Remember Me Walkthrough

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  • Episode 0
  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 8
  • Episode 3

    1. After the opening cut scene, climb the steps ahead on the left to navigate through the slums at the top and approach the indicated door lock in the corner on the other side to jam it with your Spammer.
    2. Proceed forward through the door you open with the Spammer and read the next set of instructions that appear in regard to the Scaramechs, then shoot the one on the wall ahead to gain a PMP bonus and turn right down the alleyway to descend the staircase around the corner.
    3. Continue through the alleyway to reach the burning wreckage on the streets at the end and create a new 6-hit combo for yourself, then use it to defeat the nearby pair of enemies and use the Spammer to unlock the door on the right.
    4. Pass beneath the open doorway to make your way around the next corner and stop in front of the electrified pool of water, then unlock the door in the distance ahead to the right and proceed forward using the corridor beside you.
    5. Follow the next alleyway around to eventually reach an open area at the end occupied by multiple enemies and activate a cut scene, then press the indicated buttons to target and shoot the Prowlers clinging to the surrounding walls.
    6. Use your Fury ability to starting clearing out the wave of enemies and roll to a safe distance from the hostiles on the ground as often as possible to continue targeting the Prowlers on the walls, then execute multiple Cooldown Pressen combos to re-access Fury and defeat the remaining threats in the area.
    7. Look for the red neon sign nearby that reads: Janine is Waiting and use your spammer to unlock the two shutters above it, then ascend up them to climb across overhead obstacles on the left and vault over the top of the Bits ad against the wall.
    8. Back jump to the railing across from you to climb forward around it and ascend to the next ledge above at the end, then proceed towards the right to clear the next gap ahead and drop down to reach the balcony area below.
    9. Vault over the next series of obstacles ahead to land in an open balcony area at the end and activate Fury to start eliminating the surrounding wave of hostiles on the ground, then roll continuously to a safe distance from the white tower in the center and shoot down the Prowlers clinging to to it before they can attack.
    10. Use Fury and high frequency combo-strikes to eliminate the surrounding group of enemies, then shoot the indicated white control panel in the corner to lower the ladder and climb up it to jump to the next small ledge above on the left.
    11. Make your way around the corner to climb onto the next rooftop and swing across the gap ahead to proceed forward, then unlock the door on the left to reach the area in flames on the other side and cross the catwalk below to descend the steps in the back right corner.
    12. Activate the next crane in front of you to clear a path and jump across the gap to proceed forward, then follow the walkway around to unlock the shutter at the end and drop down into the area below.
    13. Continue left down the alley beside you to activate a cut scene, then proceed forward to hit the Floodlight ahead on the left and scare away the enemy hiding in the dark.
    14. Move into the floodlight’s beam and turn left to activate the next one, then continue through the darkened corridor ahead to switch on a third floodlight at the end and climb the ladder against the wall to reach the metal walkway at the top.
    15. Unlock the door towards your right to enter the next room ahead and activate another cut scene, then immediately switch on the floodlight in front of you and use combos strikes with dodging maneuvers to start attacking the group of surrounding enemies.
    16. Activate your Fury ability to starting defeating the creatures with more efficiency and switch on the nearby Floodlight each time it goes to keep the enemies at a disadvantage, then finish clearing the area and unlock the door in the corner to exit this room.
    17. Jump the next gap in front of you to climb out onto the next indicated ledge and transfer to the electrified fence on the building across the alley once it temporarily deactivates, then ascend to the top and continue moving towards the left to execute another back jump.
    18. Proceed forward along the next ledge to perform another back jump in front of the red neon sign at the end, then climb up towards the left to reach the balcony railing around the corner and activate a cut scene in which you fall through the floor below.
    19. Make your way into the next area ahead and unlock the door on the right to activate the indicated wall in the left corner, then climb on top of it to drop down over the other side and unlock a second door standing in front of you.
    20. Turn on the floodlight in the corner to your right and eliminate the surrounding enemies that appear by first activating the Fury ability, then finish clearing them out one-by-one until the light is sabotaged for good.
    21. Follow the on-screen instructions to activate your Sensen DOS ability and reveal the invisible enemies in front of you, then attack the closest with a series of combo strikes until the surrounding hostiles disappear again.
    22. Stay on the move and use your Spammer to target the enemies hiding in the dark, then continue dodging the surrounding hostiles as you also eliminate them one-by-one and execute Cooldown Pressen maneuvers to reactivate the Sensen DOS ability.
