Remember Me – Mnesist Memories Locations Guide

Learn more about the world of Remember Me by locating every Mnesis Memory collectible with the guide right here. Instead of fumbling through each chapter looking for that last missing item, check out where to find them all in the episodic list below. These memories unlock the “It’s all in the Details” achievement, and contain story details on the overarching plot. If you’re interested in Remember Me’s story, or just want to get this achievement, scroll down to check out the locations guide.

Check out the Remember Me video walkthrough for combat tips, combo recommendations, and platforming solutions. Or, find more collectibles, extras, and unlockables on the Remember Me cheats list.

Mnesist Memories Locations Guide

Episode 1

  • Memory #1: After passing the first climbing section and dropping onto a pile of grey rubble near a blue overturned tram, look around the blue vehicle to find the memory.
  • Memory #2: Later, Nilin will enter a wrecked subway train. Just as she enters, instead of continuing up the slope left, look in the room right.
  • Memory #3: Complete a battle, then jump over a multi-colored wall to reach a building ledge. Shimmy left to drop down onto a platform. Before jumping over a gap, look in an alcove to the right.
  • Memory #4: In the market area, cross the bridge beyond the “All You Can Eat” stand, and run down to the end of the path. Near the leaning red boat, with a handful of bystanders across the gap, there’s a memory on the ground.
  • Memory #5: Down from the center of the market, there’s a ladder near holographic food advertisements. The memory is around the corner past the ladder.
  • Memory #6: Continuing through the chapter, Nilin will slide down a ladder and shimmy left. Jumping onto the red neon sign, drop down and climb onto the alcove in the left to find this memory.

Episode 2

  • Memory #1: Down the steps near the start of the city streets section, turn right and look in the alcove to find black graffiti. The memory is on the collection of boxes.
  • Memory #2: Continuing across the building ledges with electrified wires above. Reaching a pipe, instead of sliding down, jump right to reach a balcony with the memory.
  • Memory #3: After dropping into the apartment with the robot playing the piano, enter the room to the right and look on the desk with the spinning holographic display to find another memory.
  • Memory #4: Inside the apartment where Nilin needs to control the shutters, look for a path leading right near the objective marker before activating it. The winding path leads behind a glass partition into another room with a spinning hologram marking the memory’s location.
  • Memory #5: After escaping the drones and taking on the soldiers, climb the stairs and look for a rest area to the right. The memory is on one of the two futuristic benches.
  • Memory #6: Continuing on, Nilin must climb signs to a new ledge with a marble statue. Climb over the glass railing to the left, but look right to find the chapter’s final memory.

Episode 3

  • Memory #1: Past the slum market and down the stairs, look right for a closed shop with “Bodywork” in the holographic title. A memory can be grabbed through the shutter.
  • Memory #2: When Edge gets in contact with Nilin, jump across the sign to find a ladder to the left. Just past the ladder, you’ll find this memory.
  • Memory #3: Speaking with Tommy near the burning wreckage on the catwalk, there are stairs leading down to the right. Before continuing too fire, check out the alcove left of the stairs to find a memory.
  • Memory #4: Passing through the cargo area and opening the large doors with a spammer, run straight ahead toward the bright light to find a cordoned off room that Nilin can’t access, but there is a memory within reach.
  • Memory #5: After the train crash, leaving the burning tracks through the door on the left, then continue down the service tunnel toward the gratings. Before going down the steps to the left, grab the memory near the metal bars.
  • Memory #6: After accessing the memory in the slums for Johnny Greenteeth, Nilin will need to follow the projection to avoid the mines ahead. The memory is on the path through the minefield, just to the right.

Episode 4

  • Memory #1: In the chamber with the turbine switch, check the back corner marked with a white “8″ to find a ledge Nilin can climb. Jump up, shimmy right, then jump up a few more handholds to find a passage leading to the memory.
  • Memory #2: At the top of the prison block, where Nilin must avoid the patrolling drones, there’s a door that can be activated to the right. Continue past the device, and enter the last open cell (near the “23″ marker) to find this memory.
  • Memory #3: Once the memories are recovered and combat is completed, enter room “52″ and then enter the restricted access door on the right. As you enter, look right to find the memory on a desk.
  • Memory #4: Break into the interrogation room and watch the scene play out as Nilin steals Madame’s memories through a window. Continue left and open the storage room door across the way, the memory is just behind a brace of jugs.
  • Memory #5: After encountering the new Nephilim enemy type, leave the arena through the door on the right and run down the hallways until finding a restricted access door on the left. The memory is on a desk right beside this door.
  • Memory #6: Once the boss is defeated, there’s a cutscene where she falls to her knees. Turn around, and run to the back left corner to find the last memory of this episode.

Episode 5

  • Memory #1: Entering the Rotunda, cross through the center by the glass platform. Landing on the walkway, turn right to find the memory on the ground.
  • Memory #2: Encountering the Elite SABRE Trooper in the hallway, there’s a door that can be opened to the right. Check the right counter inside to find a memory collectible.
  • Memory #3: This one is tricky. After the gunship spots Nilin, she’ll need to run across metal grates and turn left during the chase. The floor will drop down, placing her one level below. Before continuing to run forward, immediately turn around after falling to find a hidden alcove.
  • Memory #4: Stumbling upon a hallway full of robots standing at the ready, there’s a memory just through the blue doors on the left.
  • Memory #5: Leaving that building, scaling the exterior, and entering another interior hallway, you’ll see a robot running left. Check inside the room to find the memory on a red seat.
  • Memory #6: Entering Memorize HQ, go down the stairs on the left and sneak past both patrolling drones to reach the CEO’s office. Instead of going inside, look inside the room opposite the doors. The memory is on the floor behind the circular art piece.

Episode 6

  • Memory #1: Inside the office after getting the pick, look through the open door on the right. Follow the path down to a storage room, the memory is on a cardboard box.
  • Memory #2: Once the cell block is clear, Nilin will get the objective to reach Bad Request’s cell. Grab the power from the emergency ladder device, then look through the glass door to the left to power-up the lock. The memory is on the desk in the office ahead, near the window.
  • Memory #3: Following the chair up to the red floor and into the room, it will dock. Look beyond the chair for a desk with the memory sitting out in the open.
  • Memory #4: Found inside the white prison cell Nilin started the game in.
  • Memory #5: After landing at the bottom of the pit where Quaid fell, don’t approach Bad Request’s body. Turn around and corrupt the bridge to open a new path, leading to a the last memory of the episode.

Episode 7

  • Memory #1: After defeating two Elite SABRE troopers in the red hallway, enter the apartment where Nilin needs to de-power a fire door. Look on the table near the window on the left to find the memory.
  • Memory #2: Encountering the bar where the Security Chief is sitting, he’ll run after being spotted. Instead of following him, enter the bar to the left. Its patrolled by two drones. Check the dining area up some steps to the left. The memory is on a table in the corner.
  • Memory #3: Dropping into the room where the Captain is collapsed, look to the left of his body for a crate Nilin can climb. Pull yourself up to the platform above to find the memory on the ground to the right.
  • Memory #4: Inside the security post where the Captain is collapsed against the right wall, the memory is on a desk ahead of him.
  • Memory #5: Reaching the large security area where Nilin needs to activate the Remembrane to learn how to begin the process to open the Conception Cube at the center of the towers, the final memory is located under the stairs to the left.

Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

  • It’s All in the Details:
    Find all Mnesist memories.

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