destroy the three buggies around the circular yard before moving towards the gates of a base guarded by two buggies in front of a tunnel.
  7. Turn right and step through the gates to find another buggy waiting at a very large tunnel filled with marauder structures. Plow through, lasing and electrifying anything in your path.
  8. As the tunnel opens into a large chamber, you’ll face off against two Shiva suits with multiple cultists shooting from the many walkways crossing your path.
  9. Exiting the tunnels, you’ll come out to another base with another tunnel – this one shielded.
  10. Objective: Destroy The Generators
  11. Three generators power the shields, all three will be marked on your HUD. As you enter the center of the base, a handful of buggies and cultists on turrets will shoot you from all sides. Pick out your targets one at a time and your shields should keep you safe.
  12. Destroy the generators with your laser or stomp through the base of the towers.
  13. Objective: Get To Kara’s Homeland
  14. Head into the tunnel filled with shanties and aliens. Neither will last long subjected to the Scout Walker. Push through, using lightning on the monsters – they don’t fair any better than the cultists.
  15. The tunnel is filled with ravagers and pods. After dealing with the berserker, you’ll have a bigger problem with the behemoth. Behemoths are tough, but the Convergence Laser hurts it, combined with the double electrical arcs, it will eventually fall.
  16. Past the behemoth is another large chamber housing several pods and infested buildings. The Scout Walker is tough enough to withstand a few enemies, so skip the pods if you don’t want to bother looking for them.
  17. Past the large chamber and into another tunnel that bends left, lookout for two behemoths. Back up while blasting away, it’s as simple as that. These guys absorb a lot of damage, but their long range attacks barely scratch your Scout Walker.
  18. Approach the landing pad to finish the mission after the behemoths are dead.

Get To The Front Line

  1. Objective: Get To The Front Line
  2. Run by the two marauder soldiers to face a whole swarm of creepers down the following left turn where two soldiers are in combat.
  3. To the right of the hall is an upgrade station and a weapons locker. If you haven’t already, pick up Berserk and Berserk Boost. The Health upgrades are mandatory, as well.
  4. Entering a large lava chamber, a marauder soldier is shooting a berserker – it’ll destroy part of the bridge no matter what you do. Beyond the bridge is a strange structure hanging from the ceiling. This particular structure is infected, so destroy it – sadly you won’t be able to capture the salvage.
  5. Turn left, run down the ramp and then back up two ramps. Up a level you’ll find a sweet new weapon – the Singularity Cannon. Take this weapon! Just try it yourself. It’s awesome. Just beware, it will completely destroy anything remotely destructible.
  6. Continue up the destroyed ramps, Repair if you need to. Continuing into a new chamber, turn right as two groups of ravagers attack. Cross the ramp sloping down, running forward to another ramp sloping up. To the right is another infected building.
  7. Up the ramp, more ravagers will attack. Turn around and follow the GPS markers over catwalks leading towards a cave tunnel. Enter the dark tunnel, your flashlight will automatically turn on. Move forward until reaching a ledge.
  8. Jump down for a scary fight.
  9. Objective: Clear The Area
  10. A behemoth and two wraiths will attack. This gets tricky. Use Berserk to do extra damage to the behemoth, and fire the Singularity Cannon at it. The Cannon is also great on wraiths, it will keep them held in place while doing extra damage.
  11. Dodge around the behemoth and try to take cover from the wraith’s sniper shots. This is a nasty battle, use Shield to protect yourself from the wraiths and long range acidic blasts from the behemoth – just don’t stay in place if the Behemoth charges.
  12. Clear these three monsters out to get back on track.
  13. Objective: Get To The Front Line
  14. Follow your GPS markers, the front line is only a few steps away – you’ll know it from the marauder soldiers shooting down creepers.
  15. Fight the creepers and help the soldiers until you get a new objective.
  16. Objective: Get To The Bridge
  17. The central chamber features several doorways leading in different directions. The bridge doorway is easy to find, just fight through the many creepers pouring out. Follow the GPS markers into the tunnel.
  18. Waves of creepers pour into the tunnels, inside the bridge chamber there are three pods to the left and three pods to the right of the bridge pumping out creepers.
  19. Objective: Destroy The Bridge
  20. If you have the Singularity Cannon, have some fun and tear the bridge apart. Either way, way an explosive or destructive weapon to destroy the bridge.
  21. If you haven’t destroyed all the pods, you’ll get another objective.
  22. Objective: Clear The Area
  23. Finish off the remaining creepers and pods to complete the objective.
  24. Return to the central chamber. On your way, a group of creepers will attack and Darius will receive a new objective.
  25. Objective: Get To The Cave
  26. Following your GPS markers into the tunnel, a tentacle will pop out. Destroy it to reach a lava chamber looking to a cave across.
  27. Objective: Destroy The Cave Supports
  28. Shoot the supports marked in red on your HUD with any explosive weapon to drop the roof onto the many aliens streaming in.
  29. Objective: Get To The Generators
  30. Another objective, the marauders can’t do anything without you. Follow your GPS markers into a different tunnel that’s ominously empty of monsters. You’ll reach a chamber with a turret looking over a destroyed bridge while lava pours in from the ceiling.
  31. Jump on the turret.
  32. Objective: Defend The Area
  33. While on the turret, open fire on swarms of aliens. If you’re anything like me, you won’t be able to stay on the turret for long.
  34. When the aliens have you surrounded as they leap onto the platform with you, abandon the turret and fight the aliens on foot. There are way too many creepers and ravagers to deal with unless you’re a wizard with the turret.
  35. Use close range attacks like Impact or Shockwave to crush the monsters swarming onto the platform with you. The shotgun comes in handy too.
  36. After a set amount of time, the shields will raise. When you’re ready, hold down the interaction button to complete the mission.

