Remember Me – SAT Patches Locations Guide

Extend your health bar in Remember Me by finding these hidden SAT patches with our locations guide covering every episode of this sci-fi brawler. Finding 5 of these collectibles will add a new chunk to the player’s health bar, giving the hero Nilin some extra wiggle room in the punishing combat. The more SAT Patches you discover, the more health you’ll have to take on the game’s tricky enemies. Don’t miss a single upgrade, check out the collectible locations in our text guide below.

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SAT Patches Locations Guide

Episode 1

  • Patch #1: Stepping out into the metal walkways between buildings, there’s a red neon sign across the bridge. Instead of continuing left, take a right to find the patch near the railings.
  • Patch #2: After leaving the mutants behind and jumping across two gaps between platforms, look left for a white crane. The patch is near the pile of garbage.
  • Patch #3: In the market area, start at the bridge in the center of the area. There are food stands leading to a stand advertising “Low Cost Protein”, the patch is in the corner to the right.
  • Patch #4: Climb up the ladder in the market, and round the corner to find a robot near a red neon sign. The patch is under the sign, next to the leaning robot.
  • Patch #5: Just outside the Leaking Brain, look to the right for market stands. A robot is standing under a sign advertising “The Slum’s Finest” with the patch on a table nearby.

Episode 2

  • Patch #1: After the combat near the alleyway, Nilin will need to climb onto the building ledge and shimmy left. Drop down into the alley and grab the patch.
  • Patch #2: Inside the building exterior lined with shops, run by the black gate to the left to find a patch.
  • Patch #3: Continuing across the balconies, Nilin will jump a gap onto a large platform where a blue robot is doing some maintenance. Climb up and cross over to the metal gratings. Climb up one level, then look left for a lower platform. Jump down to grab the patch below.
  • Patch #4: Leaving the apartment with another objective marker to control the shutters, pass by and enter the door past the waiting robot to get outside. Turn left and take a walk down the path to find a patch at the dead end.

Episode 3

  • Patch #1: Run down to the end of the market’s back right corner at the start of the episode. There’s brick area that’s partially fenced off. The patch is on a couch.
  • Patch #2: Continuing through the market, take stairs down and turn right to explore the alley. Turning left and going down a second set of stairs, Nilin will find a burning fire on the left with archways to the right. Look in the alcove under the archways to find a patch amid the trash.
  • Patch #3: Once Nilin takes out a group of enemies and lowers two shutters with her spammer, pass through the platforming section to reach a new area with an interactive device to the left. Check out the alcove ahead before jumping down to find a patch.
  • Patch #4: After shutting down the giant fan and moving down the stairs, Nilin will find an objective marker ahead under a Leaking Brain sign. Look on a tiny ledge to the left that can be climbed to find the next patch on a high platform.
  • Patch #5: This easy to miss patch is found after navigating the minefield and climbing onto the ruined buildings. On the first structure, stop before jumping right across the gap between buildings. Instead, jump backwards toward the foreground to discover a hidden area with this episode’s last patch.

Episode 4

  • Patch #1: The single patch of this episode is found in the large open chamber found after a “Caution: Drones at Work” sign. Avoid the drones, and explore the room down the hallway with the pit to the left. Turn the corner right at the end of the path to find the patch on the ground.

Episode 5

  • Patch #1: Stepping out into a cutscene of the flooded streets, don’t jump to the red sign straight away. Instead, drop down onto the ledge to find snaking red pipes leading to a fire escape with a well-hidden SAT patch.
  • Patch #2: Later, Nilin will jump across rooftops to find a lit orange door to her right, with deactivated robots stacked to the left. Look in the back left corner of the platform to find a pipe. Climb it and follow the path left, then over the fence to find a patch in the alcove.
  • Patch #3: After the gunship crashes in a cutscene, turn around and look behind a corner to the right to find a pipe leading up to a platform with a red pipe. Shimmy across the pipe, climb to the ledge, and jump across the rooftops to find one difficult SAT patch.

Episode 6

  • Patch #1: After getting the pick and entering the offices, Nilin will need to power-up the exit door through a small window. Leave the office, and grab the power. There’s another un-powered door down the stairs to the left. The patch is to the left of the door on a desk, just as Nilin enters.
  • Patch #2: Leaving the cell block and jumping into the machinery that moves the cells on rails, Nilin will need to destroy a connection in the wires to continue with a spike shot. Down in this lower area, turn away from the wires and look for a narrow path on the left. Follow it to find a hidden patch.
  • Patch #3: After returning to the cell where Nilin started, you’ll enter the large room with the memory re-writing machine at the far end, where Quaid and two soldiers are standing. Immediately after entering this room, turn right and look up. Shoot the switch above the doors, and look near the medical chair inside to find this patch.

Episode 7

  • Patch #1: Entering a triage room, you’ll speak with Edge. Down the stairs, you should see drones performing maintenance through a clear floor. Round the stairs and check out the repair bot to find a patch near the railing.
  • Patch #2: Climbing the walls of the cargo room, Nilin will pass a white “4″ before dropping down onto a blue box. Ahead, and to the left, there’s another cargo platform to activate. Instead, look in the right corner between the strewn about crates to find a patch.
  • Patch #3: Stepping into a hallway where a robot is mopping near a rest area, while a drone patrols to the left, you’ll need to sneak past the drone to enter the room at the end of the hallway. The patch is on a small table right inside.
  • Patch #4: On the way to the security office, Nilin will enter a large room with a square path, patrolled by two drones. Following the path counter-clockwise, there’s a door on the right that leads to another door to a restroom. Look through the open door of the middle stall inside to grab the final patch.

Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

  • Gotta Patch them all!:
    Find all SAT Patches.

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