Remember Me Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Episode 0
  • Episode 1
  • Episode 2
  • Episode 3
  • Episode 4
  • Episode 5
  • Episode 6
  • Episode 7
  • Episode 8
  • Episode 6

    1. After the opening cut scene, proceed forward through the tunnel to climb onto the metal platform at the end and use the force spammer to reach the elevator on your right.
    2. Press the elevator button to activate a cut scene, then dodge the surrounding group of invisible enemies until the doors of the compartment open to flood the area with light and defeat the surrounding hostiles by using combination strikes.
    3. Ride the elevator to the next level below and exit the car to proceed forward into the open area ahead, then descend the staircase on the right to target the wall panel above at the bottom and climb over the top of it to back jump onto the landing behind you.
    4. Enter the control room to slide the racks over towards the left until you have access to Bad Request’s belongings and acquire the Pick Socket to activate a cut scene, then follow the on-screen prompts to suck the energy pack out of the Window Pod and use it to overload the nearby Door Control Pod.
    5. Make your way into the next room and suck the energy pack out of the door on the right, then approach the large window beside you to shoot the Pick-Socket through the glass and open the locked door on the other side.
    6. Pass through the newly-opened door and turn around to suck the energy pack out of it, then shoot the Pick-Socket through the window behind you to enter the next available room on the other side and recover the energy pack again.
    7. Open the door down the corridor on your right to enter the room marked “XP Unit A” around the corner and activate a cut scene, then climb the emergency ladder beside you to reach Bad Request’s cell on the opposite side of the area at the top and watch another action sequence unfold.
    8. Afterwards, vault over the railing beside you to activate another action sequence and use combo attacks with special abilities to defeat the various groups of enemies that emerge.
    9. Suck the energy pack from the emergency ladder to unlock the Trauma Room behind you and enter it remove the energy again, then ride the elevator around the corner to reach the floor above and approach the last available cell on the left to open it.
    10. Approach the shaft ahead to clear the gap and grab the railing on the other side to start shimmying along it to the left, then climb up on top of the room at the end to proceed forward across another gap and turn around from the cell that slides in front of you.
    11. Climb down over the ledge to head right across the wall and drop to the floor below to corrupt the Cell Dispatch System, then return to the cell on the level above to move it back towards the left and proceed forward to drop the second indicated cell at the end.
    12. Jump to the platform that descends in front of you to drop down a level and clear the gap ahead to reach the next landing, then turn left to fall through the floor at the end and look up to pull down the cell above.
    13. Enter the next available cell that descends in the shaft outside and pull down the one in front of you on the other side, then jump on top of it to head right through the corridor below and raise the cell at the end to pass beneath it.
    14. Turn around at the next wall to move the cell on the left backwards and jump to grab the edge of the one that descends in its place, then shimmy towards the left to enter the cell and pull down the one behind you to activate a cut scene.
    15. Press the indicated button to steal Bad Request’s memory and finish watching the cut scene unfold, then exit the cell to proceed through the corridor on the right and play the Remembrane around the corner to follow the next hologram to the Biopsy Room’s entrance.
    16. Synchronize the machine through the door and remove the energy pack on the other side of the glass, then turn left to activate the Medical Chair control panel in the corner and return to the previous door to follow it up the track.
    17. Play the next remembrance ahead to watch the holograms through the window on the left, then cross to the other side of the corridor to climb the stairs on the right and enter the adjacent room at the top to defeat the next group of enemies.
    18. Pass through the forcefield that deactivates to play the remembrane on the other side and follow the hologram that moves past the window on the left to synchronize the machine at the end, then remove the energy pack from the memory extractor and cross to the door in the opposite corner behind you to open it.
    19. Collect the Focus Boost in the next room and return to the previous corridor to retrieve the energy pack, then make your way back to the Medical Chair and reactivate it to follow the chair down the nearby staircase.
    20. Continue tailing the medical chair to reach the corridor below and defeat the group of enemies waiting on the left, then play the remembrane that appears next to race to the window at the opposite end of the hallway and synchronize the control panel through the glass to steal the energy pack afterwards.
    21. Exit the room to reactivate the medical chair in the previous corridor and follow it around the track to pass through the next door that opens, then enter the area that eventually becomes available in the opposite corner and proceed forward to experience a series of flashbacks.
    22. Approach the indicated cell at the end of the hallway to steal the energy pack and open the door down the next corridor to enter the lab area, then approach the enemies at the back of the room to activate a cut scene.
    23. Afterwards, use dodging maneuvers continuously to evade the incoming projectiles and fire your spammer at the enemies floating in the air to eliminate them.
    24. Use combo attacks to eliminate the remaining enemies and raise the nearby door to pass beneath it, then follow the blue track around to lift another door up and proceed forward to repeat this action two more times.
    25. Descend into the open room below to activate a cut scene, then use combination strikes, the spammer and your special abilities to clear the various waves of enemies that enter the surrounding arena.
    26. Finish defeating and evading the onslaught of enemies to activate a cut scene in which you are dropped through a trap door, then land on the next ledge below to jump to the red pipe towards your left and slide down it to continue moving between the indicated grip points.
    27. Transfer to the opposite wall again to finish your descent through the shaft and land at the bottom to locate Bad Request, then approach his body to activate a cut scene.
    28. Afterwards, ignore Greenteeth for the time being to focus your attacks on the lesser enemies that surround you and execute multiple evasive maneuvers whenever the boss disappears to dodge his incoming teleportation attack.
    29. Use Cooldown combos to fend off the surrounding creatures and fill your special ability gauge as much as possible, then trigger Sensen DOS to momentarily stun Greenteeth and approach him at close range to unleash a series of attacks.
    30. Repeat the previous two steps above to inflict further damage on Greenteeth until the next cut scene is activated, then press the indicated button to overload the boss’ memory and corrupt the nearby panel structure to exit this area.
    31. Follow the corridor around to collect the mnesist in front of the industrial fan at the end, then return to the previous area to enter the indicated coffin and complete this episode.

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