Find The Lab

  1. Objective: Find The Lab
  2. Move down the cave to find a weapons locker. Look left and enter the hallway, moving through the twisty path forward into a three-tiered room bathed in red light.
  3. Inside you’ll be ambushed by wraiths.
  4. Objective: Clear The Area
  5. Fight off the wraiths, while ravagers and creepers enter through the walls. If you need to take cover, run up to the third floor and hide in the alcove.
  6. Objective: Find The Lab
  7. Head down the ramp, the catwalk is suspended over a bottomless pit. Part of the catwalk is broken, try to repair it to move forward, and a tentacle will pop out – destroying the catwalk ahead again. Retreat and the tentacle will leave. Repair the catwalk again and move forward to solid ground.
  8. As you near the end of the catwalk, another tentacle will appear and destroy the catwalk you’re walking on, dropping you near the ledge. You’ll be okay! Just move towards the blocked doorway.
  9. Turn left and run down the hall. Through the window a tentacle will show up to cause you problems.
  10. Back in the crystal-filled cavern, you’ll find an upgrade station. Continue down the path down the rock slope towards a ramp. In a structure to the right ravagers will enter the area while down the slope a tentacle will show up. Clear them out and continue down the cave into a smaller tunnel.
  11. Down the ramp into the dark tunnel, the lights will turn on to reveal a swarm of creepers. Another group of creepers will attack from behind, too.
  12. Moving forward, a berserker will attack from a man-made hallway. Turn left inside the hall and move towards the catwalk. Some debris will break the bridge, so fix it before crossing over.
  13. Down the hallway turning left you’ll enter a large chamber filled with pods.
  14. Objective: Clear The Area
  15. Wraiths will ambush you and block you inside with the three pods spawning ravagers. Fight the ambush to continue your search for the lab.
  16. Objective: Find The Lab
  17. Into the hallway ahead, turn right and you’ll enter the lab without quite knowing it.
  18. Objective: Retrieve The Chip
  19. Hang a right into a dark hallway. The lights will turn on to reveal a behemoth. Switch on Berserk and go nuts on the monster to kill it quickly – the Shotgun and Pulse Grenades will make short work of it.
  20. Continue down the hall and turn left to find a weapons locker before entering the large chamber.
  21. Entering the large chamber, you’ll face a tough ambush.
  22. Objective: Clear The Area
  23. An alien shield structure will appear to the right from the ceiling while aliens pour into the area. Hit the alien structure with the Singularity Cannon, fire twice and the structure is dead meat.
  24. After the structure is destroyed, three more alien shield structures will pop up on the left side of the room with a compliment of ravagers. This is when the battle can get hairy, keep your distance and fight the aliens if you can’t easily reach the alien structures.
  25. After taking out those three alien structures, five more will appear at the back of the room guarding the chip chamber. Fight off the aliens, destroy the structures, and you’ll get the final objective.
  26. Objective: Retrieve The Chip
  27. Follow the GPS marker into the room housing the important chip.

