Remember Me – Focus Boosts Locations Guide

Don’t miss a single Focus Boost with our Remember Me collectible locations guide. These rare hidden items boost Nilin’s focus gauge once five are discovered, but many are very well hidden. Upgrades to the focus gauge will make Nilin’s adventures through a futuristic Paris just that much easier, and if you’re willing to hunt down all of these collectibles, you’ll earn the “You Focus” achievement. Boost those stats, check out the locations for these rare collectibles below.

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Focus Boosts Locations Guide

Episode 2

  • Boost #1: After dropping into the apartment with the red robot playing the piano, take the stairs up to find the first boost.
  • Boost #2: Climbing up on the exterior signs, past the marble statue and over the glass railing, Nilin will reach a large arena ahead after jumping another opening. Before approaching the square arena, look right for an open crate with a boost on top.

Episode 3

  • Boost #1: After the battle with the Leapers and climbing a ladder, eventually you’ll reach a platform where Nilin needs to jump to a pole to reach a door. Before leaping to the pole, turn around and use the ladder attached to the platform to find a lower level where a boost is hidden.
  • Boost #2: In the sewer with the hanging robot parts, continue forward past the light on the left to a wall marked with four question marks (????) and turn right. There’s more junk, with a boost hidden on the ground near the mannequins.

Episode 4

  • Boost #1: Near the beginning of the episode, after getting by a patrolling drone Nilin will find a path to the right with large painted numbers. In the corner, under a white “7″ you’ll discover the first collectible.
  • Boost #2: Outside the control room, there are hallways protected by drones. Stick to the left wall to find a dark patch where Nilin can narrowly avoid the second drone to discover a dead end with a Focus Boost on the ground.
  • Boost #3: After escaping the massive spinning machine and speaking with Edge, walk down the steps and follow the drone’s patrol path on the right. Turn left in the darkened section of hallway to find the boost in the corner.
  • Boost #4: Through the door leading into the interrogation rooms, turn left past the janitor robot and check the corners of the two pods against the left wall.

Episode 5

  • Boost #1: Continue until fighting the mutant Leapers and the Skinner. Continue down the marble path, and run down to the metal scaffolding near a red-lit barred fence. Climb up onto the platform to find a the first boost.
  • Boost #2: Near the end of the ruined Rotunda, there is a patrolling drone near the exit. To get by, Nilin needs to use the spammer on the door at the end of the hallway and lock the drone inside. Run to the door on the right, then open the grate. Wait for the drone to leave, and check inside to grab a tricky boost.
  • Boost #3: Climbing into the roof alleyway after a civilian yells at Nilin, she’ll need to climb two handholds to the left of some anti-SABRA graffiti. Instead of jumping left, go right to discover an optional ledge with the last boost of this stage.

Episode 6

  • Boost #1: Taking the elevator down into the secret facility, Nilin will need to lower one of the cases hanging from a rail to climb up to the high platform, then move the cases left until she can get the pick. After completing the tutorial with the pick, re-power the rail window, and continue to scroll through the cases until uncovering Nilin’s case. Open it up to find a boost inside.
  • Boost #2: After defeating two Leapers and an Enforcer near where Nilin witnesses the memory of Bad Request’s memory deletion through the window, decode the memory and grab the power from the deletion machine. Instead of powering the medical room near the stairs, run down the orange hallway to another locked door. Open it by powering it up and collect the boost in the back right corner.

Episode 7

  • Boost #1: Through the door to the O’osmoze gallery, round the corner and go through the doorway (a robot is standing nearby). Run to the end of the optional hallway and enter the sideroom to the left to find the boost on a table.
  • Boost #2: After defeating the two Mourners, you’ll need to return to the Security Chief’s position. Grab the power from the spinklers to the left of the exit door. Inside the waiting room, look for a clear closed firedoor. Power-up the unit through the glass on the left to find the final boost around the left corner ahead.

Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

  • You Focus:
    Find all Focus Boosts.

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