Remember Me – Scaramechs Locations Guide

Earn easy PMP and the “Pest Control” achievement in Remember Me with the Scaramech locationgs guide, with text explanations showing where to find every one of these bug-like collectibles. Watching out for their distinctive chirp to help pinpoint their approximate location, but even then these parasites can be hard to spot.

Shooting the white robots with the Spammer is the only way to destroy them, and helps clear the air-waves. Do the city a service and control these pests for a tidy profit. Check out all the locations in the guide below.

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Scaramech Locations Guide

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Episode 3

  • Scaramech #1: The first mech is hard to miss. After a short introduction, shoot the glowing white robot on the door to collect that PMP bonus.
  • Scaramech #2: While hearing about SABRE forcing deploying to the slums, there’s a billboard with a red-haired woman down the path. Stop under the sign and look right. Shoot the switch over the windows to reveal a mech.
  • Scaramech #3: Later, Nilin will need to shoot two switches with the Spammer to lower two awnings. Past the platforming section and dropping down onto firm land, running ahead you’ll find a lowered section. Before jumping down, turn left and shoot the switch with a Spammer to open the shutters to reveal a mech.
  • Scaramech #4: Jumping over a gap by vaulting across on a pipe then opening a door to the left, Nilin will find a bank of spinning fans in vents near the ceiling straight ahead of the door. The mech is in the leftmost fan.
  • Scaramech #5: After manipulating the crane and reaching some panels that need to be raised, look on the underside of the lifting panels to see a hiding mech.
  • Scaramech #6: Inside the dark area with the massive spinning fan, platform around until reaching the platform directly near the fan. Before using the Spammer to shut it down, turn around to spot a mech clinging to the wall.
  • Scaramech #7: Inside the sewer, Nilin will pass an open grate with light pouring in where several pieces of robot are hanging from wires. Turn down a left path and look into the room behind the grate. Activate the device, then backtrack to another large grate looking into the same room. You should now be able to spot the mech.
  • Scaramech #8: Following the train crash, run down the firey tracks, but before entering the maintenance tunnel to the left, shoot the mech on the hazard stripes.
  • Scaramech #9: Leave the crash behind and crossing through the subway train past the wooden walkway, turn right and look up at the raised ruined car to spot a mech attached to an interior wall.
  • Scaramech #10: Past the minefield and climbing up the green-stained wall, look ahead for several askew shipping containers across a gap. The mech is on one of them, plainly visible.

Episode 4

  • Scaramech #1: Leave the prison cell on level 23 and turn left instead of right. Down the hall, Nilin is stopped by a stationary drone. Look on the wall past the drone to spot one of these pesky mechs.
  • Scaramech #2: After a prisoner freaks out in their cell, sneak past the investigating drone by ducking into an open cell. Stop near the railing as it turns 45 degrees left, and look at the buttress below to spot a tricky mech.
  • Scaramech #3: Deeper into the episode, open the door ahead to find an easy scaramech attached to the ceiling straight ahead.
  • Scaramech #4: Past the control room, down the ramp there are two patrolling drones to the left. The mech is attached to the right wall, straight ahead past the “Caution” sign as the hallway turns.
  • Scaramech #5: Leaving the training room arena through the “Sector III” door, immediately turn left after stepping through to see a mech hiding in a dark corner.
  • Scaramech #6: In the chamber with the huge spinning security device, hide behind a pillar and wait to spot a mech attached slightly above and right one of its “eyes”.
  • Scaramech #7: Another mech is hidden slighty below and to the left of the “eye” projector.
  • Scaramech #8: Defeat the Seraphim in the next combat sequence, and take the stairs up to a door marked with an alarm light. Before running up the steps to the door, turn around to see an orange bag near the wall. The mech is above that bag.
  • Scaramech #9: Entering the tower with the Remembrane objective marker at the hallway’s fork, continue to explore before activating the waypoint. To the left there is a room containing another mech, as you enter through the doorway look up and left.
  • Scaramech #10: Return to the Remembrane and instead enter the room to the right. Look up and left to find the final mech of this chapter.

Episode 5

  • Scaramech #1: Just as the episode starts, spin around and open the door behind Nilin. Run down the steps and look up near a pipe at the end of the path, near a working robot.
  • Scaramech #2: Continue down this optional path. The road ends in a dark corner with flashing lights, where a pile of junk and water blocks the stairs. The mech is attached to the junk, plainly visible.
  • Scaramech #3: Climb into the maintenance shaft at the end of the shop bathed in red light. Down the hallway, turn right past the bloody mark, then turn left to find a spinning fan. The mech is beyond the fan.
  • Scaramech #4: Stepping out to watch a cutscene of the flooded city streets, jump to the tall vertical sign, until dropping onto the platform from the Jax sign. Look on the backside of the Jax sign to find a hidden mech.
  • Scaramech #5: After climbing the large crane outside Memorize, activate the turning control again and look behind the crane to spot an ad with silhouettes featured. Look on the raised section of roof near the lower left of the sign.
  • Scaramech #6: During the gunship chase, Nilin will hop down two levels of metal grating to a bridge. Landing on the bridge, turn around to find a mech attached to the side of the metal platforms.
  • Scaramech #7: Following the battle with the SABRE troops that jump through the windows, the gunship will return. Exit through the door, then look for a partially open door to the right down the hallway.
  • Scaramech #8: On the rooftops where the gunship is searching for Nilin with a spotlight, look to the left for an “L” shaped wall. Wait for the spotlight to pass, and look on the outer wall facing the ledge.
  • Scaramech #9: Stumbling into the plush robot office, look on the left wall with the plants to find a mech.
  • Scaramech #10: The final mech is located down the long entrance hallway of Memorize. Look behind the third light fixture on the left.