Get To Winters

  1. Objective: Get To Winters
  2. A new vehicle! Take some time to get used to the flier, it’s first-person – with a heavy machinegun and a rocket that splits into five separate missiles.
  3. Move towards the shield and destroy the generator marked on the HUD. The shields will drop and you’ll get a new objective.
  4. Objective: Destroy Infected Targets
  5. There are two infected buildings that need destroying. Fly through the dropped shield and turn right to spot both targets.
  6. Aim and fire your missiles at the supports holding the targets to the ceiling. That finishes that objective, now get back to your original plan.
  7. Objective: Get To Winters
  8. Follow the purple pointers and GPS markers through the large tunnel until you’re stopped by a shield. The HUD will mark the generator in red. Blast it with a missile to move on.
  9. Through the passage, you’ll enter a large chamber where marauders are in combat with aliens. Help the soldiers or just keep moving.
  10. Ahead, take a turn to a large road where a marauder buggy is fighting off aliens.
  11. Objective: Save The Marauder Buggy
  12. Help the buggy by shooting down the aliens chasing it. A few missiles and heavy machinegun shots will clear the ravagers and complete the objective.
  13. Objective: Get To Winters
  14. Move up the tunnel where an alien shield structure and aliens will pop out of the ground. Shoot them or just fly by into a very large crevice with glowing purple light pouring upwards from the floor.
  15. Objective: Destroy Infected Targets
  16. Now you have seven targets to destroy. Above the bridge is an infected structure, aim for the ceiling and fire a missile burst.
  17. All seven infected targets follow a straight line through the huge tunnel. Aliens will fire at you from the buildings attached to the tunnel walls.
  18. Objective: Get To Winters
  19. Ahead you’ll find a burning tunnel blocked by rubble. Destroy the dimly lit giant cover into a narrow passage filled with pipes and machinery. Carefully fly into the passage.
  20. In the passage, look left and fly through while ravagers shoot at you while hanging on the walls. Turn right into a slightly larger passage, taking down ravagers. Taking another right turn, hurry through the passage, then left where an alien structure generating a shield pops out of the wall.
  21. After another left, you’ll run into a power generator. Blast it to take down the shield, and fly deeper into the metal passages.
  22. Hang a right where pipes are crossing your path diagonally, then turn left to face another alien shield structure. Ahead, make a u-turn right to get a good look at alien crud. Another alien structure will show up, destroy it or fly right toward a large circular device.
  23. The circular device is spraying blue energy into the center, blocking your path forward. Destroy the exhaust ports with missiles. Ahead you’ll have to destroy another six exhaust ports to exit the passage and return to the cave tunnels.
  24. The flier will malfunction as it falls deeper into the tunnel, activating a cutscene.
  25. Objective: Destroy The Bridge
  26. To complete the mission, destroy the large bridge hanging over the lava pit. Aliens and alien structures will fire at you, but if you keep moving they’ll barely scratch you.
  27. Fire some missiles at the supports and surface of the bridge, and you’ll complete this mission in no time.