    23. Finish clearing the area to activate the Monitoring Platform and another cut scene, then climb the green laser-lined wall in front of you to back jump onto the crate that’s descended from above and make your way to the top of it to reveal the Locking Bars.
    24. Use your Spammer to target and rotate the Locking Bars in front of you so that a unbroken green laser line runs from the lowermost block below on the right to the uppermost one on the left.
    25. Ascend the green-lined path you’ve created to reach the top of the wall and back jump to the next metal platform above, then climb into the tunnel on your right to clear the gap ahead and climb left along the opposite ledge.
    26. Continue moving down across the indicated series of ledges to climb up the ladder at the end and stop the industrial fan at the top to pass safely through the giant rotating blades, then drop into the next area below to descend the steps on the right and activate the Delivery Drone at the bottom to open the doors beside it.
    27. Turn around from the room you just opened to approach the opposite end of the walkway and vault over the next pair of indicated railing ahead to encounter another group of enemies in the area below, then use combo attacks to defeat the surrounding hostiles and activate a cut scene.
    28. Afterwards, approach the edge of the platform in front of you to start clearing out the enemies that ascend into the area and activate Fury to increase your killing efficiency.
    29. Use Cooldown Pressens to defeat the next wave of enemies that climb onto the platform and re-activate your Fury ability to finish clearing the area, then follow the on-screen instructions to learn about the Junk Bolt upgrade and fire one into the structural weakness to destroy the winch.
    30. Fire two Junk Bolts at the pair of indicated crane cables in front of you to seal Leapers’ tunnel and dodge each of the attempted strikes from the surrounding enemies to get a clear shot, then use combo attacks with your Fury ability to finish clearing the area of hostiles and activate a cut scene.
    31. Afterwards, blast through the nearby structural weakness at the bottom of the ladder to drop into the next tunnel below and proceed forward through it to follow the pipeline around until you reach the open shaft at the end.
    32. Jump to the ledge across from you to drop into the next area below and use combo attacks to attack the enemies ahead without falling off the side of the walkway, then use your DOS ability to stun the surrounding hostiles and launch them into the acid pools.
    33. Proceed forward through the tunnel and use the ledges on the right side wall to clear the next gap ahead, then jump to the pipe at the end to land back on the walkway and destroy the structural weakness nearby to enter a hidden room.
    34. Climb the next ladder above to move forward through the subway station at the top and descend the steps ahead to reach the train at the bottom, then enter the last car on the left to make your way back towards the front of it and encounter Johnny Greenteeth.
    35. Approach Johnny Greenteeth to activate the next action sequence and open the door in front of you to defeat a group of enemies in the car behind it, then unlock the second door ahead to encounter another wave of hostiles and activate your Fury ability to fight past them.
    36. Shoot the structural weaknesses on either side of John Greenteeth to close the cabin door on him and steal his memory to activate a cut scene, then follow the tracks behind you to enter the next area on the left and follow the walkway forward to jump the gap at the end.
    37. Make your way down and across the cavern area below to duck beneath the gate around the next corner, then use the Spammer to help you eliminate the group of enemies on the other side and vault over the indicated railing nearby.
    38. Descend the next set of steps to play the Remembrane at the bottom and follow Johnny Greenteeth’s hologram through the alleyway on the left, then continue using the remembrances to pass safely through the minefield and ascend the indicated wall on the other side.
    39. Climb across the indicated ledges towards the right to reach the next available roof above and jump to the metal railing past the gap ahead, then move to the left along it to scale the side of another building and drop off the beam above at the end to land on the ground below.
    40. Play the remembrances to follow Johnny Greenteeth’s image safely through the minefield and hack the next control panel to deactivate the explosives, then approach the manhole on the ground beside you to watch another action sequence and encounter s robot enemy.
    41. Sprint to safe distance from the robot and roll sideways continuously to dodge the crates this hostile throws towards you, then continue evading the enemy’s attacks and fire Junk Bolts to inflict damage.
    42. Use your DOS ability to stun the Zorn and continue launching junk bolts into its weak spots, then dodge the enemy’s jumping strikes so that its fist embeds in the ground and return to attacking the indicated body parts.
    43. After removing the robot’s arm, stay on the move to avoid the enemy’s next round of attacks and damage the Zorn’s other limb to reveal a weak spot on its chest.
    44. Remain at a safe distance until you can target the enemy’s structural weakness and fire junk bolts into it to drop the robot to one knee, then approach the Zorn at close distance to activate an action sequence and press the indicated to execute a termination.
    45. Open the manhole cover to activate a cut scene and complete this episode.

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