Remember Me Walkthrough

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  • Episode 0
  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 8
  • Episode 1

    1. After the opening cut scene, press the indicated buttons to dodge the first Leaper that charges towards you and continue evading the surrounding hostiles that lash out each time an exclamation point symbol appears above their heads.
    2. Roll to a safe distance from the pack of leapers and follow the on-screen pomp to enter the Sensen Menu, then choose Combo Lab from the list of options and use the two available Pressens on the right to complete the combo on the left.
    3. Once a new 3-hit combo has been created, exit the Combo Lab to return to the game and use the combat strikes you’ve just acquired to attack the nearby group of hostiles.
    4. Sprint towards the gang of leapers to execute running strikes and perform an evasive maneuver when you see the exclamation point icons appear to avoid taking damage each time.
    5. Increase the frequency of your combo strike attacks as the enemy numbers dwindle and stay on the move consistently by dodging or sprinting as a means of remaining a hard target to hit.
    6. Defeat the surrounding group of leapers to activate the next cut scene, then chase after the creature that disappears around the corner ahead of you on the left and follow the corridor forward to yourself at the SAT Hatch against the opposite wall.
    7. Make a right to exit the tunnel and continue your conversation with Edge, then approach the wall lit up by flames ahead on the left and jump to grab ahold of the top.
    8. Climb along the top of the wall towards the right to pull yourself up onto the next available ledge and proceed forward down the path ahead, then grab the ledge above at the end and shimmy across it to the left.
    9. Ascend to the next pipeline above to continue moving forward and jump across the gap at the end to drop down into the area below, then approach the indicated wall around the corner to climb up it and pull yourself on top of the left-side structure to escape the Leaper’s lair.
    10. Follow the tunnel around to reach the subway train at the end and pass through the open door below on the left to enter the car, then make your way up the tilted floor to spot the fleeing creature again at the top and exit the underground area to activate a cut scene.
    11. Afterwards, drop over the indicated ledge beside you to reach the streets below and proceed forward across the bridge above to continue pursuit of the creature on the run.
    12. Cross the next bridge ahead on the left to grab the next indicated ledge on the other side and shimmy towards the right along it to climb up onto the rooftop at the end, then approach the floating view-screen beside you to learn about the Errorist.
    13. Make your way across the next bridge ahead to turn left on the other side and ascend the brick wall by using the indicated climbing points, then shimmy around the corner above and follow the on-screen prompts to execute a Back Jump.
    14. Vault over the next ledge to land in the area on the other side and approach the nearby group of enemies to activate an action sequence, then enter the Sensen Menu to choose the Combo Lab again and use the available Regen Pressens to create a new 5-hit Combo attack.
    15. Execute your new 5-hit combo on the nearby enemies to regenerate health and keep an eye on the leapers crawling along the surrounding walls to anticipate their attacks, then continue striking and dodging them in this manner to clear out the remaining hostiles in the area.
    16. Approach the padded red-lit wall in the corner to climb over the top of it and back jump to grab the ledge across from you, then shimmy towards the left to transfer between the grip points ahead and below.
    17. Climb up onto the next red-lit landing below to the left and proceed forward to jump across the gap ahead, then access the SAT Hatch in the nearby corner and ascend the steps beside you to activate the Cart at the top.
    18. Chase after the creature that emerges in front of you and jump the next gap in the walkway ahead, then turn left on the other side to climb up onto the metal platform above and use combo-strikes to defeat the leapers that suddenly drop from the ceiling.
    19. Enter the Combo Lab again to purchase Pressens with the PMP you have earned and create a new combo, then return to the game to proceed forward across the metal platform and jump the gap at the end.
    20. Ascend onto the next metal platform to climb the pipe against the wall in front of you and maintain pursuit of the creature fleeing above, then catch collide with enemy to activate a short action sequence and transfer to the small indicated ledge on the right.
    21. Jump to the next small ledge located directly beneath the blast of steam and wait for it to momentarily dissolve, then continue your ascent to grab onto the section of pipe above on the left and proceed upward to activate a cut scene at the top.
    22. Afterwards, dodge the Skinner creature charging towards you to roll to a safe distance and quickly sprint back towards him to execute a 3-hit combo.
    23. Watch for the flashing red warning icons that indicate the Skinner’s incoming attacks and dodge each one of them successfully to survive this fight, then continue rolling to a distance from this boss and running right back in for a succession of combo strikes.
    24. Continue wearing down the Skinner until a group of additional leapers enter the area to back him up, then defeat each one of these lesser enemies one-by-one to take the boss out of Berserk Mode.
    25. Return to striking the Skinner with combo-hits on the run until he eventually falls over dead, then activate the Crane in the corner to rotate the machine’s arm and climb to the top of it.
    26. Shimmy around to the other side of the top of the crane’s arm and back jump to the ledge across from you, then climb onto the next landing to approach the sealed door ahead and wait for it to be cut open.
    27. Jump through the hole in the wall to grab the ledge on the opposite side of the alley and shimmy across it towards the right, then climb on top of the bridge at the end to activate a cut scene.
    28. Afterwards, head right to jump through the break in the railing ahead and grab the pipe extending from the wall below to drop into the next area.
    29. Move left to pass in front of the fish stand and make a right at the red-lit street corner ahead to pick up a Mnesist memory, then turn around to cross the bridge on the right and proceed forward to climb the indicated ladder in the distance.
    30. Activate the Catwalk ahead on the left to extend a bridge between the buildings and move across it to repeat the same action on the other side, then jump the next gap to reach the opposite balcony and turn right to access the metal boards in the corner.
    31. Press the indicated button to kick down the metal boards and enter the room on the other side to defeat the next wave of enemies that appear, then jump through the opening ahead to grab the metal beam hanging outside and climb around it towards the right to jump over the the top of the billboard at the end.
    32. Continue moving around towards the right between the indicated climbing points and pull yourself onto the metal platform at the end, then clear the gap ahead to climb across the ledges on the left and back jump towards the opposite building to activate a short action sequence.
    33. Climb up onto the next landing above to the right and ascend the walls ahead to continue forward at the top, then proceed past a series of gaps and pipes to drop into the area on the other side.
    34. After pulling yourself onto the collapsing metal catwalk, sprint forward across it to make a right at the end and stick to the left side of the corridor to avoid falling into the abyss.
    35. Jump the next two gap to slide down the ladder on the building outside and use the indicated climbing points to ascend onto the rooftop above, then proceed forward around the walkway in front of you to activate the Cart at the end and arrive inside The Leaking Brain.
    36. Approach the bar to speak with Headache Tommy and activate the next cut scene, then follow the on-screen prompts to rewind the memory until the viewpoint rotates around behind the doctor and you discover the blurry square of static that’s hiding a capsule attached to the top of the hospital machine.
    37. Continue rewinding the memory until the viewpoint rotates around to the opposite side of the bed and select the anesthetic mask on the patients face, then wait for the doctor to rush over to the console after the hospital machine starts flashing red and untie the indicated wrist strap to complete this episode.

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