Ride The Barge

  1. Objective: Get On The Barge
  2. You’re in a lava cave! Cross the bridge to solid ground and move towards the barge. Before jumping on the barge, stop by the weapons locker and upgrade station.
  3. Step onto the barge, already!
  4. Objective: Man The Turret
  5. The barge won’t budge until you’re manning the turret. Jump on and enjoy the ride.
  6. Objective: Ride The Barge
  7. The ride isn’t so safe, enemies will pop out ahead, so put that turret to good use. A berserker is waiting on a bridge ahead, so shoot it down.
  8. Turning, you’ll come face to face with a shield. You’ll have to shut it down.
  9. Objective: Deactivate The Force Field
  10. The barge will stop, letting you step onto solid ground. Run up the steps into a structure with some salvage and ammo inside.
  11. Step out and repair the bridge across the lava stream. Two wraiths will attack as you cross the bridge – quickly dash to solid ground before engaging the aliens.
  12. Enter the structure with the weapon locker, and move through back into the cave. Debris falls and destroys the bridge over lava, so get repairing.
  13. Move into a two-story structure, move up the ramp. A berserker will attack and no matter what will do a number on the structure you’re standing on. Destroy the berserkers and repair your way back to the second floor.
  14. Through the hall and exiting into the cave, another berserker is waiting near the generator controls. With the alien dead, hit the switch.
  15. Objective: Man The Turret
  16. Jump down to the barge and grab that turret.
  17. Objective: Ride The Barge
  18. As the barge turns left, two tentacles will appear down the stream. The barge will turn and ride the lava rapids until you’re stopped by a closed gate.
  19. Objective: Activate The Lock
  20. The barge is stopped, so step off onto the rocks. Move around the bend and up into a structure. As you turn, take out the pod before running up another ramp to find yet another pod.
  21. This area is mostly structure, so the many enemies are likely to destroy the floor you’re walking on. You’ll have to work your way back up if you fall, so drop some Repair Grenades if you’re afraid of a collapsing floor.
  22. Continue up the ramps where a pod is waiting on the roof. A berserker is just around the corner, too.
  23. Enter the room ahead to get a new objective.
  24. Objective: Repair The Generator
  25. The HUD will mark where a generator should be. Shoot a Repair Grenade or just repair the thing.
  26. Objective: Get Back To The Barge
  27. Step outside and use the catwalks to run down to a hanging structure while wraiths and ravagers ambush you. Wait inside the hanging structure, it’s about the safest place to fight the aliens.
  28. Drop a Repair Grenade inside the structure if you’re worried it might fall apart in the ensuing battle against the ambushing aliens.
  29. Follow the catwalks and ramps back to the cavern rock to return to the barge.
  30. Objective: Man The Turret
  31. Just do it. already.
  32. Objective: Ride The Barge
  33. Riding down the stream, you’ll be attacked by swarms of ravagers from all directions. This part gets difficult, try to take down as many of the aliens as you can as the barge moves – shooting and switching targets as fast as you can.
  34. Don’t bother shooting aliens you’ve already passed, target and try to destroy the aliens ahead. They’ll have trouble shooting and chasing you at long range, you’ll take most of the damage from the enemies right in your face.
  35. Keep shooting until you get out of range.
  36. Objective: Use The Controls To Activate The Lock
  37. The barge is stopped once again. Get your martian butt inside the dimly lit marauder structure where a weapons locker and an upgrade station down the way beyond a ramp.
  38. A wraith will ambush you inside. Once that alien is taken care of, continue up the ramp and onto the catwalks.
  39. A berserker will throw explosives from the ledge to the left. Run onto solid ground before the berserker blows out the floor from under you – then blow that monster away.
  40. Fix the bridge and you’re free to hit the switch.
  41. Objective: Man The Turret
  42. The barge is already nearby, turn around and jump on. Hop back onto the turret to get the barge moving.
  43. Objective: Ride The Barge
  44. The barge will enter a lock, but you’re stuck.
  45. Objective: Clear A Path
  46. Look left where a group of rocks are blocking your exit – marked in red on your HUD. Use the turret to blast open the rock outcropping.
  47. Objective: Ride The Barge
  48. Riding the barge again, hope you have fun.
  49. Objective: Destroy The Shield Emitters
  50. Eventually you’ll reach a swirling whirlpool of lava. Shoot the emitters as you pass by circling the chamber.
  51. Ravagers will attack, but you can safely ignore them. Just focus on destroying the emitters.
  52. Objective: Destroy The Machine
  53. Blast the four arms shielding the center mass of the machine. As you circle, you’ll get a chance to blast all four arms to drop the middle shield.
  54. With the shields dropped, blast the center where a beam shoots into the lava to completely destroy the machine.

