Remember Me Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Episode 0
  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 8
  • Episode 5

    1. After the opening cut scene, use your Force Spammer to raise the neon billboard out of the electrified pool of water and hold it in place as you safely proceed forward through the area to climb the steps on the other side.
    2. Enter the forbidden area on the left to unlock the next door around the corner and continue following the walkway to raise the shutter at the end, then proceed into the alley on the other side to encounter a group of enemies and remain at a distance to defeat them with the help of your spammer.
    3. Finish clearing the area to pass through the red-lit room nearby and ascend the indicated wall in the corner to reach the corridor at the top, then navigate the hallway ahead to climb the ladder at the end and unlock the door above to enter the dressing room on the other side.
    4. Break the indicated lock at the back of the room to raise the shutter and enter the open chamber on the other side to activate a short cut scene, then make your way to the left around the walkway and approach the elevator to lift it as high as it will go.
    5. Vault through the opening in the railing to grab the side of the elevator and climb around it to execute a back jump, then pull yourself onto the circular metal platform and approach the opposite end to clear the next gap.
    6. Climb up onto the next walkway to proceed towards your left and ascend the wiring in the corner to move across the top of the large billboard above, then transfer to the ledge at the end to reach the overhead balcony and proceed forward to trail behind the drone flying ahead.
    7. Hide in the alcove to the right to sneak past the drone and continue moving forward around the walkway without being detected to reach the closed shutter at the end, then use your force spammer to raise it and follow the next flying robot to duck into the first available room in the corner.
    8. Vault through the indicated window to execute a back jump on the other side and drop to the ground below to enter the next building in front of you, then climb the ladder on the left to transfer to the adjacent ledge at the top and perform another back jump to reach the opposite landing.
    9. Ascend the rooftop in front of you to make a right around the next corner and activate a cut scene, then jump to the neon sign across the gap ahead to climb over it and transfer to the pipe on the right to reach the indicated ledge above.
    10. Use the billboard railing to climb across the gap between buildings and drop to the ledge below on the other side, then proceed forward to lower the pair of shutter at the end and jump onto them to eliminate the enemies that suddenly appear.
    11. Jump from the awnings to climb along the side of the next balcony ahead and ascend onto the rooftop at the end to proceed forward, then clear the gap below to proceed forward and grab ahold of the indicated ledge on the wall above.
    12. Transfer between the series of indicated ledges to land on the rooftop at the end and vault over the railing ahead to reach the area below, then enter the light to defeat the surrounding wave of enemies and use your DOS ability to reveal the invisible group of hostiles that appear next.
    13. Execute combo strikes and another series of DOS attacks to finish clearing the area of invisible threats, then climb the indicated drainpipe to reach the rooftop above and vault over the railing ahead to land in the next area below.
    14. Clear the gap beneath you to pass through the nearby orange door and wait for the drone on the other side to move all the way towards the right, then head left down the hall to unlock another door and proceed forward to eliminate the enemies that appear ahead.
    15. Pass through the next door in front of you to reach the area being patrolled by a pair of drones and follow the closest one as it enter the enclosure nearby, then shut the door behind the robot to trap it inside and continue around the corner ahead while still avoiding detection.
    16. Wait for the second drone to enter Nest 3 and move past it to enter the Administration area around the corner, then unlock the first door on the right and exit the building to activate a short cut scene.
    17. Activate the nearby crane to bring the container around and use the force spammer to shift it in front of you, then jump to grab the container and climb around to the left side of it to execute a back jump.
    18. Ascend the ladder around the corner to activate the crane control panel at the top and wait for the arm to rotate into place, then run to the opposite end of the bridge you’re on to clear the next gap and watch a cut scene unfold.
    19. Afterwards, quickly vault over the railing in front of you to escape the spray of bullets and continue sprinting forward at the bottom to climb over the series of pipes ahead.
    20. Follow the walkway around to clear the gap at the end and fall down the side of the next building, then climb along the series of ledges to your right to reach the rooftop above and pass through the opening in the corner to encounter the enemy aircraft again.
    21. Sprint across the walkway on your right to stay ahead of the gunfire and jump the gap to fall through the floor around the next corner, then continue moving forward to clear another gap and momentarily escape Captain Trace’s assault.
    22. Close the nearby shutter to climb up it and move left along the wall at the top, then wait for the gunfire to finish destroying the panels before continuing to transfer between each of the ledge and perform the next required back jump to reach the next landing.
    23. Move through the next corridor to lower the Drone Access around the corner and jump across the gap in front of you to grab this closed shutter, then climb along the ledges towards the right to reach another walkway and follow it to vault over the debris that drops at the end.
    24. Clear the next gap ahead to reach the bridge and open the door beside you to encounter Captain Trace on the other side, then sprint forward across the metal platform as it’s blow to pieces and jump over the various holes as they appear in the floor to land on the opposite balcony.
    25. Proceed down the next building’s hallway to eliminate the pair of enforcers ahead and open the door in front of you to vault over the railing on the other side, then climb left along the series of indicated ledges to escape the gunfire again and continue moving across the awning at the end to crash through the window below.
    26. Exit the apartment to pass through the door in the hallway outside and use your spammer to help you defeat the wave of enemies that swing through the glass, then unlock the next indicated door to sprint down the corridor ahead and turn around after the glass barricade seals off the area.
    27. Open the door on your right to climb the steps on the other side and enter the corridor at the top to eliminate another enforcer, then unlock another door to ascend a second staircase and exit back to the outside.
    28. Proceed forward to activate a short action sequence and wait for the enemy aircraft’s searchlight to move away from you, then transfer to the next piece of cover on the left before the beam returns and allow it to pass by again to continue across the rooftop.
    29. Turn around to target the Turbine on the building above and it shoot it with your spammer to create a distraction, then proceed forward to climb the ladder in the corner and approach the enemy aircraft hovering at the top.
    30. Jump to grab onto the side of the aircraft’s cockpit and steal Captain Trace’s memory to activate a cut scene, then climb up the indicated rooftops nearby to ascend the drainpipe above and enter the open window at the top to unlock the door inside.
    31. Pass through the next corridor ahead on the left to climb onto the outside ledge at the end and proceed left along it to transfer across the gap between the buildings, then vault over the top of the neon sign to reach the drainpipe behind you and slide down it to continue moving forward at the bottom.
    32. Enter the open window in the corner to proceed through the next hallway and use the force spammer to pry apart the door at the end, then ascend the drainpipe beside you to make your way across the indicated ledges above and climb onto the balcony to activate a cut scene.
    33. Afterwards, use combo strikes to defeat the conversion dogs on leashes first and eliminate their owner using the same tactic.
    34. Cross to the opposite side of the balcony and use your Rust in Pieces ability to help you clear out the next wave of hostiles, then play the Remembrane that appears to follow Trace’s hologram and hack the indicated control panel to reveal the security door.
    35. Play the next Remembrane that appears to learn the security code and enter: 2-0-5-8 to open the door, then proceed forward through the hallway ahead to make a right at the end and follow the drone at the bottom to hide in the alcove that it stops behind.
    36. Wait for the drone to pass by again to approach the other robot traveling along the adjacent hallway and hide behind the planter on the right to maneuver around this hostile as well, then enter the orange-lit room on your left to collect a Mnesist and enter the orange-lit room across from it to activate a cut scene.
    37. Press the indicated button to enter Scylla Cartier-Wells’ memory and watch the next scene unfold, then rewind to retract the upholder and open the handbag.
    38. Continue rewinding to find the child’s perspective from the back and activate Jax in the passenger seat up front, then play it forward to put a crack in the windshield and finish watching the memory to complete this episode.

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