Remember Me Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Episode 0
  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 8
  • Episode 4

    1. After the opening cut scene, proceed forward through the tunnel and wait for the security drones flying above to pass by so that you can continue into the next corridor ahead.
    2. Climb up into the next area you see above marked “Construction Site” and vault over the railing at the top to land in the area below, then activate the floodlights repeatedly to defeat the next wave of enemies that appear with combo strikes and your spammer.
    3. Finish clearing the area to ascend the indicated pipe against the wall and transfer across the next series of ledges at the top to drop to the floor at the end, then enter the room in front of you to acquire Drone Detection and unlock the nearby door to reach the construction site on the other side.
    4. Approach the entrance to the corridor ahead on the left and wait for the drone to appear from around the corner, then follow behind it to avoid detection and stand in corner with red markings on the floor at the end of the next hall.
    5. Wait for the drone to turn around and pass by you, then proceed through the darkened corridor ahead to continue avoiding the robots’ detection and spring behind the ones in the circular room at the end to climb the ladder in the corner.
    6. Back jump to the platform across from and proceed forward to climb up onto the next ledge, then follow the walkway around to cross the gap at the end by moving sideways along the wall and activate control panel on the other side.
    7. Make your way down the stairs beside you to enter the glass cell that rises into place and activate the next cut scene, then follow behind the drone that approaches from ahead and duck into the first room on the right to avoid the robot on its return trip.
    8. Proceed forward around the cellblock to encounter the prisoner in the corner and dodge the next drone ahead, then enter the door on the right pass through a blue-colored corridor and descend the steps at the end to evade another drone at the bottom.
    9. Enter the next corridor below on the right by maneuvering around the drones and unlock the door ahead to pass through another hallway on the other side, then approach the corner to activate a cut scene.
    10. Afterwards, follow Sgt. Vaughn to activate an action sequence around the next corner ahead and pass through the same door he does to enter the Locker Room.
    11. Move towards the group of guards behind the first row of lockers and attack them with a series of combination strikes, then activate Fury to finish clearing them out and defeat the second wave of enemies that enter the room next.
    12. Approach Vaughn’s fallen body to steal his memories and exit the locker room through the same door to play the Remembrane on the other side, then unlock the door in front of the hologram to proceed down the next corridor and enter Enforcer HQ around the corner to encounter the Heavy Enforcer.
    13. Move in a consistent backwards circle to keep a safe distance from the Heavy Enforcer and destroy his shield by firing junk bolts into it with your Spammer, then approach this enemy at close-range to defeat him using a series of combo strikes and open the next indicated door to exit the room.
    14. Pass through the next two doors to enter a gym area and defeat the group of enemies waiting inside by using the same methods you used before, then follow the on-screen instructions to set off a Logic Bomb and incapacitate the next wave of enforcers.
    15. Use combo attacks to finish clearing the gym and exit through the indicated door to navigate the corridor on the other side, then descend the steps on the right to play another Remembrane and hack the next door below to unlock it.
    16. Head through the next orange-lit area to pass through the door on the right and activate a cut scene, then proceed towards the right around the cellblock and hide behind the surrounding columns each time the light rotates in your direction to avoid the Brain Drainer.
    17. Continue using the columns as cover to reach the open cell at the end of the walkway and enter it to play the Remembrane inside, then push the button within the toilet to activate a cut scene.
    18. Afterwards, descend the stairs outside the cell to reach the area below and continue avoid the drones to reach the next red-lit corridor around the corner.
    19. Approach the fleeing inmate in the next area below to encounter the flying robot and open fire on this enemy immediately with your spammer, then focus your next series of attacks on the ground enforcer and roll away from the projectile launched from above.
    20. Use combo strikes to finish eliminating the ground enforcer and stay on the move to avoid the projectile fired by the flying robot above, then wait for the enemy to change locations and open fire with your spammer again to inflict damage.
    21. Defeat the flying robot to encounter the next wave of enemies and use the same methods as before to eliminate them, then climb the steps in the corner to unlock the door at the top and enter the red-floored corridor on the other side.
    22. Pass through the first door ahead on the left to enter Interrogation Room 06 and approach the one-way mirror to activate a cut scene, then steal Madame’s memory while her back is turned and exit to your left.
    23. Unlock the next two doors to reach the courtyard outside and activate an action sequence, then enter the building in front of you to navigate the corridor inside and approach the red forcefield bubble in the open area at the end to watch another cut scene.
    24. Afterwards, roll away from the flying robot as it smashes into the ground and attack the closest ground enemy that emerges from the surrounding doors.
    25. Continue using combo strikes to fend off the wave of ground enforcers and roll away from the flying robot each time it launches itself towards you, then finish clearing the area to acquire the Rust In Pieces ability and execute this maneuver to turn the next group of enemies against each other.
    26. Work as a team with the flying robots to eliminate the ground enforcers and finish clearing the area for a second time, then continue using your various abilities to eliminate the remaining waves of hostiles and unlock the Tower Entrance to play the next Remembrane.
    27. Follow Madame’s hologram through the next corridor to ascend the steps at the end and play the Remembrane at the top to follow the image down the hallway on the right, then acquire the Aug Eye and approach the door on the opposite side of this area to unlock it.
    28. Play the Remembrane in the next room to acquire a new combo and use it to help you defeat the surrounding group of enemy holograms, then execute various Sensen ability maneuvers to finish clearing the area and enter the Administration building to ride the elevator to the level above.
    29. Following the next cut scene, proceed forward through the unstable area to clear the pair of gaps ahead and activate an action sequence in which you encounter Madame.
    30. Use combo strikes to attack the enemy ahead and roll backwards when you see the shadowy figure passing by above to shoot Madame down, then assault her at close range to inflict further damage until she disappears.
    31. Attack the surrounding ground enforcers until Madame’s ghostly image suddenly appears nearby you, then use your Sensen DOS ability to incapacitate her and approach the fallen boss at close range for another round of combo assaults.
    32. Continue striking Madame until she disappears again, then roll away from the whirlwind symbols that consistently appear on the floor to avoid taking damage and attack the next group of enemies that appear to re-fill your gauge.
    33. Disable Madame with another Sensen DOS strike and continue draining her health with combo attacks until she disappears again, then move between each of the impostors that appear next and hit them one-by-one until you find the real boss.
    34. Strike Madam with a series of combos until a red circular symbol appears around her, then roll away to a safe distance to avoid the incoming attack and fend off another wave of ground hostiles until you can shoot the boss out of the sky with your spammer.
    35. Use the DOS ability to discern the real Madame from her wave of impostors and continue dodging the incoming projectiles she sends your way, then drain the boss’ health to approach at close range and press the indicated buttons during the next action sequence to win this battle.
    36. Approach the fallen Madame to overload her memories and acquire the Force Spammer, then use this new device to lock onto the Memory Server in front of you and raise it into the air.
    37. Walk around to the back of the raised server to target it again with your Force Spammer and run sideways towards the right to shift the device horizontally until it locks into place at the end, then wait for the memory server to return and move it left along the next track overhead.
    38. Lower the missing piece in the track above to complete the railing, then continue moving the server along the track to lock it into place at the end and finish releasing the prisoners’ memories to activate a cut scene.
    39. Rewind the next memory until you see the two blurry images appear on the coffee table and select the side table to shift it over to the left, then continue rotating around the scene to select the gun and cock it.
    40. Continue traveling backwards through the memory until you can select the bottle and knock it over, then play the scenario forward again to deactivate the suitcase and watch the scene now unfold into an accidental murder to complete this episode.

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