Find The Ultor Facility

  1. Now you can ride the Mantis Walker yourself.
  2. Objective: Find The Ultor Facility
  3. The Mantis Walker is armed with an automatic energy blaster and a Napalm Laser. The weapons function like a machinegun and a rocket launcher, respectively.
  4. Enemies, aliens, and structures will pop up to stop you at every turn. They don’t stand a chance, even shielded and in huge numbers. Your primary weapon is enough to crush the most powerful of regular enemies and structures; combine that with the Napalm Laser and you can demolish everything.
  5. Stomp through the crystals down the single path of the cave. Continue into a cavern filled with lava, but don’t worry, lava won’t touch the shielded Mantis Walker.
  6. Entering a ramp upward into a dark area, you’ll run into alien structures and tentacles.
  7. Objective: Clear The Area
  8. Destroy the alien shield structures and tentacles with well-aimed blasts of your energy blasts and laser. They won’t last long.
  9. Move structures and tentacles will pop out of the ground to replace the ones you’ve destroyed. They’ll fall just as fast as the previous ones.
  10. Objective: Move To The Sealed Door
  11. Step up to the sealed door to activate a cutscene.
  12. After the scene, you’re facing a huge army of aliens without shields. The Walker won’t regenerate armor, so activate your shields whenever you’re in a fight. Like, right now for instance.
  13. Objective: Find The Queen’s Lair
  14. Punch through the aliens and remember your shields have to be activated now, and even then they’re only temporary. Your weapons are just as powerful, but don’t forget to turn on the shields.
  15. Stomp your way down the caves and destroy the tentacle that pops out.
  16. Objective: Remove The Tentacles
  17. Weird giant tentacles from the central mass of the alien block the caves.. Destroy all three of the tentacle ends to make the huge things break apart.
  18. Objective: Find The Queen’s Lair
  19. Stomp forward, berserkers and behemoths will meet you in the caves while more alien shield structures will pop up as you continue your march.
  20. Continue until you reach another dead-end.
  21. Objective: Remove The Tentacles
  22. Another tentacle blocks your path. Just one this time, so you know how to break stuff by now. Just kidding, there’s another behind the first tentacle, then a third tentacle behind the second.
  23. Entering a large chamber, four tentacles need to be smashed while an alien structure guards them. Walk onto the rock bridge ahead and your Mantis Walker will walk it’s last.