Episode 6

  • Scaramech #1: Speaking with Edge after climbing up one level just at the start of the level, look to the left of the hallway for a narrow passage. Look up and left down this path, past the low-hanging canvas.
  • Scaramech #2: Get the pick and enter the office. Just through the door, there’s an open storage room. Don’t de-power the door yet. Go inside and look up and right to find the mech.
  • Scaramech #3: In the cellblock, after defeating the reinforcements, use the elevator to reach the second floor. Exit to the right, and take the power. Down the end of the right-most upper floor, power up the door and look up at the inner door frame.
  • Scaramech #4: From the previous mech, cross over to the opposite second floor walkway. Look up at the pillars raising up from the railing to spot the mech near the exit door.
  • Scaramech #5: Stepping out into the massive cell-switching machinery area, Nilin will need to pull a cell down to follow Bad Request. Jumping onto the crane, it will drop a level. Turn around and corrupt the point to drop a shutter. Jump across and round the corner, looking near the ceiling to find another mech.
  • Scaramech #6: Continue down the main road from the previous mech. Jump over the crane, and run straight to the wall ahead. Turn left and look up at the light.
  • Scaramech #7: After taking the power from the Biopsy Room equipment, run down the hall to a locked door. There are three cells, open the center cell and look at the interior door frame.
  • Scaramech #8: On the floor with the orange floor, activate the medical chair and follow it down the stairs and through the security partition. After getting through the glass gate that scans Nilin, look right above the glass after getting through.
  • Scaramech #9: From the previous mech, continue downstairs and look on the backside of the roaming cleaning robot.
  • Scaramech #10: After confronting Quaid and defeating his guards, look to the left of the memory re-writing chair, on the metal pillars.
  • Scaramech #11: Chasing Quaid and Greentooth, there’s a room with a Zorn robot on the left. Shoot the exposed heart to make the machine slump down, revealing a mech on its back.
  • Scaramech #12: Past the Zorn, open the shutter and run down the hallway until coming across a repair drone near a vent. The mech is inside the vent.

Episode 7

  • Scaramech #1: Defeat the Zorn, then activate the emergency ladder and climb up to the door above. Before running through, turn around and look for an alcove to the right.
  • Scaramech #2: Sliding down the pipe next to the spinning fan, jump the gap and run down the end of the path. There are crates to the right. Circle around them to look at their back end.
  • Scaramech #3: Down the red hallway where you’re confronted by two Elite SABRE guards, check the space between the couch and the door to the left of the locked door at the end of the path.
  • Scaramech #4: Inside the mall under attack by Leapers, round the walkway to find the escalators going down. Turn around and look into the shop with the broken windows next to the pile or rubble.
  • Scaramech #5: Clear out the Leapers downstairs, and leave the mall through the blue-emblazoned door. Run down the stairs, and look behind the yellow light on the right.
  • Scaramech #6: Look on the piano inside the bar patrolled by drones — found left of the tavern where the Security Captain was sitting.
  • Scaramech #7: After defeating the guards in the room past the bar, leave through the door and look right. The fire door is partially opened; the mech is on the ground.
  • Scaramech #8: From the previous mech, go up the stairs and through the door to find another room guarded by a drone. To the left of the door is another pile of debris. The mech is attached to the junk close to the right wall.
  • Scaramech #9: Through the door into the main security post, look right as you enter to spot a weak structural point on the wall next to the door. Shoot the weak point to reveal a hidden mech.
  • Scaramech #10: Chasing the two Leaper Mourners, they’ll eventually lead Nilin into a room with seating to the left. The mech is straight ahead of the door, on the pile of debris.
  • Scaramech #11: Inside the Central Security room where the Security Captain’s memories will provide clues to opening the road to the Conception Cube, climb the stairs on the right and look behind the pillar near the ceiling.

Episode 8

  • Scaramech #1: At the entrance to the Cube, turn around to spot the mech attached to a robot’s arm on the left.
  • Scaramech #2: Completing the Memory Remix, Nilin will enter the complicated server room. Continue forward until the path closes off. Turn left, and you’ll spot the memory of a young Nilin ahead. Follow her until reaching a white square on the ground. The servers will change positions behind Nilin, backtrack down the path to find a new alcove. Inside, the mech is attached to a server just above Nilin’s head.

Achievements / Trophies Unlocked

  • Pest Control:
    Find all Scaramechs.

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Remember Me – Scaramechs Locations Guide

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