Remember Me Walkthrough

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  • Episode 0
  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 8
  • Episode 2

    1. After the opening cut scene, turn left down the alley ahead to reach the city streets and make a right to pass through the archway that reads: St- Michel.
    2. Enter St-Michel to activate another cut scene, then proceed forward to make the first left ahead down a narrow alleyway and continue running to eventually collide with a robot.
    3. Following the next short sequence, descend the steps in front of you to pass through the doorway at the bottom and make a left to activate another cut scene.
    4. After the police have spotted you, run towards them to attack the nearest one with a series of combination strikes and follow the on-screen prompts to dodge the remaining two officers so that the combos remain unbroken.
    5. Defeat the police officers with the help of Finishing Moves to acquire a key and approach the green trash bins in corner behind you to collect a SAT Hatch, then climb up the indicated ledge on the right to proceed forward over the wall and back jump to the opposite red pipe.
    6. Ascend the red pipe to reach the yellow-lined wall panel on the left at the top, then back jump to land on the rooftop behind you and proceed forward across it to climb up the ladder ahead.
    7. Approach the upper right corner of the next landing above and vault over the railing to activate a cut scene, then follow the on-screen instructions to activate your new Sensen Fury ability and defeat the group of cops that have dropped down in front of you.
    8. Enter the Sensen Menu to construct a Cooldown Pressen and return to gameplay, then fend off the surrounding enemies until you can use your Sensen Fury to eliminate the second wave of police officers.
    9. Climb up the red pipe in the corner and transfer over to the top of the billboard beside you as soon as the first image panel begins to turn, then shimmy quickly towards your right to reach the opposite end before the ad changes back.
    10. Jump to the ledge in the corner to climb through the open window open and proceed forward to exit the apartment, then continue towards the right to reach the next open alleyway and clear the gap to grab the metal post across from you.
    11. Shimmy along and transfer between the ledges to your left, then drop onto the next rooftop below at the end and ascend the incline beside you to climb the wall in the right corner.
    12. Clear the gap on your left to grab the opposite ledge and wait for the burst of electricity above to recede, then ascend to the overhead ledge and head right as the next power surge dies down on the other side.
    13. Continue towards the right to land on the balcony below in the corner and approach the shrubs to find a Mnesist, then return to the previous white drain pipe and climb down it to reach the courtyard at the bottom.
    14. Move through the nearby open door to activate a cut scene, then proceed forward around the circular walkway to eventually meet up with Bad Request and press the indicated button to steal his memory.
    15. Follow the on-screen prompts to activate the Remembrane in front of you and tail Bad Request’s to reach the next one ahead, then use the Remembrane again to access the console in the corner and tap the indicated buttons to synchronize the necessary information.
    16. Make a right down the next corridor to learn about your Focus Gauge and use Sensen Fury to eliminate the pair of cops ahead, then turn around to climb the ladder against the wall and activate the Remembrane at the top to hack another control panel.
    17. Grab the top of the red pipeline beside you to ascend to the next ledge above and shimmy right to assume a back jump positioning, then wait for the floating robot to come within distance and launch yourself off the wall to grab onto it.
    18. Climb the ladder above on the next wall and proceed forward at the top to watch a cut scene, then activate the Remembrane in front of you and follow in it’s exact footsteps across the buildings ahead to avoid being detected by the security cameras.
    19. Activate the next Remembrane to mime the running jump it takes and crash through the glass to land in the apartment below, then proceed forward to climb the staircase against the opposite wall and collect the Focus Boost at the top.
    20. Descend back down the staircase to turn around at the bottom and move into the room in the right corner ahead, then climb over the balcony railing to back jump to the drain pipe behind you and ascend it to back jump again at the top.
    21. Climb up onto the next rooftop to encounter another wave of police officers and defeat them quickly with the help of Sensen Fury, then use Cooldown Pressen combos to quickly reactivate this ability constantly and defeat the remaining enemies in this area.
    22. Ascend through the open window ahead to enter the building and turn left to reach the edge of the dangerous drop, then jump to grab the wall across from you and climb up towards the right to access the next available floor above.
    23. Make your way up the next set of steps ahead on the right to activate the Remembrane at the top and follow exactly in its footsteps to avoid being detected, then use the second Remembrane to hack another control panel on the landing above and enter the building in front of you.
    24. Activate the next Remembrane to hack another control panel and close the shutter to trap the nearby security drone inside the apartment, then turn around to exit the room and clear the pair of gaps beside you to climb through the open window above at the end.
    25. Climb the wall above the door beside you to reach the floor at the top and head right to defeat the next group of policemen that descend from the open window, then vault over that same ledge to land in the area on the other side and move up the steps nearby to receive your new objective.
    26. Jump the next gap ahead between the buildings to shimmy towards the right across the ledge and ascend the first available column to activate a cut scene, then continue moving right to reach the metal platform at the end and watch a short action sequence to fall to the ledge below
    27. Wait for the first two panels of the billboard beside you to turn blue, then transfer onto the top of the advertisement and quickly proceed forward across the next four panels ahead.
    28. Once the last row of panels turn blue, shimmy across them quickly to clear the gap at the end and head right to ascend the next drainpipe around the corner.
    29. Climb up onto the metal platform at the top of the drain pipe and vault through the first available open window nearby, then proceed forward to drop into the next hallway on the other side and navigate around it to exit the building.
    30. Head forward across the helipad in front of you to activate a cut scene and encounter the first boss, Kid X-Mas.
    31. As soon as the boss battle begins, activate your Sensen Fury ability and charge towards X-Mas to starting wearing him down with multiple combo strikes.
    32. Continue striking X-Mas until he starts defending himself, then roll backwards to a safe distance and dodge any attempts of his attempts to attack you.
    33. After X-Mas has failed repeatedly in his attacks, sprint at him from a distance to execute a combo on the run and continue this combat tactic until the first cut scene is activated in which the boss acquires the Spammer weapon.
    34. Roll back and forth across the ring to dodge the incoming projectiles that boss fires from his spammer weapon, then gradually move in closer to X-Mas until you can execute attacks that will be blocked and dodge his retaliating uppercut to get around behind him.
    35. Perform a series of Cooldown Pressen combos to access your Sensen Fury ability again and use it to inflict damage upon the boss at the next available moment, then continue this method of attack to activate another cut scene.
    36. Afterwards, run in a circle around the area to weave around the flashing red rings that X-Mas implants in the ground and dodge the next round of projectiles fired from the boss’ spammer weapon.
    37. Stand by one of the red rings in the ground to draw the boss in closer and evade each of his attacks until he accidentally punches one of these explosive traps, then use Cooldown Pressen combos to trigger the Fury ability again and wear down X-Mas to activate the final cut scene.
    38. Press the indicated buttons as they appear during the action sequence that follows to eventually defeat X-Mas, then overload his memory to acquire the Spammer weapon and receive your next objective.
    39. Follow the on-screen prompts to fire your spammer at each of the surrounding forcefield’s anchors, then approach the indicated emergency door nearby to open it and complete this episode.

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