Investigate The Heat Signature

  1. Objective: Investigate The Heat Signature
  2. Move down the path into the large central chamber. Jump in to find your next goal.
  3. Objective: Kill The Tentacle
  4. Follow your GPS markers to find the tentacle. Shoot it and you’ll be ambushed by incoming aliens.
  5. Objective: Clear The Area Of Aliens
  6. Three wraiths will attack, the Shield is handy to keep yourself safe here.
  7. Objective: Kill The Remaining Tentacle Ends
  8. Follow the GPS markers into a cavern upwards. Entering the first open chamber, ravagers and berserkers attack from the slope ahead.
  9. Continue up the slope and turn right to find a narrow path up where more ravagers will attack. Up the path, repair the weapons locker before entering the main chamber of this wing.
  10. Pods, creepers, ravagers, and berserkers ambush you all around the room. More aliens will pour after you and slow you down until the pods are destroyed. This chamber is complete madness, just push through and fight the swarms of aliens however you can. Pulse Grenades and the Shotgun will devastate enemies as you move forward.
  11. Berserk is the most useful ability at this point in the game. Upgrade it completely, and you’ll be able to take down Behemoths much faster with any kind of weapon.
  12. If you’re able to make it up the path, destroy the tentacle and follow your GPS for a shortcut back to the central room.
  13. In the central room, four or five wraiths will ambush you. Take them out and get a move on towards the second tentacle end.
  14. Into the second wing, a Berserker and several pods will slow you down. The chamber is just like the previous wing, you’ll have to fight your way up while contending with swarms of every type of enemy – creepers, ravagers, berserks, pods, tentacles, and shield structures.
  15. Nearing the tentacle end, a shield structure and a behemoth will pop out to attack you with wraiths and every other type of alien.
  16. Destroy the last tentacle end for now to return to the central chamber.
  17. Objective: Investigate The Head Signature
  18. Follow the GPS Marker up the slope and jump down the levels to get back to the central chamber door. Keep following the markers deeper into the lair, fighting the few aliens that try to stop you.
  19. Through the cavern, you’ll reach a large electrical alien pile of crap. You need to find whatever is on top, and the aliens aren’t going to be cooperative.
  20. Objective: Get To The Top
  21. Swarms of creepers attack through the narrow cavern, and ahead four pods will appear as you ascend the cave slope upwards. Activate Berserk and shoot through the swarms to take the pods out.
  22. It’s a straight shot forward, more and more and more pods will appear with vast groups of creepers. Keep moving forward, it’s your only option to fight the spawning hordes.
  23. Entering a new area, a tentacle will appear in a crystal cavern as another huge swarm of aliens spawns from the ceiling. If you’re completely surrounded, activate Shockwave to instantly defeat the adversaries.
  24. Continue up the natural steps in the rock where tentacles will pop out. At the bend, two berserkers will step out and you’ll have to deal with them.
  25. Jump off a ledge into a very large chamber. This is where Berserk will save your life. Swarms of enemies, alien shield structures, pods – and two Behemoths. Use the corner to hide and take cover from the many various aliens giving you trouble. Drop Singularity Cannon shots on the pods, alien shield structures a level above, or the behemoth. Otherwise, just go crazy with Berserk activated.
  26. Clear the chamber of enemies and take a turn right into a tunnel leading up where more creepers and pods will pour out of the ground. At least three berserkers will stop you before you reach a checkpoint.
  27. After the checkpoint, you’ll find yourself in a circular chamber leading up around the sparking alien crud. Move up towards the marker on your HUD. Nearing it, Repair the weapons locker and upgrade station.
  28. Before continuing to the objective, pick out some weapons. You’ll need a good close range weapon, the Assault Rifle, and any long range tools you want.
  29. Objective: Kill The Queen
  30. Time to deal with the Queen. Hide behind a column and wait for the Queen to spray yellow goo from it’s mouth. While the Queen attacks, three blue-sparking areas will reveal around the Queen’s exoskeleton’s rib-cage – one to the left, one to the right, and one in the center.
  31. After destroying one of the weak spots the Queen will summon aliens to back her up. Target the other two weak spots while fending off more aliens, still using the column to hide behind.
  32. Once all three weak spots are destroyed, the Queen will crush the two pillars by swiping its head across the battlefield.
  33. The Queen will hide in the chasm below, before raising up and shooting a giant green beam. As the Queen streaks its beam slowly toward you, aim and shoot at one of four weak spots on the Queen’s head. Stand near the center of the battlefield after destroying one of the weak spots and wait for the Queen to reappear and shoot another beam.
  34. Destroy all five of the weak spots to finally defeat the Queen. The only real problem will be the alien ravagers streaming in and trying to fight over your attention. Don’t spend too much time fighting the aliens, the Queen is your first priority.
  35. That’s it for the Queen. But the aliens aren’t defeated yet.

Get Inside The Terraformer

  1. Welcome back to the terraformer.
  2. Move down the path to find a weapons locker as the building nearby collapses into a fissure.
  3. Objective: Get Inside The Terraformer
  4. Turn around to move into a valley where ravagers attack from above while berserkers shoot at you from the catwalks below. Cross the chasm using the now-destroyed catwalks, fixing them as you move across.
  5. As you walk over the catwalks, more aliens will ambush you. Continue back up onto solid ground and take out the berserker waiting between two rock piles exiting the valley.
  6. Up the ramp, you’ll enter the terraformer courtyard with an entrance into the visitor center marked by a guard tower to the left of the hangar. Inside the courtyard, two behemoths will attack with ravagers and wraiths. As always, the Berserk ability – fully charged – will absolutely destroy the behemoth.
  7. Enter the hangar and continue over the debris. On the other side, ravagers and wraiths will attack while more aliens spawn from multiple pods.
  8. The entrance deeper into the terraformer is blocked by alien gore. Move near the blocked entrance until you’re given an alternate objective.
  9. Objective: Find A Service Entrance
  10. Turn around and enter the stairwell. The stairs are fairly precarious, aliens will continue to attack so be careful while moving up.
  11. Up top, navigate the chamber into a room with a pod, creepers, and wraiths. Run to the closed tube marked on your HUD in white to get into the terraformer.

Repair The Power Cores

  1. Objective: Clear The Area
  2. The area won’t easily be cleared. Ravagers and creepers will ambush you as you step onto the balcony overlooking the large mutli-tiered chamber. Berserkers will flood in to your right and down the chamber.
  3. Objective: Activate The Visitor Center Environment Controls
  4. Jump down to the floor below, where more ravagers will ambush you. Repair the pathway upstairs shown by the marker on your GPS. Repair the floor under the switch and hit it.
  5. Objective: Activate The Security Area Environment Controls
  6. Turn around, jump down and look right for a door that will now open. Navigate the dark room until you find a switch to the right of a large EDF blast door.
  7. Objective: Open The Blast Door
  8. When you’re ready, hit the switch. The EDF blast door will very slowly open while aliens stream into the room.
  9. Fight the incoming aliens, mostly ravagers mixed with wraiths and tentacles, until the blast doors open.
  10. Objective: Activate The Security Area Environment Controls
  11. Run into the small chamber and hit the switch when you’re safe from the alien menace.
  12. Objective: Activate The Barracks Environment Controls
  13. As you leave the control room, turn right and use the ramps to reach the upper level where another bulkhead will thankfully open at normal speed. Through the blast door are waiting ravagers.
  14. Objective: Destroy The Tentacles
  15. Three tentacles are need to be destroyed to clear your path deeper into the terraformer. The first tentacle end is just above you, while another is through a ceiling in a room to your left filled with pods.
  16. Stepping out of the pod room, the last tentacle end is down a level across the chamber just behind a guarding behemoth. Use Berserk and a few Singularity Cannon black-holes to destroy the behemoth. Nearing the tentacle end, make sure to blast the pod overhead too.
  17. Objective: Activate The Barracks Environment Controls
  18. With all three tentacles destroy, you’re free to hit the control button.
  19. Objective: Get To The Central Control Room
  20. Turn around and head up the ramp into a room where you can repair an upgrade station. To the right of the upgrade station is an EDF blast door that opens as you near it. Enter through the doors to trigger a cutscene.
  21. Objective: Find A Way Into The Terraformer Core
  22. It won’t be long before you’re attacked by a huge aliens ambush. Wait a moment, a tentacles will cover the way into the core.
  23. Objective: Defend Yourself
  24. Wait on the platform, a tier below two tentacles will pop out that can quickly destroy you with melee attacks if you aren’t careful in these close quarters.
  25. Two more tentacles will pop up while ravagers spawn out of the roof around the room. After taking out the second two tentacles, jump down off the platform – two more tentacles will spawn on the platform you were just standing on. After another two tentacles, you’ll finally complete this ambush.
  26. Objective: Destroy The Tentacles
  27. The way into the core is now open, but the core itself is protected by alien tentacles. Get rid of the tentacles by destroying the three tentacle ends marked in red on your HUD. Circle the room, and make sure you bring weapons that won’t destroy the cores – no explosives, no destructives, and no Singularity Cannon. The best weapons here are – the Assault Rifle, the Shotgun, and Pulse Grenades.
  28. Circle the core, and look at the interior the for the tentacles. The first tentacle is below the core, the second is near the center, while the third is near the top.
  29. Objective: Repair The Power Cores
  30. Six cores need to be repaired – the six spots are marked in blue by your HUD. Shoot Repair Grenades at marked spots while swarms of aliens will pour into the area nonstop. This is the penultimate objective, so play carefully and use Berserk to quickly plow through the aliens in your path as you circle the room to repair all the cores.
  31. This is why you can’t bring explosives or destructive weapons – you need to protect all six of the power cores, if one is destroyed, you’ll need to fix it.
  32. Objective: Defend The Power Cores
  33. Once all six are repaired, you’ll need to repair all six while the terraformer powers up. Every time a power core is destroyed, the countdown will stop until all the cores are repaired again.
  34. This part gets hectic, as aliens will pour into the core nonstop and infinitely, their numbers only growing as the meter fills.
  35. The ravagers will target the cores while trying to attack you. The battle gets chaotic as berserkers enter the core and run around the circular walkway surrounding the terraformer center.
  36. This is where Berserk will save you – stand in the center of the core where you can easily repair the cores while hiding from most of the aliens. If you’re surrounded, activate a Shield and hide inside until your health recharges.
  37. Keep fighting, once the bar fills aliens will pour in from every angle of the core. The giant swarm of aliens will fight for several seconds until the terraformer activates and kill them all.
  38. With that, the alien menace is finally destroyed. You’ve completed Red Faction: Armageddon! Congratulations!

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7 Comments on Red Faction: Armageddon Walkthrough


On June 13, 2011 at 7:58 am

i can’t find kara, I stand in front and/or over the rocks, but nothing’s happen .. can you help me?

greetz, chris


On June 19, 2011 at 12:53 pm

looool took me 6 hours non-stop to complete this :)


On June 20, 2011 at 11:35 am

I have same problem like ” chris ” followed gps but standing at end near rocks but nothing happend it wont enter next level?????


On June 29, 2011 at 3:56 pm

i had the same probs and restarted and followed the walkthough and it solved it. ing annoying when it happens tho..uv prob both solved it by now, great walk through well done


On June 29, 2011 at 4:04 pm

ps im not a big gamer but i really enjoyed the storyline and the gameplay.


On December 31, 2012 at 1:27 pm

I just got this game through a friend…no manual. How do I know what the controls are? I can’t make anything work for me.

Kevin Thielenhaus

On January 2, 2013 at 11:58 am


Games these days often have their control layouts in the game itself — no manual required.

To find the controls for Red Faction: Armageddon, start your game up and reach the Main Menu. Go down and select “Options”, then “Controls”, then “Control Scheme”. On the “Control Scheme” option, it should show you a complete map for all the buttons on your gamepad.

If you’re playing on PC, it should be similar — there should be a list of buttons mapped to keyboard keys listed on the same option, or something close to it.